Legends of Belariath

Archaon Ebonscale

The Night of Pain

A typical night it was for the dark Drak Sen known as Archaon as he left his room, garbed in his fresh necromancer robe of black and red..the hood loomed over his head to keep his face hidden from all save for those beady red eyes that seemed to glow within the darkness. His bare feet stepped down each step, the sounds and clatter of the inn racketing off the walls in their loudness..his head and eyes began to turn, looking over the inn as the many patrons and slaves alive roamed around in their usual activities. Archaon began his usual walking route over to the bar, shedding the hood from his head as he continued to walk..his bone white hair fell from the shadows to rest upon his shoulders. The glistening patch of onyx scale beneath his eye reflected the given light with a dullish yet smooth sheen of black. The dark Drak Sen lowered himself into the empty stool, his long 6 foot tail coiled about his waist like another belt..his red eyes took a glance over the bar to find any of the inn slaves or bartenders that might have been on duty. One inn slave in particular to him, known as Melissa, approached him with a rather frightened demeanor about her. "What can I get for you today master?" she spoke..the hint of her fear in her voice as she awaited him to order. "Wyne..red" his answer..red orbs within his skull glanced over her body, the body he had used the very day she became the inn slave she is today with a smirk upon his face. The inn slave then promptly grabbed a bottle and a goblet for him, pouring some of the red wyne into the goblet with speed. Once she presented the goblet and bottle to him she asked if there were anything else he desired. Of course, as his last nights were very uneventful, he took it upon himself to beckon her over from the bar to kneel at his feet. With a grin of approval, Archaon reached forward with his hand, combing through her hair as he admired her in the position she was in. "Open my robe slave, pleasure me" he ordered her to do, and with the eager haste she had, she deftly untied his robe and opened it..providing him with the pleasures he sought..the oral gratification a mere beginning befor ehe beckoned her to bend over the counter and receive his full attentions. A good hour of pleasure and debauchery ensued as he fully pleasured himself with the inn slave and her sexual intercourse, reliquishing his seed into her and leaving her to her own devices.

Not too long afterwards, he settled back into his stool to drink the remains of his goblet of wyne, and his red orbs began a new scan..his day was not over and he began to seek a victim..his appetite for sexual desires was hardly satiated..then his eyes fell upon one known as Sarienzi, a tall high elf knight of alluring beauty and a cold demeanor. He grinned at the challenge, then he stood and approached her. A small conversation of perhaps four or five words was more than enough to capture his prey..the long six foot tail latched about her waist and cinched tight to relieve her of air before he pulled her from the stool she sat within. She was a fierce one, trying to threaten him with her long sword..yet with that, he threatened her back in a display of magical power that, if released, would have hit her point blank in the face. He continued onward though in his conquest, having gotten her full attention and proceeded to pull her towards the spot which he would rape the poor high elf..only to fling her into the table with a loud crash, knocking the wind from her in a painful jolt. She tried to run and look upon him with a slow turn of the head, but the dark Drak Sen was upon her in moments..stripping her of her leather pants and pinning her arms to her back with his hands. his tail wrapped about her waist once more, keeping her in the compromising position he had placed her in..yet with all the defiance she had remaining, she turned and spat in his face. A low growl of anger rumbled in Archaon's throat as he reached forward, gripping the raven colored hair of the high elf Sarienzi and promptly taught her a lesson in humility by smashing her head upon the table in a hard crash that left her dazed and even more winded, but most of all for him..very vulnerable. What entailed then was a horrible rape..brutal to the high elf that left her sex and her rear completely ravaged..and a pleasureful pain spell that made it even worse..but while the rape was going on, a barbarian by the name of Achiaus made his presence known. The large one was rather miffed due to Sarienzi being what he claimed as his mate, but Archaon had no care of who was who..for she had no collar, and was a rightful target for his devious ways.

After the rape had left the high elf in a crumpled and humiliated state upon the booth table, the barbarian that loomed promptly stood, trying to provoke Archaon and beckon him to the arena. The Drak Sen had no way around it, yet he cared not to bother himself with the large and rather low minded barbarian..but still his point needed to be proven. After a few exchanged words, the barbarian began to follow Archaon out of the Inn and they both headed towards the arena to settle the matter once and for all. Once they had reached it, Archaon knew what he was getting into from the beginning..his past dealings with barbarians gave him reason to develop his physical defenses and thus he would raise them in the form of his physical defense spell..which gave him a much stronger defense than most mages would at his level of power. The barbarian however, had a little more speed than Archaon had, and before he could act upon the aggressor, the Drak Sen was struck down in a single blow to the chest..left on the ground in a pool of his red ichor, clinging to life as best he could..however, it seemed that the barbarian, unlike others, had some sense of honor, and thus he carried the near dead Archaon out of the arena and into the town of Nanthalion to the Healer's Guild. Here, Achiaus dumped the still bleeding Archaon into one of the examination room beds as the healer on duty, Paige Raine tended to the deep and lifestealing wound with haste. The Drak Sen was rather unconscious, and whatever entailed between the healer and the barbarian he could not remember, but when Archaon had woken up from the healing, he found that the barbarian had left the room, a pile of coin showered over his body as recompense for the grievous wound the Drak Sen had taken, given to the healer as a token of the healing she had placed upon him. Once he had regained his composure and his bearings, the dark Drak Archaon left the Healer's Guild and onward towards the inn..right back to his usual nights of debauchery and liquid pleasures to live another day and bid the will of his masters.