Legends of Belariath


Belson's Story: Chapter 5 - The Aftermath

Me and Jennifer Nightwind grew into quick friends from that day on when she saved my life. she taught me the ways of the forest being a ranger that was her job she had taken on.... to watch over the forest and to protect the small Hamlet near there. I worked with her in that task since she was really the only person I knew on the surface world. Together we did our best to keep the Small hamlet from harm. The two of us wasn?t much but some of the plans we came up with kept the little town from harm on many occasions. And the friendship between me and Jennifer soon began to blossom into much more.

We were married in the forest by a druid and as we tuned to leave the clearing we saw what we has most feared for so long. Smoke rose from the direction of the hamlet we both broke into a ruin having been attired in our armor and weapons for the ceremony she being faster than I broke the tree line first as we saw the decimation the group of slavers from the years before when I was captured were causing we both stopped for a moment to take in the grotesque scene. We both manned our weapons me my bow and here her sword and shield and ran toward the hamlet. a squad of 4 minotaurs saw us coming and charged I leapt in close unloading my bow into one's face and it didn't seem to phase the big brute much as he brought his club around catching me in my ribs yet again and I was lifted off my feet and thrown about

5 feet. As I fought to clear my vision Jennifer was soon surrounded and beat into unconsciousness. I was soon picked dup over the back of one minotaur my weapons and armor left on as I was carried into the town.

Once I was in town the miniature leader snarled and spat at me says " I knew that filthy elf had my prize. " He said as he turned and motioned to a structure I had never seen before. It was about

0 feet high and shaped like a T for the most part. 2 minotaurs lifted me up while one stood behind fastening a rope over my left wrist and around my right bicep as to not damage the exotic tattoo and one around ach of my legs at about mid calf. These were drawn tight against my skin as my armor was taken off before hand and they proceeded to flog my chest leaving many scars which I still bare. While I was hanging there and after the beating had ended I was forced to watch as my love was dragged out in front of me naked and raped by the minotaurs who were left. Despite my predicament I struggled trying to get loose causing the roped to cut into my skin and making me bleed. The minotaurs laughed and gawked at my powerlessness as they made the raping go on for as long as they pleased even after Jennifer was unconscious. Then the leader stepping up smiling at me he brought his foot down on her neck crushing her wind pipe and killing her. I groaned loudly and the minotaurs met my anguished groans with those of laughter as they then made me watches as they lined every man in the town up before me so they would look at me. All the men called to me to free myself and save them as I growled and struggled again not to save them but to grab the body of my beloved and run as I saw the men one by one beheaded and the bodies fall to the ground. My torment wasn't yet over I was forced to watch as they dragged all the women from the city into the main square and made me watch by one of them standing by an holding my eyelids open as they raped and defiled each and every woman and then slaughtered them all much in the same fashion as they had the men.

They left me hanging there as they all rode or walked off and the sun began to set. I closed my eyes thinking this would be the end of me and then I heard movement looking up snarling thinking it to be one of the minotaurs that had come back to fish themselves a prize off the pole to see. I was mistaken when is aw the druid come into town as he walks up and cut the ropes holding me I fell to the ground and lay there a moment he brought me water to drink. That night me and him buried every towns person of that little hamlet the body of my beloved we burned for I would leave nothing for the carrion eaters. I found my armor and weapons and with them and the little money I had I set off into the world eventually making my way to an inn I heard much about.