Freelance Work in Belariath

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Freelance Work in Belariath

Postby lyllamarie on Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:34 pm

Freelance Work in Belariath

Freelance work is to become a staple within Stormbringer's Empire. Freelancers are merchants and craftspeople who sell their wares or their services to the general populace directly. Freelancers are welcome to use the bazaar marketplace whether by purchasing a kiosk or simply putting out a blanket with their wares upon them. This also may be that of a story teller passing around their hat for collections and donations. The ideas are limitless, but this does require some work to be had! If working for yourself and you get out what you put in is your kind of exciting roleplay opportunity, then please read on as this document will provide you with the knowledge needed.

What it costs to be a freelancer
The breakdown for determining the cost to the individual while doing freelance work roughly breaks down as follows.

Materials (40%) + Tools/Equipment (25%) + Skilled Labor (35%) = 100% Item price

1 MaterialsThe freelancer is responsible for the acquisition of the materials needed. These can be purchased from the relevant shop (money subbed and witnessed by worker) or acquired by actively gathering the materials found or grown on their personal property. Materials can also be purchased from other people as long as their is proof of the raw material being harvested. All money transactions and proof of materials MUST be included in the freelancers work verification. Materials are roughly about 40% of an items worth.

2 Equipment/ToolsFreelancers who craft their own wares or services must have in their inventory the tools required. If you make something out of wood, the relevant tools purchased from The Works would be required to be purchased. If you elect -not- to purchase the tools outright, you can rent them as well as specialized equipment (kilns, ovens, forge, etc ) for 25% of the cost of the item being sold. The equipment must be shown on the freelancers work verification whether showing proof of the tools or by the subbing of 25% cost of final items price for rental fees.

3. ProfitApproximately 35% remains after materials and tools costs are accounted for. This is potentially the profit margin that the freelancer will receive. Now this might be even less if a freelancer must pay a special tradesman to craft something that they do not have the skill for. All of these must be kept in mind and posted. Should a freelancer make a chair with cushions and they only have carpentry skill, a tailor would need to be commissioned to produce the cushion. This allows for players to work together to create items and will increase the potential for more freelance merchants in the game.

The hope of this system is that roleplay as merchant type characters will increase which will in turn give crafters and tradepeople a chance to work outside of a shop.

Example on how it Works:

Krom is asked by Cymorril to craft a pendant made of mithril and gold; he determines the fair market value for such an item is 125 mhl. Cymorril accepts this price given. Krom then goes to The Works to purchase the gold and mithril igots that he will need; total cost 35 mhl. He already owns his own jeweller’s crafting kit and forges, so does not need to spend mehrial on necessary tools. Krom spends the next three days ICly crafting the pendant and sells it for 125 mhl, a 90 mhl profit.

In another scenario, Krom does not have the jeweller’s kit and forge; he decides that he will purchase the kit from the Works, spending 30 mhl on the kit and gains permission from The Works management to utilize their forge. At this point, they can either rent it free, or for a fee that may cut into the final profit. Either way, once the kit is purchased, it will pay for itself in the long run. That leaves Krom with a potential profit of 60 mehrial, not including the cost to rent the forge.

If you are looking to sell items from your farm or land, the premise is roughly the same. In order to mine something, farm edibles, or breed animals, you have to have the space to do it. That means you can't mine if your not in a location. You can't farm in a desert. You'll first need the appropriate land as purchased by the RE on your character sheet. Next, tools. This might mean the actual animals, wagons, plows, trowels, picks, axes - takes a lot of instruments to start a venture this big, we don't want you to appear to short change it. Just because your an Earth Mage doesn't mean your shouldn't be creating actual wooden beam supports for your mine's tunnels. Or just because your a Hierophant does it mean time and care should be put into the planting and growing of your crops. Those tools, lands, resources should always accompany a log of the work put in, then when your crops are mature or your animals grown, you can show what was put in when you bring your products to market to sell.

