Legends of Belariath


Of Collared Catboys and Dominat Elves

Dante stood on the balcony of his open air tree house, his alluring green eyes resting upon the crystal waters falling into the river below. Errant thoughts threatened to keep his mind occupied, the past as always drifting up from the depths to try and bring him back to things he would rather forget. As his lovers arms curled around his waist he let himself nuzzle back into the sylph’s soft flesh, a faint content sigh slipping from his lips before slowly turning to meet her lips in an impassioned kiss. “Are you ready Whisper?” came forth in a throaty purr as their kiss ended with some reluctance, a soft smile resting upon his lips at her gentle nod. A few soft words purred past his lips, his arms tightening around her body to hug her closer as the pair lifted up from the balcony and glided into the early morning air.

He knew well enough that he couldn’t fly as far as she, not with the common magicks he knew, but still the time spent in the sky with his mate was a welcome relief from the stresses of his mission, his purpose. “Where are we going Dante?” Whisper’s voice, soft as silk seemed to merge with the wind washing over their bodies, his eyes drifted from the horizon to meet her amethyst gaze. “A small town a few days from here.....” his words drifted off as the thought of that place surfaced in his mind’s eye, the small tavern where a barwench he knew worked, the quiet shops, and the estate of his former captor Telia. Knowing too well how he was, the look in his eyes saying more then his words did Whisper glided closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist to guide them both to a gentle landing near the road leading to their destination. As they walked, his clawtips stroking along her spine he, for the first time, went into detail about his time there and how he came to ‘meet’ Telia. They kissed once more, deeper this time, the sparks of passion between them kindling fervent desire, their path diverted towards a secluded spot in the nearby woods where they came together in passionate love-making.

The stretching of night’s shimmering canvas brought the gentle sleep of lovers, the flickering firelight warming their bodies as they warmed each others hearts. Dante’s ears twitched gently at the subtle sound of a twig snapping beneath padded feet, his alluring green eyes peeking open to examine the small clearing they had nestled down in for the noises source. Another snap, this time behind him gave hints of something approaching at a careful pace, the growing sound of soft, controlled breathing showed this to be no ordinary woodland creature. Waiting patiently, quietly, Whisper nestled contently against his side he let the intruder creep closer, every part of him trying to tense despite his refusal. As the gap between them and the mysterious source of noise closed he fought for control of his own body, his instinct to jump up and face it roaring in defiance at his patience. Finally, with the soft purring of a few words his head tilted back, his gaze narrowing on what appeared to be a cloaked elf brandishing a dirty blade he let the spell fly, dozens of multi colored photons of light streaming from his open palm flaring thru the night and into the sensitive eyes of the dark elf. Whisper’s groaning disapproval to the sudden movement was met with his own soft growl as he rose to his feet and launched himself forward in a single motion, his clawtips gleaming in the waning light of the half moon.

Staggering back from the blinding lights the dark elf sensed his approach, his free arm lifting up to block the sudden streak of claws that cut open his cloak to reveal a thicker leather armor beneath “Mistress Telia will not let me kill you boy….” Came out in a throaty grumble as he lifted his blade to swing at Dante. Aided by his natural grace, the fluid movement that had so often won him the heart or the bed of a woman he desired now served to keep the blade from finding his flesh and fur. His sleek feline form twisted and rolled across the littered forest’s floor, the landing tho bringing him into a less than advantageous position for a true strike. Instead he lashed out with his leg, his aim to drop the dark elf to his back proving enough to topple the aggressor. As Whisper rose to her own feet to see what commotion had roused her and her mate from the depths of peaceful slumber, the dark elf grunted and gasped as the impact forced precious air from his lungs, his need to breathe temporarily overwhelming his own good thinking. The sudden weight of Dante’s body pressing down against his chest, the feel of claws sharpened by magic against his throat helping to properly subdue the aggressor, but did nothing to deflate the sneer upon his lips.

Pressing the tips in deeper, until a mere drop of blood flowed down ebon skin Dante leaned closer to speak “I’m afraid I can’t let Telia know of my imminent arrival…..do be a good boy and stay here hmm?” with a darker grin his fingers latched around the dark elf’s throat, his words pouring forth again and again to deliver shocking grasps into the ebon body beneath him. When the dark elf was lost to the powers of magic used upon him Dante rose slowly, telling Whisper to quickly gather there things while he saw to their guest. As their forms were slowly swallowed by the night the Dark elf was left tied and gagged against an ancient oak, his muffled curses mingling then dying in the night’s symphony.

