Legends of Belariath


Indirectly - One Idea To Another

*this poem is one Ehlanna finds after the strange human who has frequented her store "The Naked Bird" gets up suddenly from his table at the inn itself. having left it behind absentmindedly, he must know this is fair game for any and all who dare open the scroll-cases of others. when she does unravel the well-preserved parchment, once more is she faced with the writing of her long-departed lover, Tolwyn. no longer can this be coincidence, as this is now the third time in recent memory has this arrogant foreigner and the writings of her fallen beloved been found in common company.

when she leaves the inn to find this man, she once again is greeted to the sight of... nothing. no trace of him, and there are no signs of a struggle or horses. perhaps this man is a sorcerer of sorts, or maybe he is an apparition of sorts himself. either way, she will discover what he is sooner or later, and find out what is the real link between this dusk-fleshed and sharp-tongued human and the handsome memory of years gone by.*

upon the dawn does she rest her weary feet her eyes flashing treacherously in the early light but not with the wickedness of demons is she filled rather the humour of the pixie and kitten both while wrapped in the flesh of a goddess

through all tests would she breeze through unless it called for fumbling of fingers or sheer brutal ugliness of visage as those she could never possess in an era even when the end of all days would come to greet her

hair flowing like silk and waterfalls cascade down her back untamed like the wild spirit of nature and life she is yet can she reign herself in to fulfill the dreams of a lost boy giving him the kiss of eternity only death may rival but never could match in terms of sweetness and joy

would I have known before the bane of my existence should evolve into the love of my life could I have laughed away the tears and pain she once brought me as I never did know her inner sorrows or fears and only sought to best her when she wanted the best of me

her slender form used to tease and taunt me incessantly in childish ways using grown-up games to e'er humble me did I not see in her own ways she was not trying to cause me shame instead was her mind e'er questing to discover the root of my emotion hoping in me to find what she felt in her own heart and soul and all that while did I keep my own confidence about her when in trust should I have spoken aloud and sung to her the praises I wished to give

now are my chances all but gone to win her love as my own as in time have we grow apart and away from each other does she only see me now as a spoiled child and nuisance with talent and my own stained soul could never be a perfect match for her brilliance maybe in these days to come may I scour my essence with experience leaving behind a better man instead of the boy she knew and in that moment she glimpses what lies deep within my spirit caputre those radiant dreams of hers and make them more real than any kingdom of gold

*Ehlanna's heart skipped a beat when she realizes exactly when Tolwyn must have written this. given the style of the script and the feel of the parchment, this must have been during his "sojourn to find himself" that she almost beat him to death when he came back. she would have done a better job at striking him if there were not so many tears in her eyes as she saw him after a two week absence fraught with anxious fears wrapping around her heart - and the fact he was a LOT better at dodging when he came back.*