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All those embarrasing little things that you hate to bring up in OOC because they label you as new and ignorant and a bit of a wuss who still collects the toys out of cereal boxes. OK, so I'm exaggerating a bit but you just *know* everyone is sniggering behind their monitors.... (see Roleplaying Terms to learn what OOC means).

Why can't I play a six-legged tentacle beast from the planet Sauron?
Just because we hate you and want to spoil your fun. Alternatively, because the roleplay world has an internal integrity that only allows for specific, harmonious races.

How do I get a slave?
You find a player who wishes to have one of their characters play the slave to one of your characters. This isn't a computer game where you can push a button to get whatever you want.

Why can't I start off as a high powered mage and zap everyone in sight?
Because we only play with adults.

How do I get the phone number of real girls so I can screw them?
Try putting an advert in a sex contact magazine. If you try that here you are toast.

OK with some of the silly ones out of the way, hopefully the remainder will prove useful to anyone whose IQ is higher than their collar size.

How do I get my own character page and what do I do with it?
A character page is to record the background story of your character and is available once your character approaches level five. See the Characters section for more details.

How do I get to the roleplay?
See the Technical section under Help

What channels do we play in?
Visit #Lonely_Inn_OOC on the Sorcery.net network of IRC and ask there, since the channel names may change sometimes.

How do I login?
/msg desdaemona !login [pword] [charname] where [pword]= your password and [charname]= your character's name

What does the General Store / Naked Bird / MMR / etc sell?
Try looking under Shops from the main menu.

How do you get xp?
XP is gained through roleplay. The more you RP, the more xp you gain. It is unknown whether the size of your post, the number of posts you make, or the amount of time spent IC determines how much xp you get. Ops also have the option to give xp for good roleplay (acting in character, being creative, etc), or to take it away when they see poor roleplay (using OOC knowledge IC, interrupting a rape/sex scene, etc).

What are level requirements for 5, 10, 15 and 20?
See the Characters section.

What are the Desdaemona Commands?
Head back to the Roleplaying Help page and you'll find the link there.

What stores do we !money sub for and what ones do the !itemsell?
General rule of thumb is that if the item takes an equipment slot, or spell slot, then it is done with !itemsell, or a similar command (AS, WS, SS etc), but if it is listed in your description, then it is generally a !money sub command (NB, GS, Bazaar etc).

Are we permitted to rp more than one nick at a time?
No. One character at a time.

What about if we are a store worker, are we permitted to npc a sale if we are busy rping and no other employees are about?
Still no.

What do you do about a Knights equipment?
Destroy all weapons and armor and in replace get shield and long sword. Also make it known that they have a horse to be added to bio as well as always having a shield. It can be upgraded to another shield type, but they must always have one.

If knights don't want the horse can they have a payout through an op?
No, the knight can sell his horse later to someone that wishes to buy it though.

How do Knights go about getting it and the 2mhl payout?
Talking to an Op is the easiest way to get the payout, simply state that you are a new player setting up your knight character. Be patient though, the Op may be working on another issue(s) as well

How do you earn money?
A small amount is provided by the game each month your character is active, and more comes from reaching new levels. If you want to increase that you should look at the Finding Work section.

Where are the stores exactly? are they actual rooms/channels on their own, or are they RP places in the Town channel?
Many are in the Town channel but some are elsewhere. Looking up a store in the Shops menu will tell you where it is played.

Where does one purchase spells, enchantments?
The Sorcerous Sanctuary is located in Magic channel.

Where can one purchase materials if they have a trade and would like to make something for themselves?
Raw materials can be gathered through roleplay, through paying an NPC to obtain them, or paying an actual character who has an appropriate skill. No items with stat effects can be created but other items can be made via roleplay and sold to the stores.

Can I RP hunting, if so, what kind of animals and where can I deliver the hides to?
You'll find the expected animals in the forests around Nanthalion and Valencia. Meat can be sold to places such as the Inn, and hides or furs to clothing shops or leather workers.

Why is no one roleplaying with me?
There are many reasons why no one might be roleplaying with you. The first thing you need to do is make sure that there is someone in the room besides you, (and desdaemona : ) ). The next step is to generate RP. There are many ways to do this, and you should choose the best one depending on your character. If you are more of the shy type, your character might bump into another person, accidently spilling their drink or some such. Or you might be a bit more proactive, Becky once decided to make a banana feel wonderful, and managed to generate RP that way. If you are more assertive, then try walking up to someone and saying “Hi” just be careful not to interrupt a rape scene. One way you will usually not find gets you any RP is to sit in a corner, and posting only occasionally and staying to yourself. The key is to know your character and to play them well, people will notice and start to interact with you more, don’t expect everything to happen at once. As a further note, there is no need to be either a completely submissive slave, or a completely dominant character, there are many free spirits which lie somewhere in between.

Where do I begin?
One way is to just jump in and start talking to people. But if you feel in need of some hints, you'll find roleplaying guides when you return to the Roleplaying Help page.

What things will take up equipment slots and what are just to be put in your description/background?
Armor, weapons, potions and slaves currently take up equipment slots.All else simply contributes to plots and character development and does not have a numeric system, therefore it goes in your description. remember you still have to buy them though.

How do I properly treat a slave?
There's no easy answer to this. Each owner/slave pairing have different needs from roleplay and different levels of dominance and submission. This is something you should discuss with your partner OOC before taking the step, to make sure you coincide on how it should be played. If you feel lost, you should wait a while and observe others in roleplay.

Can I add submit a new Tribe/House/History to the website?
Yes but remember it should fit into the framework of the game, so no new technologies or genetic modifications.

Can I add or suggest an FAQ to be listed here?
Certainly! Put the suggestion on the message board.