As the days of walking, flying, and fucking passed slowly they soon found themselves on the outskirts of the little town where Dante had business to do, their first stop the Crescent Moon Tavern. Moving slowly thru the laughter, riot, and rape common in every tavern he led his lover to the bar and to her first meeting with Serosa. For a moment he merely held Serosa’s gaze, smiling warmly as his old friend slipped around the bar and warpped her arms around him “Dante......gods it seems like years” nodding his agreement he stepped back slightly, his hands resting upon her waist as his eyes took a short journey over the elven woman’s body. “Its good to see you Serosa, id like you to meet Whisper.” Whisper who had stepped back and perhaps in the moment of his friendly hug felt a familiar pang of jealousy, smiled and stepped forward to meet Serosa. Dropping her jaw in shock that Dante of all people had a mate, she soon laughed and hugged Whisper tightly congratulating her on netting the catboy.

After a quick change of clothing, her working outfit stuffed into the small satchel hidden behind the bar she led Dante and Whisper over to a quiet booth so they could talk and enjoy a few drinks. “I figured you would come after getting my note Dante, you always were the strange one. I wish you hadn’t tho, Telia is going to know your here....hell she probably already knows your here.....your putting yourself and your mate in a lot of danger.” Serosa rested back into the booth and took a slow drink of firewine as her eyes met Dante’s, full of unusual seriousness. “I know Serosa, but i prefer this be done directly, Telia would have a hard time getting to me in Nanthalion but she would try and in the process my friends or loved ones might be hurt.....I don’t want that.......I want this done.” Whisper nuzzled against him, giving him the comfort he didn’t know he needed but surely wanted, Serosa merely nodded softly and set the glass down. “Well, the only help i can offer is a place to sleep and to see Whisper here is taken care of while your working.....you know her Estate better then I do....and her slave.” Looking up to Serosa then to Dante, Whisper shook her head softly “No....I’m going with him.....I wont let him get into this by himself” she then quieted as a faint growl slipped from Dante’s throat. “No Whisper you wont, i have to do this alone....you’ll stay with Serosa while I’m doing it or you can just go home right now” his head then dipped down to place a gentle kiss to the crown of her head, he didn’t want Whisper to leave but he wouldn’t have her going with him either. Nodding reluctantly the trio rose and slipped from the Crescent Moon’s doors to Serosa’s) cottage in town.

As night came upon them, the warmth of the hearth and the company led to a passionate union of the three gathered, their moans and cries of lust flowing into the early hours of the morning until they all found sleep. Rising early, letting his friend and his lover sleep Dante slipped from the cottage to make his first recon of Telia’s Estate. From the outside it seemed nothing had changed, the seven foot iron gates surrounding her home still stood, the lush green field blooming with dark lilies and blood roses were just as well tended as he remembered. The faint smell of animals too seemed familiar, they posed little threat other then to make a noise some stink that might affect his senses if he weren’t cautious. The towering four story home would be his greatest challenge, within would be at least five well-trained slave guards, a complex security system mingling dwarven prowess with magical enchantments....and of course the powers of the Seductress Telia.

His return to the Serosa’s cottage was met by a breakfast of sorts, that being Whisper’s naked body covered with fresh fruits and milk which he hungrily devoured in Serosa’s absence. The comfort of making love to her, of having this wonderful woman in his arms helped to ease any concerns he had about what he planned, for once the light fell and night’s concealing shroud spread across the town he would make his move at the estate. As their lust ended in powerful climax they let themselves sleep in each others embrace, to pass the hours and to aide in his preparations for the evening’s events. He kissed her passionately before he left, his words of love and promise filling Whisper’s eyes with tears. Serosa too received a hug, a soft kiss on the cheek and his gratitude for all she had done and the danger she placed herself in so willingly for his benefit and then he was gone into the night.

Wind washed cold air over his body as he stood within the shadows, watching every movement, every action taking place across the field surrounding Telia’s home. As minutes ticked off into oblivion he waited, all he needed was for the two dark elves patrolling the grounds to move behind the house so he could move….those long moments spent going over his plan again and again. He knew well enough that Jorai would give him some help once inside, but it was getting there that presented the problem. The only entrance that would be unguarded when he needed to move would be the one that passed thru Telia’s greenhouse…and for all his observation of her property he had yet to figure out why she would leave such a window open. No guards, no locks, nothing to impede a person from moving thru it and into her home….that scared him deeply for it was totally out of her character.

