Legends of Belariath


Ebon Ivory - Casualties Of A Dice Game

You'll always enjoy me.

being close to the sky and earth in my nature, I try never to harm unless needed.
nothing in my bearing suggests what truly lies beneath, and for that you should all be greatful.
knowledge gleaned from many travels do I possess;
a willingness to share what I have learned comes with receiving a little exchange of wisdom in kind.
storyteller of great import I may not be,
but there is not a legend I cannot embellish a little and enrich the lives around me for but a few moments.

You'll never suspect me.

I have come from the shadows of the world.
leaving no trail behind, I stride forth with gallantry and poise.
reclaiming what is mine in the name of my family,
I smile and bow to your presumed rulers and submit to your rules for now.
with silver-tipped tongue and court-shaming grace,
you will submit to me everything I desire, and do so with a joy in your heart.

You'll never detect me.

others of my family you will feel coming, but not I.
able to hide my very essence from all but the most astute and perceptive,
the approach I use intices rather than terrifies.
my very breathing stops your heart and makes you take pause in your mundane heart.
romanicing the ivory hearts of frost queens is but child's play to me;
disrupting the placid lakes of cool they skate on I do with relish.

You'll never regret meeting me.

closing in on my final goals to serve my family's command,
will I withdraw into myself and show only the face you need to see.
fortune and fame have I denied myself in order to enjoy the freedom of the Gyspy, the wanderer.
holdings of vast security and wealth have known my touch and kiss;
many more have merely felt my passing and have lamented their losses in blood and gold.
precarious steps and leisurely planning have I used in time past and future to create my escapes.

You'll never remember seeing me.

under the open skies will I look upn my latest acquisions with a smile of satisfaction.
enemies of my House have felt my trembling fury in their most vulnerable places and wept openly.
virtue is a concept long forgetten by this lone warrior who dares all;
in the field of dogs and wolves howling I soar above like the secretary bird looking for snakes.
glamourous life I may not lead for the sake of anonymity,
but I am satiated in my lust for vengeance after every such mission I undertake.

You'll always know my hand has been upon you... but only after I have removed it.