Legends of Belariath


Character: Tayrin Lankshaft

Tayrin Lankshaft comes from a large family of high elves. A member of the Vermillion Brigadeers (a loosely knot organization of high elves and their allies who dispense justice through the more rural areas of Belariath's second continent,) he stalks the evils of Belariath and slays them indiscriminately. Not known for rape or plunder, Tayrin's only vice comes with his rather inflexible look upon life. That... and he is mildly racist. His arrows are the only things he knows that bend less than he, and he is working on having a more "iron spine" when it comes to bringing in random marauders and fiends. Having never faced the most dangerous criminal to high elves ever known - the sorcerer known as Story (or Tophet) - due to being not powerful enough, he wishes to increase his abilities until he can stand toe-to-toe with a dragon by himself.