In his thoughts he almost missed his chance, the two dark elves chuckled at some private joke as they rounded the corner. His movements slowed by his surprise at losing his concentration started out sluggish, almost clumsily. With a swift motion he scaled the iron fenced wall surrounding her estate, his sleek form seemed almost to fly over the lush grass, pausing only to find concealment within the darkness when a shadow passed before the windows facing his approach. As he reached the outer door to the greenhouse he paused to take a breath, it almost seemed that he hadn’t breathed at all since he left Serosa’s) cottage. Pushing within the darkened glass building, his steps as careful and deliberate as a tiger stalking some paranoid creature he moved within. Strange shapes seemed to reach out for him, unfamiliar plants rustled from a phantom breeze, each noise seemingly too loud for his own good.

As more laughter came, the dark elven guards passing alongside the greenhouse he found his lower lip between his teeth, chewing on it nervously as his hand drifted forward to press down the latch and let it open with the softest creak. “”You hear something?” was muttered quietly outside, Dante’s nerves tensing up like a coiled spring. Settling into his role for the evening, he pulled the small bottle of mechanical oil from his pouch, the slippery fragrant substance coating the door’s hinges and quieting further protest to his entrance. As he moved past this obstacle and let the door close behind him he could feel the outer door to the greenhouse opening and the guards move inside to search. Fearing capture, he took his chances within the home of his former Mistress, the floorboards doing nothing to soften each step as his heart hammered noisily in his ears.

Turning a corner and moving down a long barely light hallway he did his best within the low light to find Jorai’s kennel, which would be nestled among musty kegs of wine and ale. Her soft snoring led him on thru the inky black, another dose of oil quieting the door to the cellar so he might journey down and find his contact. Kneeling before her kennel, everything seemed to slow to a crawl, his hand barely able to move thru what felt like the thickest of grease filling the air. As his fingers brushed along a cheek, his eyes widened, unless Jorai had gotten really disfigured since he last saw her he was certain she wouldn’t have the bristles of growing facial hair. The strong fingers clamping around his wrist and jerking him forward proved what he already knew, something other then Jorai was sleeping in this kennel and that something was going to be fatal if he didn’t act.

A fist like iron shot out of the night, slamming full force into his face and dropping him back to the dusty floor as a tall shape rose from the kennel and loomed before him. Despite the darkness it was emphatically male, and apparently pissed for the second strike brought the tip of a thick leather boot against his chin. As the darkness around him deepened to black so pure all else was grey by comparison he knew what stood before him, the ranger he had left bound to a tree sneered into his fading vision.

Lancing pain brought him back to reality, the early dawn light spilling thru a barred window did little to comfort the fiery heat pushing thru his body. As one eye slowly opened, the pain felt by his swollen eye seemed a mere pinprick to whatever tortures were being visited upon him. At first all he could see was the swirling of bright light before him, a soft feminine chuckle filling his senses as another lancing of pain mirrored the one on his chest and cool metal pushed thru his flesh. Lowering his gaze unsteadily to his chest he barely made out the two mithril hoops hanging from his nipples, the satin hand sliding down his stomach and firmly gripping his un-realized arousal filling him with terror. As she turned and brought a long metal pole from the hearth, the swaying of her hips singing of danger he waited and gathered what spittle he could for her. Standing before him, waving the red hot branding iron before his eyes she grinned darkly as his spit landed on her stomach, her finger lifting the wetness from her flesh and running it over her tongue as she pressed the seal, her mark against the bare skin upon his stomach. Throwing his head back and screaming in agony his vision once more began to swim as he brought his good eye back to see ebon flesh and crimson eyes….Telia’s smile as sinister as a goblin’s hanging above a bare maiden and then nothingness.

Whisper paced along the cottage floor as the sun rose and Serosa tried for the tenth time to assure her that these things took time, but secretly she too feared his lateness, knowing that Dante was never one to push his luck by doing a job during the day unless he could help it, or the rewards were great. Her amethyst gaze filled with concern lifted to Serosa before she moved to kneel before the sylvan girl, nervously sucking at her lower lip to steady her nerves “Please Serosa….take me where he went….somethings wrong….something bad…I can feel it in my stomach…..Please I beg of you help me, help us”

The slap of cold water against his face brought him back from his pain induced sleep, his eye now healed open along with the other to rest upon Telia’s dark smile. “Awww good morning my pet…..i trust your well rested….we have much to do this day” she licked her ebon lips and motioned with her eyes towards his current state. It took little time for him to realize that cool metal wrapped around his neck, two no three times, a quick glance also showed that three chains connected from D rings on his new collar to three different spots on the stone walls around him. Trying to keep his composure he looked back to Telia, the dull aching pain of his cruelly done piercings keeping him from giving all but the faintest of smiles “So good to see you Telia…..its good to see you’re the same horrid bitch you always were.” Her hand lashed out at a speed he forgot she possessed, the sting of her rings digging into his flesh as his head twisted and warm crimson flowed from beneath his fur reminding him of how much she enjoyed to make him bleed.

