Legends of Belariath


Belson's Story: Chapter 3 - Escape to Daylight

I moved along the alley quietly as I looked up for the window that was my destination on this night. Seeing it come into view I smiled and pulled my rope and tossed it up and hooking the grappling hook attached the airborne in around the railing I climbed up quickly coming up onto the balcony. I pulled the rope back up and coiled it up incase I had to come back out this way and then I moved over to the balcony doors peering inside to make sure no one was about I pulled my tools of the trade. Then I realized I was getting ahead of myself I looked over the outside of the doors for any obvious wires and then down the inside of the door as much as I could see. I then reaching up with a gloved hand tried the doorknob finding it open I pulled it open slowly without a sound as I glanced about the now open top level of a manor house. I moved in quietly my eyes scanning the place around me as I smiled to myself I moved though the home and to the door I knew led to the place where to owner kept her jewels as I kneeled down I peered through the keyhole to see what I could see. Seeing no one I reached up and tried the doorknob again which of course was locked. Retrieving my lock picks form under my tongue I then set to work on the lock after twisting one pick one way and then back again until I heard that satisfying sound of the tumblers turning and lock becoming unlocked as I slipped the picks back into my mouth I reached up and turned the knob slowly. I pulled the door open and looked about as I moved into the room towards the place where I knew the jewels to be kept I crept silently and slowly as I got to the small dresser I kneeled down reaching behind it and snipping the pull string trigger on the trap I knew to be there. When I went to open the drawer I heard movement from the other entrance to the room and at that time the door opened and 3 guards came rushing in. My bow sang as I lifted it firing taking the first guard under the chin as I leaped up and charged for the door I had come in. I rolled through the door hearing weapons hitting the door behind me I charged out the balcony door grabbing my rope and leaping from the balcony swinging down hitting the side of the house hard as I dropped to the ground.

I looked from side to side and then dashed down the all leaving my rope I knew if the guards were there I had one chance and that was the tunnels but getting there would be the hard part. I ran down the street hearing the bugle calls now as I ducked into an alley and ran full speed towards the main gates of the city I turned back onto a street seeing a squad of guards coming at me as I charged down the street never looking back I was very thankful they had not mustered the archers yet. I sped down the street as fast as my legs could carry me I saw a squad of 4 guards at the gate I shrugged thyself and barreled straight for them as I neared I leaped while shooting one in the temple. Landing behind the now stunned guards I bolted down the tunnels I soon heard their boots in the tunnels behind me I ducked my head and kept running. I turned this way and that not really knowing where I was going just running blindly through tunnels as I kept running soon my breath coming in deep ragged breaths and I threw myself to the ground as I listened and waited for my pusurers to approach then I heard nothing no boot steps nothing in the tunnels behind me I breathed a deep sigh of relief pulling myself inch by inch over against the wall I soon passed out exhausted from the days antics.

The next time I woke up I would say day but I had no idea how long I had slept I pushed myself to my feet staggering down the tunnels I moved on thought these dank and dark tunnels for what seemed to be days I was bone thin by now and I had barely gotten enough water to keep me alive so when I saw the bright light up ahead I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me again as they were apt to do nowadays. I continued on not noticing the tunnel sloping gently up all I thought about was right foot now left foot forcing myself to walk upwards towards this light. As I stepped out into the light my senses were overwhelmed by the sight and I fell to my knees almost blinding now as I rubbed them my eyes finally adjusted and I caught the scene of a forest near me and then I felt something hit the back of my head and I was knocked unconscious.