Legends of Belariath


Longbow Stalkers - Best Before

*found by azazial during one of her clean ups, this rather interesting poem is written by one she has never heard of before. taking it to Kytara Sung first, she finds Ehlanna and Meiri in the office conversing with Kytara about a map recently found by a fellow student of the magical arts. Handing her the poem, azazial promptly forgets the existence of the poem, more engrossed with the very colourful map before her eyes - the same way Ehlanna and Kytara seem to be. Meiri, however, opens the parchment up and reads the following to herself...*

once was I an optimistic youth simple and unpolished hewn from the stone and earth cleansed by the rain and wind now have I been shown the fires of the Abyss blazes colder than the heart of Kirva and have I become more than a man now am I a true elf

once could I be fooled by foolishness na´ve and gullible because I was innocent easy prey for those who would seek out the trusting but for the grace of the gods was I fortunate and nothing more tragic than broken heart did I suffer yet as years have been dragged before my eyes has the weight of the world pressed upon me the souls of the lost crying out to my ears deafening me until I was forced to act and since that moment was I transformed from mere boy to glorious plateau of adulthood

can I never know the simple joys of a child again until such time I know the wisdom of the ancients my heart will not sing in harmony with the winds for the maelstrom in my chest howls far too loudly have I lost forever the innocent of youth and traded it for a lifetime of pain and knowledge but when do I see the eyes of a child smile at me do I discover it is all worth the sacrifice for even in death will I know the beauty of life and no demon shall ever take that away from my spirit

*when examined later, the writing is suspciously like the writing of another student within the Tower. as the trio go to find this student to inquire about this poem's origins, Zan rushes to face them all, announcing two horses are gone with only a pure silver dagger and a silver coin - both balancing in midair through sorcery - were left behind. while Kytara and Ehlanna follow the Tower's official custodian to this rather interesting display of sorcery (especially as the caster has been gone for over eight hours by this time), Meiri thinks back to a time where she saw this before. when it finally dawns upon her, she slips away to find the evidence she desperately requires to give proof to her personal suspicions.

Entering the former room of the mage who gave his name as Sparkfire, she finds it empty with only a simple unfinished letter to one known as Tayrin Lankshaft on top of his cedar wood desk. comparing the writing with her eyes, she figures the author of this peom is more than likely the "brother" Sparkfire refers to in this letter to Tayrin Lankshaft. Wondering whom Sparkfire really was, especially because of his burgeoning talent in the earth magic, she folds the letter and poem away, keeping them for later perusal...*