Recurring Events?

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Re: Recurring Events?

Postby InsanityVixen on Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:54 am

Even before Kerrigan became High Priestess, I had been thinking of making Ishtar Day(s) . However, I always get stuck on some details, and if that doesn't happen, rl problems come up, which then bleeds from days and weeks to months. I've always had it in mind that it would be at the most, a two day event, in spring, summer or fall, so Kerrigan would be able to overlook everything. The first day being a bunch of games, mostly sex based or at least pleasurable. The second day being the ending, which means nothing other than an orgy, of course. The second day though, I had in mind something that happened a couple years ago, during the first time the Gods left. An aura spread out from the Temple of Ishtar, and the closer people came(if players rped it affecting them), the more they felt the need to have sex. Waiting at the Temple was Kerri, with dice which, depending on the outcome, the person would have to be dominant, submissive, as well as a couple other outcomes I can't remember.

But because of my inability to keep things ordered in my head, I've never talked much about making it a reality. Until now.
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Re: Recurring Events?

Postby Angst on Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:24 am

The Body Arts do have reoccurring events now that I've taken over. They are as follows:

Days of Passion: February 13-15

Your Body As a Canvas: One day event and Sale - Usually held around March 15th

Festival of the Arts: Last week of September - Runs all week may bleed into October.
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