Legends of Belariath


The Traitor

It was a shiny day at kocaman ÞehIr one of the greatest tribes of wolvens, everyone was awaiting the birth of ÖnderlIk’s son, a faint cry was heard, and then the great leader of the wolven nation proud showed his son to the world, howls echoed in celebration, a great party occurred, every leader of the others tribes was there to salute the new kid of one of the greatest leader of the wolvens, ÖnderlIk made the impossible he had reunited the wolven nation making them a single force, a striking force no other nation could resist to the wolvens, the Bards and poets called that years as the Age of the wolfs, that was the time when the wolvens ruled Belariath, the humans were quickly beaten by the out numbered wolvens every other race were quickly losing their strength and wolvens were growing stronger, for the wolvens that was the golden age, the age were they could had ruled the entire World. gÜmÜÞ tirmalamak a called by everyone as Silver Claw was ÖnderlIk’s son, still very young learned his place in the world as a true ruler of it, he was like every normal wolven, he raped lots of cat girls, killed many humans and other races and yet to him that was the right thing to do, soon Silver claw was the head of one of the greatest armies of the Wolven nation. To finally rule entire Belariath all they needed to do was crossing the death mountain to reach the Elven empire final fortress, and then Belariath would be forever territory of the Wolvens, The deadly army marched to the base of the mountain, when the night arrived a Wolven camp was set.

General’s tent: a place were many warriors do not dare to enter the place where Silver Claw was having some entertainment, a girl’s cry could be heard inside.

….: I said shut fuck up! If I hear another cry coming from you, your stupid girl I gonna cut you in many pieces!

Cat girl: Nooo! Please I beg you don’t kill me please!

…: Then be a good cat girl and don’t move!

Cat Girl: Y – y – yes...

The cat girl tried her best to not cry no more, she asks herself how that is happening to her a few hours ago her and her friends were playing happily around her town’s well, and in the next minute fire and blood was all the she saw in front of her, she barely survived to now find herself getting raped by a white wolven, she tried, she really tried to not cry but it was too much for her, every second her family death and her friends been slowly killed flashed back to her making her cry even louder then before.

…: that’s it! One thing that piss me off is a crying cat slave. I will set you free!

Cat girl: You will? – After hearing it her hopes started to get back to her again.

…: Of course, here let me help you.

The white wolven smiles and stand his hand to help her gets up, she still a little confused reach and grab his hand and gets up smiling to him. Soon his expression change and he charge up against her, she feels a great pain down in her belly, when she looks down his sword gets out of her body letting a stream of blood gushes out, her eyes in pure tears and the expression Why? When the cat girl finally reaches the ground she hears the last words of her life.

…: see? I promised that would set you free. And I did. Death is the ultimate freedom.

When finally the cat girls die the white wolven lick the blood in the knife, thinking to himself that at least her blood tasted sweet. Coming out of his tent he walks in the direction of one of his warriors and says:

…: next time bring me a cat slave that worth a good fuck, the last one was a total waste.

Wolven warrior: yes general Silver Claw, don’t worry we will send a best one right away.

Silver Claw: good. I will be at my tent, and one more thing, send someone to take that trash that is inside will ya?

Wolven warrior: I will do it right n…

When the warrior was finishing his phrase another one rushing came in front of them.

Wolven warrior 2: general we found something at a cave in the base of the mountain that you must see with your own very eyes.

Silver Claw: What is it anyway?

Wolven warrior 2: even if I tell you general, you wouldn’t believe in me, you must see it.

Silver claw: Ok then lead the way.

In a rush walk both quickly run to the base of the mountain where a huge group of wolvens are united close to a opening in the mountain, soon they past the group and head inside of the cave, strangely each step that they gave less darkness the cave had, after reaching the end of the cave a scene only seen in their wildest dreams was in front of them, a giant floating ship was in front of them around of it where many dead wolvens, silver Claw carefully looked at the ship, it was round and looked like a disc a flying spinning disc, showing no fear Silver Claw reached to touch the spinning disc, when finally his fingers touched the flying ship a huge energy blast hit him and he flew against near wall.

Finally when silver Claw opened his eyes some voices were around him.

ÖnderlIk: Son, at least awake, had me worried you know?

Silver Claw: F- father? What are you doing here? I thought you was in Kocaman ÞehIr.

ÖnderlIk: But I am.