Helpful Conversion Yields

282 lbs of fruit feeds 60 people a week
3518 lbs of grain feeds 150 people a week
168 gallons of milk feeds 300 people a week
1 acre yield 183 bushels of corn, 56lbs of corn in a bushel.
1 acre yields 100 bushels of wheat, 60lbs of wheat in a bushel.
1 acre yields 300 bushels of apples, pears and citrus, 56lbs of fruit in a bushel.
1 acre yields 400 vines in a vineyard
1 mature grape vine yields 10lbs of fruit.
1 bushel of fruit yields 7 quarts preserves
1 gallon of milk makes 1lb of cheese
1 Cow produces 8 Gallons of Milk a day
1 bushel of wheat yields 60 lbs of whole-wheat flour
1 bushel of shelled corn yields 40 lbs of corn flour
1 bottle of wine equates to 2.75lbs of grapes
1/2 Ton of grapes equates to 1 Barrel of Wine.
1 acre of grapes equates to 800 gallons of wine.
1 Barrel equates to 360 bottles
1 Barrel equates to 30 cases
1 bushel of fruit equates to 56lbs of fruit
1 tree can produce up to 20 bushels
1 bushel equates to 7 quarts cooked fruit
1 medium sized sheep produces up to 30lbs of wool annually.


Maturing Rates:
Large Mammals 2 Years RL or 6 Months Game time played.
Medium and Small Mammals 1 Year RL or 3 Months Game time played.

Gestation Ratex:
Large Mammals (Horses, Cows, Oxen) 10 months RL or 3 Months Game time played.
Medium Mammals (sheep, goats, etc) 5-6 Months RL or 2 months Game time played.
Small Mammals (cats, dogs, etc) 2-3 months RL or 3 weeks Game time played.
Birds have an egg gestational rate of 21-30 days RL or 2 weeks Game time played.


Growing Rates:

Root Crops; 5 weeks RL time or 2 weeks Game time played.
Perennial Vegetables (Asparagus, onions, rhubarb, etc); From flowering to being edible 3 Months RL or 4 weeks Game time played
Grain Crops (Corn, Wheat, Amaranth): 5 months RL or 8 weeks Game time played.
Fruit Trees: from seed to fruit bearing - 2 yrs RL or 24 weeks Game time played, from flowering to fruit, 6 weeks game time played.
Grapes or Vine Crops (Grapes, etc): 6 months RL or 12 weeks Game time played.

Stud fees for breed-stock farm animals. This price is per animal bred.

Horse - 20 mhl
Chicken - 1 mhl
Cow - 10 mhl
Goat - 7 mhl
Ox - 20 mhl
Pig - 7 mhl
Sheep - 7 mhl

Standard Imperial Bazaar Market Prices
These rates apply when selling to individuals, as well as when selling to businesses.

Cooking Ingredients / Chocolates 2 Cherish, General Vegetable Gardens, Farming

* Apples 2 for 1mhl or 2mhl/lb
* Pears 2 for 1mhl or 2mhl/lb
* Orange 1mhl/each or 4mhl/lb
* Cherries 1doz/2mhl or 4mhl/lb
* Lemons 1mhl/each or 4mhl/lb
* Strawberries 1doz/3mhl or 5mhl/lb
* Root vegetables 2 for 1 mhl or 2mhl/lb
* Green beans dozen/3mhl
* Lettuce head/1mhl
* Corn 3 for 1mhl/dozen for 3mhl
* 5lb Sugar Sack – 2mhl
* 5lb Flour Sack – 2mhl
* Butter/Lard – 1mhl
* Basic Spices – 5 jars for 10mhl
* Exotic Spices - 5 jars for 20mhl
* Extracts – 3 vials for 10mhl
* Preserves – 2mhl/jar
* Vinegar – 2mhl/jar
* Cooking Chocolate – 2mhl
* Dozen Eggs – 3mhl
* Milk – 5mhl/bucket
* Yeast – 1mhl/vial
* Soft Cheese - 2 mhl cup
* Hard Cheese - 3mhl half a wheel / 6mhl a wheel