“So arrogant after all this time, I guess its to be expected despite your complete ineptitude at doing anything without my help pet…..something to work on.” Again she licked her lips at the thought of breaking him, of working his body to the point where he would beg to lick the vilest mud from her boots and ask to do it again sending an arousing shiver down her spine. Stepping back to give him a better view of what awaited, his gaze took its time in searching out her form, dark oiled leather starting at boots on her feet stretched up and parted to hug her sides while revealing her front and rear, every hole, every alluring piece of dark flesh put proudly on display. If anything he would admit she was beautiful, the kind of beauty a fire possesses certainly but beautiful all the same. Grinning at his roving eyes she let the tip of a crop brush under his chin and lift his gaze to her own “Now now Pet, did you ask to look at my body.” The crop rose and struck against his left nipple, sending jolts of pain into his body forcing a growl from his lips that mingled with his reply “Dress like a two copper whore and you’ll be looked at like one bitch.” His comments again brought pain and a laugh, Telia’s amusement and confidence in her dominance of the situation repeatedly punctuated.

“From what I recall and what I know you’re the slut Dante…..why would you wish to consort with so many low creatures when you could have the honor of pleasuring me hmm…..your cock certainly likes my body.” The tip of the crop stroked down to trail the length of his shaft, kept painfully hard by the dark metal ring encircling the base, his body shivering in response to the stimulation as he spoke “Fuck you Telia” he knew she was right, his cock did like her body even if the rest of him shuddered in repulsion at the thought of even touching her again. The piercing sound of metal dragged across stone tore at his ears, Telia’s slow seductive movement of a chair to sit before him on cutting into his mind as another thought surfaced, she was an expert at subtle torture…especially of him. Parting her legs for his view and stroking a single slender digit across her glistening lips she spoke huskily “Now then….i know you didn’t come to re-visit this situation….could it be you heard of my interest in your, shall we say services, and decided not to risk the pains I would inflict upon your friends and lovers if you refused.

What are there names again hmm……Angelica, Morrigan, Ki’s,

Mayalaya…..Whisper.” the narrowing of his gaze answered her question, her words uninterrupted as a moan slipped out and her finger dipped into her dripping hole “Oh yes you know well what I would do to them don’t you” she didn’t need to say it, she had better ways, the single sharp word she intoned filled his mind with image after image of his friends being tortured and raped by her dark elven guards. “If you want to avoid such things I advise that you just help me Dante….i can reward you greatly and maybe ill even let you go back to that life.”

Nothing would cut him deeper then the truth, she would do those things and more if he didn’t comply but his defiance, his pride kept him from agreeing just yet “That fucking box wont open for you Telia, what makes you think it will do it for me hmm?” Shaking her head softly, her lips parting in another moan as her fingers worked faster at her slit, her other hand lashing out to bring the tip of the crop down against his swollen purple cockhead, she shivered as he growled knowing the pain she brought kindled her lust. As she rose elegantly from her seat, her finger slipping from her cunnie to brush against his lips then jerk back as he snapped his teeth at her, that same hand stroking up his cheek then digging her nails into his ear she pulled his head back and gazed down at him “Because pet….you are Dante….but enough of that for now, your going to please me and if I don’t like what you do you will soon find that sylph you love so much in front of you….you know what I mean boy…..now lick like you used to” her long slender ebon leg wrapped around his shoulder, the sweetness of her sex pressing and grinding against his lips coating them in her nectar. Clawing at his ears she hissed out a moan “Lick me slut” and then gasped as his rough tongue poked at her folds, squirming softly against her inner walls as she rode his face with need. “Oh gods yes boy….you like my pussy’s taste don’t you……that satin warmth makes you want to fuck it huh” she cared little if he responded, she didn’t need him to, all she cared for was his tongue pushing reluctantly into her tight hole and darting rapidly as he worked to bring her to climax as quickly as possible.