Silver Claw: You are? T- then this means that I am at…

ÖnderlIk: That’s right son you here.

Silver Claw: But how? It’s impossible to travel back here in only one moon, its necessary five suns and five moons to reach here.

ÖnderlIk: son you were asleep for 7 moons and 8 suns.

Silver Claw: That much? And the Flying ship where is it?

ÖnderlIk: don’t worry, its here, after you touch, it stopped flying, the others wolvens grabbed you and they got back hear with the strange thing, since then is in the meeting tent where shamans are trying to figure out what is it, but forget this, son need to rest some more, body is probably tired of all this, tomorrow we talk.

Silver Claw still a little tired, got up and walked to outside of his tent, at his sight many of his slaves where around him waiting for his touch or an order from him, but that not matters to him now, he needed to see that strange disc again, something there was calling him and he need to know what was it, when re reach the meeting tent many guards are around protecting the contents of the tent, while inside the shamans and the great leader are discussing what the strange metal disc his, for Silver Claw surprise the flying disc is twenty times smaller then before and now it can be hold between both hands, as Silver Claw touch it again the flying disc start to spin lively again and in a giant blast of light blinds everyone for a moment, when it stops a big crystal rock is in the middle of the tent, all they look at it, wondering what is it, a distant voice is heard…

…: Release me… Release me…

as the look at the giant crystal they gradually notice something inside, the elders all fall on their knees and say:

Elders: It’s the powerful one! Is Ragnar! The great Ragnar!

Silver Claw: R – r – r – ragnar?!?!? The all powerful God Ragnar?!?

Ragnar: Yes, my child its me, your God now release me from this crystal cage.

Elders: But how o powerful one, how can us simple wolvens and loyal followers release you from your imprisonment?

Ragnar: At many years ago, in a very much past from now I was free and ruled part of the world like all the others Gods, but then Lena the Goddess of Life wished more for this world, and so her wish became true, and life flourished in this world, many life forms were created and quickly populated the world, after that this life forms loved Lena and she grew stronger in power for her followers belief in her, soon all the other Gods wanted to have followers too, and new life forms were created, I too wished to have my followers so I created three species to follow my ways one were the Orcs, the other were the Hobgoblins and finally you my children the Wolvens, you in your way were prized what I wanted to see more in this world… the Death! Death make me stronger and everyday the carnage that my children did, gave me power enough to overcome the Gods, soon I ruled Earth so Nimb and Keenn, The God of chaos and the God of War joined powers with me and we were feared in the land and at the Gods land, nothing could escape from my power, but then Khalmyr the God of justice, joined forces with Lena the goddess of Life, Marah the Goddess of peace e Valkaria the Goddess of Humans, and they in a desperate attempt attacked me in a single strike, I was powerful enough to overcome each God alone, but when they joined powers the subside and defeated me, then fearing that I could regain more power as before, they locked me in this crystal, but they knew that this crystal wasn’t enough to contain me so they sent me to the earth where each one of the Gods created a powerful colored crystal that could release me or trap me forever, at that time I still had some powers left and I made everything to set me free, each God entrusted one crystal to their respective priests to protect that crystal with their very lives to when finally the day when seven stars will unify creating a light beam on a exactly spot in the world, that ray of light can make a God become a mortal. That was their plan if I became a mortal. Death would cease in exist and then their foolish followers would live forever loving their Gods, but as I said before I spent every power that I had to stop that day to come, my followers killed many priests and they were able to gather many of the colored crystals, they used the crystals in this cage letting the powers to set me free, now all what I need are five more of these colored crystals and I will be free to conquer earth again, at the past they noticed my plans to escape from this cursed cage and trapped me inside of that flying disc, saying that only when a Wolven of pure heart touched the disc I would be set free from that damned disc. You my children is the Wolven of the legends.

Silver Claw: But my God, I don’t have a pure heart.

Ragnar: But you do have my children, a pure evil heart. I spent some of my power on that curse too, so would be easy to you come. I spent the least 3.000 years waiting for this very day. Now my children go. Go seek the last five colored crystals. And then I will rule this world again, the first crystal is really close to here, go to the Dark Forest, there you will find Drematur, the high priest of Megalokk the God of the monsters, he have one of the crystal. The Second one is at the Blood Mountains, there you should find Arsenal Master the high priest of Keenn, he will be expecting you, so don’t you dare to attack him, he is the one of ours few allies, Crossing the mountains at the north of here you reach the Desperation desert, there inside a small city of humans you will find Hammaed the high priest of Azgher the God of Sun, the fourth crystal you should find it very close to here at Allihanna forest, Razlen is her High priest and the final crystal is in the Fortress ahead of Death mountain there you should find Tinnlins the high priest of Glórienn one of the goddess of the Elves. Now go my children find these crystals and give me the so much wanted freedom of this cage.

