Legends of Belariath


Belson's Story: Chapter 4 - Capture

I woke to the feeling of cold water being pouring over me as he went to moves my arms I found I could not do so and the same went for my feet. As I opened my eyes I felt the knot on the side of my head throbbing and I wanted to close my eyes again. I looked left and then I looked write noting my hands were tied out one on either side of me crucifixion style and ankles had been shackled to something behind me. I could not turn my head far enough to see what was behind me at the moment and then I took a moment to glance up at my surroundings. I saw a fire which I was about 50 to

00 feet away from and around the fire I saw sitting many large forms from miniatures to half ogres to some things I had never seen before as I looked about a felt a thundering fist slam into my side probably snapping a rib as my head fell forward I fought to stay awake as I shook my head lightly I could hear a voice speaking to me but from the pain I was feeling on my rob cage in came in strangled out garbles and unintelligible gibberish as he turned my head to see who had addressed me I felt a blow to my right temple sending me back into my unconscious state.

I awoke after some time to the feeling of the cold water again I shook my head to clear some of the water form my face and hair which blurred my vision. I looked up and saw in fort of me the biggest minotaur I had ever seen missing half of both his horns and adorned in some heavy armor as I felt sick to my stomach at the position I had been caught in. The minotaur grabbed my hair jerking it back he looked into my face then smiled his breath enough to make me very nauseous " ahhhh this one should fetch a nice price in town. We always have some lady looking for something exotic to add to her collection. " He said as he turned and walks off he called " Chain him up tomorrow we collar him. " Well I knew well enough what that color meant and as the guars went to grab me I kicked a table over struggling and they dropped me. As they did I slipped the nail file from the table into my hands hiding it from sight as the y drug me back to the chains snapping the padlock in place just beneath my hands. It was by a stroke of pure luck that they did not manage to see the file in my hand if they had I am sure I would not be here to tell you this tale today. As the guards moved away secure in the fact I could not get away I went to work on the lock with the file thank the gods it actually fit as I worked for what seemed like hours I finally head a satisfying click as the lock fell open. I dared not move as I watched and waited for a few hours then I saw the minotaurs falling to sleep setting some of their slaves as guards. I slipped my hands from the shackles behind me the lock dropping to the ground I bent down with both hands free I made short work of the lock on my feet. Without further delay I moved over to where I had seen my armor earlier it was to precious to leave behind. I managed to get my armor in my hand and caught my weapon with my foot as it tumbled out of my armor I kicked myself mentally again as I kicked it into the air and caught it with my other hand as I turned and with the strength and speed of desperation I turned and ran into the darkness.

I ran until it was impossible for me to run anymore I was by a stream as I tossed myself to the earth and lay there breathing hard I waited to be recaptured or killed. I heard steps approaching as I turned and tried to raise myself up I heard a female voice say " Stay still there are evil things about. " I conceded the point as I fell back down laying against the cool earth. I felt myself lifting from my feet and carried quickly I clutched my weapons and my armor in my hands as this person carried me as I thought this person could be taking me to sell me herself but either way it was her or the minotaurs. I felt myself being carried into a place I knew all to well about a cave as I was carried din and laid down on a mat of straw I soon passed out again form exhaustion and the pain from my side.

I woke later to the sounds of voices I groaned softly as I turned my head listening to the voices one female speaking " Listen slavers I don't know anything about a dark elf if I would have seen him I would have killed him myself now get gone from my door step before I get angered. " I heard a couple grunts and strangled curses tossed at this lady who seemed to be my savior as I lay there afraid to move. I then heard the sounds of things moving away into the woods as I breathed a contented sigh and rolled over onto my back. I saw the elven lady walk back into the cave and kneel by me as he hands glowed a pale blue as I felt healing energies rush through my body I gave her a lightly smile as she held a wine skin to my lips filled with water.