Legends of Belariath


Remember - Love Of A Lifetime part I

Ehlanna was sitting alone in the weapons shop inside of the town close to The Lonely Inn. It had been a very busy morning, what with the dark elf Ichilandar's return and purchase of enough weapons to load down a minotaur. The one man had managed to have the entire staff dancing to his beat - Ehlanna included. Taking almost all of the morning to virtually clean out the store of many of its small armaments, the brave little Kitty had enquired as to what the huge purchase was for. As the entire staff held their breath as the towering Dark Elf weaponsmaster glared at the diminuitive but unafraid catgirl, he merely replied calmly, "I have something to finish in Story's name." With that, he dropped down three egg-sized rare gemstones not found on the second continent of Belariath, as well as a sack (not a satchel, but a full-fledged head-sized bag) of Mehrials for the staff to count through. Leaving, he called out to Ehlanna that "I have a night or three to make memorable to a few people!"

This drew Ehlanna to a place she never thought one of the dark elves would ever cast her in again without magic or fighting involved - remembering her first love Tolwyn. After the money had been counted, and it had been accurately calculated the dark elf had in fact overpayed the store to the tune of one thousand Mehrials, Ehlanna sent her staff away with a fifty Mehrial bonus, provided they did not come back to the store before sundown. Wanting to be alone, she even shrugged off the wolven Shadow's concern, turning to him with a look of angry and sorrow he knew afflicted her rarely but deeply. Bowing one to her, he left in silence and locked the doors to the weapons shop behind him. Now was she alone, and now could she feel her pain and heartache in peace and quiet.

While burying herself in reverie of days long past, a knock came to the door. Not one of a timid youth buying their first sword that was not owned by their mother, nor the forceful hammering of a certain deceased sorcerer-assassin. This was not as angry, but almost in annoyance as obviously they knew she was inside and was not coming to the door on her own accounts. When the sylvan elf heard the door unlock itself, however, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Reaching for her enchanted blade, she rose only to find the figure entering the store was another tower of flesh and bone, almost as dark as the Dark Elves yet completely human features. His scowl at her reminded her of the various teachers she had known, regardless of what they sought to instruct her in. That look was almost mandatory for any sentient creature to become an educator on Belariath: it was universally feared by those in your classes. Staring at the much taller human, Ehlanna sought to speak only for the ivory-locked human to toss at her five scrolls.

"These will only open for Ehlanna Orcsbane-Lifesaviour, daughter of Gwyddion, sister to Andara. Anyone else will be left trying in vain to lift the seals upon them. If you are not the elf in question, do not bother trying. Destroying the scrolls will only cause them to reform in my possession and trying to find whomever this runt is again. And after I find her, I will kill you for making me do this twice. Stupid blood-scolding elves..."

Leaving as swiftly as he arrived, Ehlanna was left to sputtering angrily and indignantly. How dare this human call her a runt! Even worse, he threatened to kill her if she did as she felt like with something he threw at her? This could not be stood for. As she opened the door to the shop, there was no sign of the towering human anywhere - not even footprints. Someone that tall could not have gotten far, but where would he have gone then? Leaving that mystery to be solved another day, she went back inside and looked at the scrolls. Recognizing the seal upon them, she make sure to close all the doors and relock them, not wanting to be disturbed again. Especially as the scrolls all bore the seal of the Eynuiazoe family - Tolwyn's family. This was too coincidental to be left alone. What could possibly be in these scrolls that Hylera would have sealed them up and given them to a -human- of all things as a courier? And since when did humans go to Desreniel Falaris so often to have heard her be called Lifesaviour? Only Tolwyn and some of his friends had called her that after diving into a fast-running river to save a drowning wolf cub. The moment the sylvan elf opened the first scroll however, all those thoughts competely disappeard when she read the first words on the page, in a script which she had not seen for over three decades...


First Glance


Today have I seen the rest of my life... and she is a few inches shorter than me.

I met Ehlanna for the first time today, and my mother could not be more pleased. She is a decade older than I am, and intelligent. I would never call her a genius, because I know my older sister is at least ten times smarter than she is. Of course, my older sister is one hundred and ten, and Ehlanna is just sixty years old. Still, I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot more of Ehlanna and her sister, Andara. Well, not really "a lot," as I am taller than both of them.

My mother, Hylera, said that I have to be nice to them, even though they are girls. Supposedly, my mother has it in her head that I, my friend Tzlor`kythnayn, Andara, and Ehlanna will become great friends and partners in the Brethren of the Emerald Glade.

I do not know why my mother thinks I will want to become a ranger and forest guardian. There are so many more exciting things to do than walk around the bland old forest all the time. Many of the sylvan elves in the village want their children to become rangers or clerics of Gaea, druids or farmers. Most of my peers are perfectly fine with that idea, so they can carry on the "tradition of their parents and their parents before them."


What my mother does not know will not get me in trouble, I always say. I have not told her about my want to become a terrific sorcerer and knock gargoyles out of the sky like flies yet. I have a feeling she will not be really into that idea. She does not trust magic all that much. Ever since what happened to my uncle out close to the floating continent, I do not think she ever wants to hear about magic ever again. I know I would be smarter than Etrnivion though, as I have no intentions about trying to tap

into the "lifeforce of Belariath" in order to cast a ritual meant to grow leaves from dead trees. That was stupid, and he knew it. At least he did not die though, so it could have been worse. Instead, he's green from head to toe and speaks in tongues only nymphs and dryads understand.

I cannot say that going to learning periods and lectures with Andara and Ehlanna is a bad thing, as they are kind of nice - for girls. Wait, they are no longer "girls," they are "young women" according to my mother.