Legends of Belariath


Unclean - Obsessions

*found by Prydain and Boudicea while going through a ruined arena far north of the Tower of Unigo.*

what i want
is for him to know me
for my scales to cover him
heat from his body warming me
stroking my heart into submission
stoking my fires into conflagration
freeing my soul from eternal darkness
his presence casting sunlight upon me

what I want
is world without end
borders removed from wings my own
and cages melted down to staves
manacles to be at my bidding
with collar of diamond in my hand

what I want
is for my claws to rake his skin
his Tul tattoos signifying the earth
the Great Mother blessing his flesh
while my nostrils take in his scent
so powerful as to be essence itself
intoxicating me most effortlessly
drawing my heart into his woven trap
even as my coils keep him occupied

what I want
something I should not desire
a life to steal and keep as my own
a pet of sense and stamina for my pleasure
with hair closely cropped on sides
revealing perfectly tanned skin
all of it sweating in my lair
and sweat beautifully salty to taste

what I want
hard muscles rippling underneath scales
leather armor tearing free with my efforts
like savage silk does it come loose
showing off strong chest
making my mouth water
as tears flow from eyes lost in fantasy

what I want
fingertips to drizzle down his throat
hear him whisper my name in awe
knowing his mind and soul are mine
caressing him with upper body of woman
breasts softly crushing against his strength
nipples hard as they rub his ruggedness
exciting me farther than ever before

what I want
are my arms to squeeze his hips
firm and dominating thighs against my own
coils slowly shifting down his legs
beads of sweat over my scales
from his skin
from his fear
from his rage
from his lust
comes the power

what I want
is the fire of his loins
beginning their release
clawing at my hips
fingers against my thighs
strong legs around my torso
forcing me down
tolling bells of passion
tongue against my throat
teeth against my flesh

what I want
his scent raping my body
his chest against mine
his heat fueling my thoughts
clothes becoming no more than rags
morality shredded the same
only thing left is two
two slowly to one
one into passion incarnate
breathing in
screaming out
savoring naught but him
like meat to a wolf
honey to a bear

what I want
my tears to be of joy
skin bruised by his roughness
tail wrapped around his legs
watching him from below
feeling his dominance
enraptured by his very soul
thrusts into my centre like daggers
cutting away reality like a sword
leaving only erotic auras behind

what I want
for him to be my whore
for me to be his slut
chains of blood and fire
blankets of woven silk
no escape for me
no recourse for him
but within each other
for this one night
and two days
buried in his fantasy
accepting his ascension
leaving my words behind
only my actions speak
and shrieks of ecstasy rain down
coating us both in his blessedness

what I want
is what I cannot have

what I want
is what I shall take
no matter what it takes

what I want
is to know him...
...even if it kills us both