Silver Claw: Right away my God.

Soon the entire Wolven nation spend their time trying to find the crystal mentioned by Ragnar, some were in a far away land and that took many years to get it, in that unfortunatelyÖnderlIk passed away, but the entire wolven nation still had their confidence in Silver Claw, Although the many years of traveling they very quickly acquired the crystals in possession of Drematur, Arsenal Master and Hammaed. But the forces sent to attack the fortress of the elves always failed because of the rough time at the Death mountain many always died for hunger cold and tiredness, the ones that left were always a small army to face the fortress, so they settled that they would first solve the crystal at Allihanna forest and then they would in a single strike force to the elves fortress, but nothing could get inside of Allihanna forest, it had some kind of magic barrier around that none of the shamans or the warrior could break so they once again faced Ragnar.

Silver Claw: Please my God forgive me, but we tried everything and nothing can get inside of Allihanna forest.

Ragnar: I know. I noticed that, but don’t worry my children im not mad at you, why I would be mad of? I know how hard you tried…

A lightening strike twenty of the wolvens around the crystal making them ash.

Ragnar: After all, Ragnar don’t get mad, I kill who fails!!!

Silver Claw: But oh greatest one we mere mortals are not allowed in the holy forest of Allihanna, every time that we tried to get inside my warriors were kicked out by some kind of invisible barrier.

Ragnar: Yes, yes you right, Allihanna was smarter then I thought, but we still have a chance, call Arsenal Master he might have the right tool for this job…

Silver Claw: Yes oh powerful one.

Soon Arsenal Master was summoned, every race heard about him, a war cleric, he alone could kill an entire army of wolvens, nobody knew who he really was but his uncanny power and strength that is something that was told in every tale about him, he was someone that you shouldn’t bump in a dark alley, he too was well know for a great compulsion, the collection of magic weapons, that’s why his name, Arsenal Master, the few that ever saw his collection were completely insane telling about miles and miles of magic weapons and other artifacts, but the truth as that two thing were true about him. One that he collected magic weapons and two that nothing gets on his way when he wanted a new magic artifact. There it was right in front the Crystal was Arsenal Master, Ragnar then started to talk to him in a tone like that he already had met Arsenal before, soon both talked about Allihanna’s magic barrier and any way to pass through. For many hours they discussed about many magic artifacts that Arsenal had, each one with even more power that the other and yet useless for the final target, for days both talked like they had no intention to stop talking about magic weapons, but then…

Ragnar: And what about the Scepter of Tpish?

Arsenal Master: Well it might work but that Scepter ask for a high price in exchange for its use, everyone that use it will have his or her heart changed forever, if the person is a good one it will turn into an evil one, the same will occurs to an evil one, right away it will turn into a good heart one.

Ragnar: But it will brake the magic barrier?

Arsenal Master: Well yes it will.

Ragnar: then say no more, hand over that Scepter to Silver Claw one of my most loyal followers.

Arsenal Master: So be him, well here it is Silver Claw, now pay attention, when you use this Scepter rise him to the air and says: Scepter of Tpish! Open this seal, me your master the one that is holding you wished so. Open I as I say the magic words, Vaderish Merkintun Lamnor! And that will be it the Scepter then will vanish and you be able to take the crystal, but you know the price are you willing to do it?

Silver Claw: but of course every wolven here is only to serve Ragnar.

Arsenal Master: Then what will be will be. That our paths cross in the war that are bound to come!

With this words Arsenal hands over the Scepter of Tpsih and vanishs, feeling a new confidence now that they hold a new weapon Silver Claw and his army walks back to the forest in front of the magic seal Silver Claw, repeat everything that Arsenal once told him to do.

Silver Claw: Scepter of Tpish! Open this seal, me your master the one that is holding you wished so. Open I as I say the magic words, Vaderish Merkintun Lamnor!

