Isra shopsteal

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Isra shopsteal

Postby Naomh on Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:03 am

Month of October

Which shop did you steal from?: The Works
How much were you stealing?:60mhl
What items did you keep?: None
Was the shop Open or Closed?: Closed
Did you fail/succeed?: Success!
Who caught you?: N/A
Did you try to bribe them? If so, how much? Did they accept/deny?: N/A
If you were captured, what was the consequence?: N/A
If you escaped, who did the !payout? or are you still waiting?: Sorgram performed !payout.

(01:05:03) Sorgram: witnessed
(01:08:49) Sorgram: !payout Isra 60 Mhl
(01:08:50) Desdaemona: ** Payout! Sorgram has given 60 Mhl, 0 copper to Isra
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