Legends of Belariath


Ebon Ivory - Wyoming Featherbeds

need I say more?
or have my actions spoken for me?
reputation incredulous preceeds me,
and well I have earned it.
the silence during the lapse deafens,
then does it beckon,
and so can I reckon
there must be a question.
perserverence exceeds the torment
and my muted inquiry is answered.
banshee wails echo within this dank cavern.
heedless of danger,
shall this pupil of pugilism follow.
my soul tires,
and my words flow from my betraying tongue -
a prayer to whatever dare listen.
quivering thoughts escape into verse
while the mists mock me.
annoint Your Chosen few now
lest steel and shaft find them first,
sending them into a nightmarish abyss
worse than even my thoughts could recreate.
make way for Your nemesis
for my patience with You wanes.
call out my name in horror and rage -
this ill-wind of challenge shall summon Death for You.