Legends of Belariath


Character: Syune

Syune is the Golden Dragon Goddess of Light and Goodness. Her following is mainly on the first continent of Belariath, in an area known as the Kingdom of Starfire Pass. Her legend has carried across the three known continents and even to the floating island known as Oceana. The goddess Syune has never struck down a mortal in callous disregard, nor has rent their souls screaming from their bodies to pleasure her ears. A naturally gentle soul, her allies have been Eveshkha - the Goddess of Music, the mysterious and nameless Lost Goddess, as well as the powerful spirit-demon Otnorot The Vengeful. None has ever figured out how that alliance ever came about, yet Otnorot refuses to speak of it, always finishing off with "she do I owe debt which may never be repaid."