Valencian Mall

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Valencian Mall

Postby Sorgram on Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:02 am

This goes out to all the persons who have a stake in the Valencian mall or would like to.

Current Managers and Asst manager, contact me if you are interested in continuing and would be willing to discuss ideas and necessities to promote play and use of the Valencian mall. If you know the manager or assistant manager, please have them contact me via PM or IM either here or online. If you are not interested in maintaining position, please advise as well.

Future Manager and Asst manager. If you are interested in helping to promote valencia and the mall and are willing to put in a bit of extra work to do so, I am wishing to here from you, hear your ideas and suggestions as well as offer incentive above and beyond normal pay rules. this goes for the current workers in the mall as well. If the current persons in the positions do not show interest or wish to maintain the position, we will open these positions up for hiring at good pay with bonus opportunities.

Customers - There will be ongoing incentive to shop in the mall once we get some positions filled. Thallis employees, temple employees and shop workers will receive extra incentive to patronize the Mall, to be forthcoming.
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