After a moment the Scepter starts to glow and a powerful flow of energy spread through the entire forest, soon the Scepter vanish it from Silver hands and he know the meaning of that, in a single voice they enter in the forest killing every life form at their path until they finally find Razlen a fairy the high priest was a puny fairy, silver claw himself slew the fairy and showed with proud the crystal to his followers, as they walked back to show to their god the treasure that they gathered a sense of pure guiltiness invaded Silver Claw, why he kept asking himself why so suddenly he felt so wrong for slaying that fairy, but soon he forgot about that, when they were a few steps to present the crystal to Ragnar, his Crystal cage vanishes leaving no trace to where he could went, at that very moment Arsenal Master, materialize in front of them.

Silver Claw: Where? Where is our great one?

Arsenal Master: The gods noticed what he was doing and feared for his freedom so they sent him to another place safe for now from your grasp, but if you and the rest of your wolvens wants him travel east to Lannestull the magma river there at the shore you will find your God.

In a single force the entire Wolven army headed for Lannestull, each day, Silver Claw got even more confused with his feelings and even more distracted, when they finally reached Lannestull, silver claw was totally insecure not knowing what he really wanted to do. Lannestull was a wide and long river of magma they say that over the other side of the magma rive lived a city of pure gold and only females, but that of course was only a legend, for its size they splintered in many groups so they could cover faster more sides of the shore, when the Sun was setting the finally found the crystal cage, it was at the edge of a cliff there where his god waiting for them, Silver claw came holding the colored crystal and showed to his God, but then…

Silver Claw: No. I can’t do it.

Ragnar: What? How you can’t do it? I’m your God use that damn crystal and release me from this damned cage! I order you!

Silver Claw: But I can’t, please my God understand I’m confused, if I give you this we will march to the last one, this one is at a fortress full of innocent lives.

Ragnar: who cares to them? Listen my child, that damn scepter did this to you, as soon as I get released from here I will get you back to normal, now show me the crystal and release me from this cage.

Silver Claw: I know, but I can’t help it, every second I see the suffer and the pain from so many that will come as soon as I free you from this cage, that I doubt what I really need to do…

Ragnar: My child, do not forget you’re alive because I gave you life, you are only part of this planet because I decide to create you and your race, you should obey me and do what is the right thing to do.

Silver claw after hearing the last part of the phrase nodded with the head and looked to the crystal on his hand, after gathering all his strength he threw the colored crystal the far he could in the magma river, as the same time as Ragnar screamed a big no to him, both looked as the rock flew and quickly sank in the magma river, for Silver Claw that was the right thing to do, but to Ragnar that was his death sentence. A lightning strike hit Silver Claw throwing him on the ground.

Ragnar: You fool!!! How could you do that? That was my only chance to be free and you destroyed! Now you gonna pay!

After the lasts words silver claw got hit by many lightning each one strike him with much power then before, after five of these lightning strikes Ragnar stops letting him breath some and regain some strength to keep on his electric assault but then a idea comes to him.

Ragnar: But of course! That crystal is indestructible, it still inside there, the only thing I must do is summon Arsenal Master and he will take it for me.

…: yes, that could work if wasn’t for us!

A great glow of light appears and three strange character appears, one his a knight in a shiny armor, the other a small girl in a golden dress and a woman in a white tunic.

Ragnar: Well, well, well, if isn’t Khalmyr, Lena and Marah, what are you doing here? As you Khalmyr once told me that was our last meeting and you promised that you wouldn’t interfere with the destiny of the other races, so what are you doing here?

Khalmyr: like you guessed already, we are here to prevent that you not escape.

Ragnar: But you promised!

Khalmyr: The justice is blind Ragnar and that is final.

Ragnar: Nooo!!!

After a huge glow of light everyone had gone Silver claw, the crystal cage and the Gods, after another huge glow, Silver claw falls in a water lake still confused he tries to remember his last act, his betrayal of his own God was still vivid in his mind but so was a great feeling of done the right thing then the voice of Khalmyr is heard…

Khalmyr: Young wolven, you had save the world from the destruction, in exchange we saved your life and healed your wounds, you know live 500 hundreds years from that very day that you threw the crystal in the magma, the wolven nation no longer is wide and now they live in small tribes not trusting the others for them you only a legend, in this time you have a new beginning a new chance to create your own future, for you we only wish the best farewell gÜmÜÞ tirmalamak a…

After hearing this words Silver Claw started to create his new life, soon he found out a Cat village near that lake and in there he made it his place, at first everyone feared him, but everyday they saw what he really was a happy wolven willing to live with them. The head of the Cat village was a wise old cat man that really liked him, and he offered his daughter to marry Silver Claw, honored for his propose he accepted, for weeks that passed by Silver met his bride and it was love at first sight, silver became a farmer as everybody else and showed to his bride Hellana what a real farmer he would be, after a great ceremony both got married, to silver that was his piece of heaven his paradise and at the honey moon…

Hellana: So my beloved husband, why you are called Silver Claw you never told me the reason.