Whisper and Serosa stood at the forests edge watching Telia’s estate, the guards lazily resting against the front door and exchanging tales of who and what they had ravished in days gone by, telling the stories like they were the songs of heroic deeds. “I’m sorry Whisper….she has him now….she has to…her guards only laze about when they know she is too occupied with a toy to punish them” Crystalline tears trailed from the corners of her eyes as Whisper envisioned what this Telia was doing to her mate, her body shuddering at the thought of him being broken and serving this dark elf. “We have to get inside and help him Serosa…..i just….i just don’t know how to do it.” Serosa hugged Whisper softly and nodded “We will Whisper, we will” her efforts to comfort the sylph met with a long sniffle and the return of the embrace.

Grinding against him faster, making sure to use his teeth and lips to her benefit as his tongue worked Telia took her delight in his forced pleasuring of her body. Throwing her head back in bliss, her long virgin white hair cascading down along her naked spine, she cried out her release and worked against him faster. Shivering as she stepped back, her nails tracing down his cheeks to grip at his throat she lowered her head for a moment to lick some of her juices from his lips and smiled as he didn’t snap, merely tried to turn his head from her. “Doing better already boy” her nails creased his fur and flesh as she withdrew and slid her legs around his waist, pushing her cunt down hard on his standing hardness “Now lets see how long it takes you to beg to cum inside this pet.”

With that she began to ride him recklessly, his body shuddering in disgust as hard stone ground against his legs, the chains around his neck jingling with each fervent use of his body by the dark elven seductress. Her slit he could ignore, he could put that out thanks to the training in Erotic Arts he had received in the past……it was the sparks of her magical induced pleasure her tried to fight. Each hard thrust brought another burst of potent magical pleasure, her own pleasure obvious as she rode his cock like nothing else mattered.

Whisper watched quietly as Serosa waved from her position near the house, their plan would go into effect in a moment….and once it started they would try to get inside. As the guards laughed at another story, Serosa slowly opened the gate to Telia’s stables, her firebolt splashing flames against the wall giving her only a moment to leap from the rush of horses that bolted out onto the grounds and made haste towards the gate. “What the holy fuck” came forth in a shout as the guards rushed from their post to try and capture the loose animals, four more poured out of the house and gave their help to the cause, the fear of what Telia would do to each of them for losing even one of the valuable animals the only thing they needed to put everything they had into the work. As the dark elves rushed around the grounds trying to gather ropes and harnesses to capture the horses Whisper and Serosa made their way inside, each one moving faster then they knew possible as the fear of being found by the brutish elves sped them on their way.

Pushing off his body Telia groaned “Mmmm better then I remember boy….and you didn’t beg me once….whatever have you been doing down there in Nanthalion?” she snickered at the thought of him whoring his body out to every woman he met, another reason to put him beneath her heel. Running the palm of her hand against her sex, gathering her nectar and smearing it across his face she turned away once more, bending over deliberately to show off her lush ass while she lifted a small bottle and some tools from the floor. Pushing her hips back, forcing him to kiss her ass, she moaned and laughed out into the stone room, her voice echoing in the closed space as she spun around on her heels and dropped to her knees, liberally pouring the alcohol over his hardness. Pushing his hips back from her groping hand, the sharpness of her nails finding his sensitive flesh he cried out in agony as he was pierced again for her amusement, two mithril bars pushed into the skin along the underside of his cock so she might properly adorn her newest toy, her favored plaything. “Now that this pain has given you time to think tell me boy….do you know why I want you…..despite your sexual prowess you are very important to that which I desire….its come to my attention that the only one who can open this chest is the one who first touched it, in this case you my dear Dante….for it was you who brought this from that cursed cave and gave it to me so willingly.”

“You stupid bitch…..you fucking whorish slut….the only reason I did that was because you used me…your poisonous grip on my life at that time is something I will never forgive and I’ll burn alive before I’ll open that box for you” she let him speak before he would have her hand strike against his cheek again, this time drawing blood from the corner of her lips as she laughed mockingly “Oh you wont do it for little old me…..please Dante……very well I’ll just have to use something else to make you do it….like your girl….how much do you think you can watch before you give in….how much do you think she can take before she forsakes you for what I can provide her with hmmm?”

Reaching the upper floors as Dante’s cries of anguish filled the air, Whisper and Serosa rushed down the long hall to where they had heard his screams. Jerking at the locked handle Whisper nearly tried to ram it down before Serosa’s hand rested upon her shoulder and pulled her back slowly. Kneeling before the door, a long metal strand inserted into the lock, then a second she began her own work, quietly and quickly seducing the lock into doing her will and opening. As the conversation within fell upon Whisper’s ears she hissed her fury at the bitch torturing her love, the slow opening of the door revealing Telia’s naked back kneeled before Dante trailing her nails along his chest. Again Serosa was the first to move, her steps slow and deliberate as she drew a long thin dagger from its sheath and stalked towards the dark elven seductress, Whisper’s angry steps coming behind oddly silent as the sylphs’s natural winds picked up.

