Legends of Belariath


Character: Story/Tophet

Story (or Tophet as he is sometimes known as) off of Belariath is a far different man than the one many who frequented The Lonely Inn ever knew. Born on Faerun somewhere close to the Sea of Fallen Stars (as far as anyone may guess), he was raised as an orphan by an unknown sect of priests - presumeably the ones he gained his ability to read from. His youth is rather undocumented, but according to many he was always unusally bright, and able to surpass his magic teachers within moments of learning a new spell - except in the department of fire. For some strange reason, a curse put on him by one of the various gods of Faerun disallowed him the use of pyromancy, but his cryomantic abilities were virtually limitless. His creative mind has allowed him to revise spells on the spot, even in the middle of casting, to achieve a far more grand effect. His dealings with demons, devils, and other such fantastic beings have let some to believe he is fated for grand things. Of course, when you are able to argue with a dragon in the same tongue they are using, that in itself is a "grand thing," indeed...