Legends of Belariath

Morrigan Aensland

This Is What I Think

For Story

This parchment seems to simply turn up in his possession...perhaps it was placed upon him the night he brought her back. Whatever the case, the paper is covered in the flowing script that is unmistakably her own.

”These words are what I feel about you, now...what I think. At one time, you said you loved me. At the moment you brought me back, you said you loved me. There have been so many times you have said, -claimed- you love me....but I still have yet to see the strongest proof of that love. You say you can’t love me fully, because you love others. I say you are a foolish, decrepit man who doesn’t give a damn about those he hurts. You say one thing and do something else. You break my heart, and then tell me you love me. You say you love me, and then go sleep in the arms of some random whore. You say you cannot love me fully, and yet try to make me forgive you for being the way you are. How can I forgive you? -Why- should I forgive you? You have done nothing for me but bring me heartache. You have done nothing for me but bring me pain.

So that is why, now, I shall make it -my- mission, -my- destiny to repay the favor to you. In me, there is no more love for you. All your words, your pretty poetry means -nothing-. You used me, hurt me, and cast me aside at every opportunity. So now, I believe it is my turn. The tables shall be turned upon you. I will repay you..yes, I will. Repay you for all the hurt you brought me. Repay you for all the heartache you forced upon me. Repay you for all the things you did to me that only brought me pain. You have no one to blame but yourself. All I wanted was your love. All of your love. But just like all men you couldn’t be -happy- with the love of just -one- woman. Oh, god forbid. You had to go out and score yourself a bed and a fuck with as many as you could. And to think that you told me you didn’t have much care for women. Pshaw..another lie to tack on to the other dozens that you fed to me. And like a blind, naive fool I believed them.

Well, no longer. I do not love you anymore. I do not need you anymore. You are not my friend, you are not my lover. You are, from this moment onward for as long as it takes, my -goal-. Yes, my goal. The object of my obsessions. I will make you feel the things you made -me- feel. Make you feel the hurt that you inflicted upon me. I will make you suffer the heartache that you gave to me. And, like the twist of that knife which you felt in your ribs last night..I will be there, in your side..a constant thorn. Always present and never to be removed.

Yes, this is my message of hate to you. This is what I think of you. This is what I feel. ...And right now, I feel that it is time you be repaid with interest. So...be prepared, sweet Tophet...for revenge is a dish best served cold. “