Telia rested back onto her heels and watched Dante’s eyes, luckily obscuring his vision as she spoke “It’s a simple matter Dante….open the box and you go free…you escape with your life and your love intact and we can all live happily….if not well” again she intoned the words to give his mind the image of Whisper stretched out before him, dark elves gang raping her body as Telia made certain that she took pleasure in every excrutiating thrust they gave. “Fine” was all he said, all he could say, he wouldn’t see his love put into that place, not for something as foolish as his pride. “Good boy” the caress against his cheek would be the last, the sudden arching of her back and silent scream causing his eyes to widen as Serosa rose up from behind Telia’s body and smiled down at him softly. Slumping over atop him, her frigid blood warming as it spilled from the deep incision the dagger put into the back of her neck Whisper rushed around to hug his tortured form to her own.

Serosa merely watched, her boot dipping beneath Telia’s stomach and kicking her off the catboy before she would go about unlatching the chains from the D rings. “Dante…gods Dante I was so worried….are you ok…..what did that bitch do to you love?” she kissed along his cheek and jawline as Serosa worked him free of the chains, her fingers then dipping into the chain collar placed upon him and tugging at it gently before she cursed “Fucking bitch….its seamless…it wont come off Dante” he shook his head softly, he didn’t care about the collar, he didn’t care about the chains, he only cared for their escape “Fuck it….ill get it taken care of….im alright now but lets not wait around for that to change.” As the chains slumped and clanged against the floor he kisses Whisper shortly and then stood, snatching up his pants and equipment and fitting them on his body slowly. As he turned to take Serosa and Whisper’s hand he smiled a bit, everything hurt, parts of him burned with pain, but none of that could dilute the feeling of being free, of it all being over.

Taking their hands in his he led the two women from his torture chamber and out into the hall, the shaft of light from the cracked door before him peaking his curiosity, he knew that room and he knew it never to be left open or unlocked. Letting Serosa’s hand slip from his grip he pushed at it tenderly, his eyes peeking within to find it void of life, Telia’s decadent inner chamber singing out of riches to be gained for his efforts, one item in particular he would have for all that happened. Moving inside he slid the small and ornately carved metal chest into the pouch on his belt before turning and guiding Whisper from the room, his eyes moving slowly along the hallway “We have to go now…..her guards are like trained dogs, if she dies they go off in a way id rather not see.” Nodding their agreement and telling him of what they had done to keep the guards occupied Dante hurried them thru the home, almost dragging the two in his need to escape the vile place. As strong light met his gaze, the greenhouse hotter then he would have thought from being beneath the beating sun he stopped to pull two dark lilies from her flowerbed and offer them to his rescuers.

With a careful glance thru the outer door he guided his friend and his mate out across the lush lawn and towards the gate, a few words spilling past his and Serosa’s lips before the trio flew off into the morning air and fly off towards her home in the cottage. Once there the two saw to his wounds, Whisper and Serosa’s care of his unconscious and exhausted figure as gentle as possible despite the knowledge that the wounds he carried weren’t easily healed, especially by those who lacked the healing magics required to seal his piercings or remove Telia’s brand upon his stomach. The only comfort that really helped him was the feel of Whisper’s body nestling gently against him as he slept, the warmth of her body and the softness of her kisses.

Days passed as he slept off his exhaustion, his eyes opening with some reluctance two days after his escape to look upon Whisper and Serosa’s smiling tear filled faces. “Serosa….how can I repay you dear…you’ve done so much?” Serosa merely shook her head and smiled as she cried “Just be safe Dante…you would have done all the same for me….that’s what I need in a man, especially here where so many just use me and toss me aside….its you I don’t think I can ever repay. Whisper merely cried as she nestled her head into his neck and hugged him tighter, holding like he had been gone for years and she had found the great love they shared once more. “Alright Serosa….alright….then we are even.” Serosa nodded her head Dante rose with Whisper in his arms, nuzzling her body gently to his own, his piercings barely noticed as her body pressed against them. With the softest of kisses to Serosa’s cheek she walked with them from the cottage and to the edge of town, bidding them both love and farewell before Dante and Whisper departed for their home in the woods of Nanthalion, new thoughts and old wounds fresh in mind…..