Silver Claw: Its because that’s the meaning of gÜmÜÞ tirmalamak ain the human language, my father decided that was the perfect name for me. After all I was a white ball of fur that scratched his chin when I was a little baby at that very moment he decided that I would be called Silver Claw.

Hellana: So that’s why…

Silver claw: but you know we should discuss about other matters now…

Hellana: Oh yeah? And what matter this should be?

Silver Claw: Come closer and I tell you…

At the next morning…

Hellana: Honey, I think that you name is a bit out of line to you.

Silver claw: So what you suggest?

Hellana: Well… I have something in my mind.

Silver Claw: so tell me what is it?

Hellana: How do I say…

She lean over him and whisper some words in his ear. He then look astonished at her and say:

Silver Claw: you spend one night with me and is already thinking in these?

Hellana: A stop that! Come on tell me how it is?

Silver Claw: well ok the word that you asked me for in the ancient wolven is Çok mIktar Ortabacak.

Hellana: Sok, yes I like the sound of this word from now on I will only call you Sok

Sok: If that’s how you feel about me then it shall be that way, from now on Silver Claw no longer exist, it belongs to a dead past, and now I have a little surprise for you. Here it is.

Sok shows her a ring in gold with a small ruby on it.

Hellana: Silver I mean Sok, its so beautiful, but how?

Sok: When I came to this village I had this sword filled with jewels and gold, I gave the sword to your father as a gift but not before taking some of the gold to make you this ring.

Hellana: Oh sok this is the happiest day of my life I too need to give you a gift.

Sok: You don’t need to give me anything, to me be at your side everyday is the best of all gifts that someone can have in his life.

Hellana hand over to Sok a small pendant rather simple a normal string with a onyx attached at the end.

Hellana: this was from my mother, she gave me short time before she passed away, it always made me remember of her and always gave me the feeling of been safe, but now I don’t need it anymore because I have you my beloved one, so I will give it to you as a memento of our love, from this day and the other that will follow every time that you hold at this pendant you will remember how much I love you and feel safe around you.

Both smile to each other and the party kept on for days.

Two years had passed since Sok’s marriage and now he was close to have his first kid, Hellana was pregnant of seven months, and the healer of the village already had told them that was a boy that was in the way. Sok now forgot everything about been a warrior he was in total peace with him and they never had any troubles there so, all his skills has a warrior were forgotten and as a fully farmer worked everyday together with the others to feed their families, soon it changed when a huge smoke went from the village, all they ran for there in fear for the worst, Sok realized in the last moment that were other Wolvens, his new home was burned to ashes his new friends were killed one by one, and his so beloved wife was raped and killed in front of him, as a final pain the group of wolvens spanked and cut Sok that he barely was standing in the end, the pain was too much to him, he then dies like everybody else, when he reaches the other world in front of him is his beloved wife Hellana waiting with her arms open, when Sok finally reach her another great pain hit his soul and he awake at the burnt village, in front of him only dead bodies and in a final cry he asked why. And a voice then says…

…: Why? Because you deserve it! It’s my gift for you, your traitor!

Sok: Ragnar! Is you I can recognize your voice, come you bastard show yourself come fight me let me kill you once and for all!!!