Metal and Wood Work / The Works

* Sack of Coal/Charcoal – 5mhl
* Iron Ingot – 1mhl
* Copper Ingot – 3mhl
* Tin Ingot – 3mhl
* Silver Ingot – 5mhl
* Gold Ingot – 10mhl
* Raw Mithril – 25mhl*
* Nails – 10mhl/100
* Wood Stain – 5mhl/jar
* Glue – 10mhl / jar
* Lumber - 2x4 1mhl
* Wooden Boards - 2x10 1mhl
* Paneling - 4’x8’ sheet 3mhl

* Mithril requires the Ranked Skill Master in Metalsmithing and Mithril Forging to use.

Linens and Fabrics / Naked Bird & Belladonna

* Coarse Fabric (Single Color) – 1mhl/yd
* Coarse Fabric (Multi-hued/design) – 2mhl/yd
* Standard Fabric (Single Color) – 3mhl/yd
* Standard Fabric (Multi-hued/design) – 4mhl/yd
* Fine Fabric (Single Color) – 5mhl/yd
* Fine Fabric (Multi-hued/design) - 6mhl/yd
* Spidersilk – 5mhl per yard
* Leather Square – 2mhl
* Fur / Wool Square – 2mhl
* Thread – 1mhl/spool
* Yarn – 1mhl/bundle
* Dye – 2mhl/jar

Crafter Material / Minotaur's Bane

* Clay – 10mhl/block
* Powder – 3mhl/bag
* Sand – 2mhl/bag
* Gravel – 2mhl/bag
* Metal Flake – 4mhl/jar
* Pottery Glaze – 2mhl/bottle
* Wax – 1mhl/bar
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Re: Freelance Work in Belariath

Postby lyllamarie on Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:19 pm

sheep produce annually about 2-30 lbs of wool. The amount that is usable depends on whats left after washing or scouring the wool, then converting it to yarn.
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Re: Freelance Work in Belariath

Postby mozenwrathe on Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:49 pm

Bumping this thread for review and possible recommissioning.
There has been a lot of talk over the past year about people doing freelance work, but finding this thread has proven rather difficult for most. Hopefully this will give some clarity to what people want to do.
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Re: Freelance Work in Belariath

Postby Scathien on Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:23 am

I have uploaded an excel speadsheet listing the various armor and weapons within the database. It shows the prices for materials, as well as the price to rent tools if you do not have them.

Note: Values have been rounded to the nearest mhl, document was created in Microsoft Excel 2007

Freelance Material and Tool Rental Prices.xlsx
Weapon and Armor Lists w/ Material Costs, and Tool Rental Costs
(14.04 KiB) Downloaded 26 times

Now as far as how this is used:

Step 1:

Craftsperson chooses to craft a weapon or a piece of armor for whatever reason.

Step 2:

Craftsperson visits MMR and requests materials to craft the item. Also requests to rent tools to make the item if they do not have access to tools of their own.

Step 3:

Worker consults list and charges the appropriate values to sell the materials to the craftsperson, and requests payment. If the worker doesnt want to deal with the list above, they can do the following math.

Sale Price of Item x 0.4 = Materials Price
Sale Price of Item x 0.25 = Tool Rental Price
Sale Price of Item x 0.35 = Skilled Labor Price

Step 4:

Craftsperson !money sub 's payment

Step 5:

MMR Worker posts on the board in the proper place that the craftsperson paid X amount of mhl for materials to craft a specific item.

Step 6:

Craftsperson RP's out crafting the item, and gathers all logs regarding such

Step 7:

Craftsperson OOCly obtains the attention of an op or manager, shows logs indicating that item was completed, op/manager sells the actual crafted item to craftsperson for 1 mhl. In a bind, if an op/manager is not available, provided the log was signed off/stamped by said op/manager, the clerk than can make the sale.
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