Ragnar: Fool! You cannot kill a God, and even if you could now its Impossible all because of you, the other Gods now placed me at the God’s land no mortal can reach here, I now shall await for the day that they will turn me into a mortal as you, its impossible to my followers to save me, and tanks to you both of the last colored crystals are far away from the grasp of my followers, right now I could be ruling the entire universe, but because of you now I’m forever trapped at this crystal cage, but even so no life form can escape from me at the end all life form will eventually die, and each death give me more energy to keep going, I no longer can directly interfere with the life forms but I still can make they mortals, and that’s what everyone is, all they will eventually rotten and die, except you! Yes, me as the ruler of the death , I decide who lives and who days, and in exchange for what you did to me you will live forever, to many that’s not a curse is actually a blessing, I would agree with them if wasn’t for a small problem, from now on you cannot die, but you still will feel the pain of the death, if someone cut your head out you gonna feel the pain you gonna look at you beloved ones at the other world and finally you gonna get back here alive again and with no scars or wounds. From now on I curse you to live forever, but that’s not all, from now on every time that some other wolven look right to your face or hear you true name he will know right away that you are the traitor the one that betrayed the entire wolven nation, and they will hunt you, like they are already doing now, I created a special group to hunt you, they just like you they cannot die, but they not feel hunger or get tired something that you get , even if you not meet other wolvens for the rest of eternity this group will hunt you down making you suffering day after day, from now on every time that you fall in love or make a friendship every wolven you will attempt to kill them so from now on your alone at the world. So Silver Claw as my last words I would like to say to you… Have a nice day!

For the years that came Silver Claw ran away from his hunters, but for many times they ended finding him and making slowly deaths coming to him, after a full year of suffering the so awaited help came.

Silver Claw: Argh! No please no more, I can’t take it no more…

Hunter: Don’t cry now, we still have so much stored for you, don’t worry we know a thousand ways to make you suffer and all eternity to try them out

Others Hunters: Bwhuahuahuahuahuahuahahahahaha!!!

Silver Claw: No more, I can’t take no more…

Hunter: Dead already? Don’t worry, you have a twenty minute brake to see your friends and you beloved wife, too bad that take you ten minutes to get there, 1 second to see her and other 10 minutes to get back here, don’t you think?

Silver Claw: Bas... tard…

…: Let him go.

Hunter: What fu…

Before the hunter could even finish his phrase a flame bolt hit him turning him to ash, when the others hunters tried to react the same end happened to them.

…: Can you walk?

Silver Claw: I … think… so.

…: Come let me help you, we don’t have much time soon they will get back to life again.

Silver Claw: How do you know about that?

…: My name is Dax I was sent by Khalmyr to rescue you, so lets talk later and run for now.

Silver Claw: yes…

They ran for the entire night, and for the days that came soon Silver claw and Dax ended as good friends. Silver Claw had forgotten everything about how to be a warrior, so Dax taught him how to be a mage. In one night they set their camp and talked as good friends that they were.

Sok: Dax what you did before you met me?

Dax: Well, you could say that I lived a normal life, actually I had a pretty normal life, I was a healer in a town far away from here, but at the same I followed all the laws of Khalmyr, one day Khalmyr went to me and gave me my powers and told me to help you, and now here I am.

Sok: Sorry for making you into a runner, I didn’t mean to drag anyone to this.

Dax: Don’t worry my friend, I always happy to help, and besides you gave me something, you gave me my belief in Khalmyr, before he went to me I was starting to loose my faith and because of you, now I have it back. But tell me do you pretend to run for you entire eternity?

Sok: No. I want to try to find a solution to this, but none came into my mind, I cant think straight with a bunch of immortal wolvens following each step that I give.

Dax: Tell me about it, these wolvens are a pain in the ass, but you know maybe you have already met the answer, sometimes you talk on your sleep, and I hear you talking about the famous Scepter of Tpish, if you find the scepter you may find freedom to your curse.

Sok: No! I can’t use the scepter, the scepter change your heart, so even if I ask for freedom from this curse, my true self, my real one will awake and innocent blood will flow again, I don’t want that.

Dax: Indeed, if silver Claw awakes again he will do everything in his possession to free Ragnar and again the world will meet the judgment day.

Sok: Must have another way, and some day I will find it.

Dax: Unfortunately you will have to try to find it alone my friend.

Sok: Why? You gonna leave me? You can’t remember what Khalmyr told you, you must help me!

Dax: And my friend with this spell of teleportation I shall help you, I will send you to someplace far from here a place that at least for now, you will be saved.

Dax finish his words spitting blood, so then Sok realizes that a arrow is in his friend stomach, but even before he attempted to help Dax, his body vanish teleporting him to a new place. True he had escaped but he paid a big price for it, he closed his heart to everyone around him so from now on he would never be the responsible for other lives. Today after so many days traveling he find a place to rest, a place that at least for now he will be saved, he look at Hellana memento, holds close to his heart remembering from his master and friend Khalmyr’s teachings and enters in the Lonely Inn hoping that at least for now, he can find some rest to his body and soul…