Legends of Belariath


Neko for Reeve

Naidra had gotten the news from town that the Reeve election was over and that the results were in. She made her way to the voting booth and called over one of the guards. Pulling the man to the side she asked him who had won. He pointed her to the parchment nailed to the wall of the voting booth. Reading the announcement her lips spread in a smile it read "Nanthalions new Reeve Neko Nightstalker" Thrilled she handed the guard a few coins for the good news then went off to plan a surprise for her mate. The Reeve's office was still hers till she passed over the keys and she planned to make that exchange a memorable one.

She spent the day shopping at the Apothecary she purchased candles and oils giggling with the clerk when she mentioned what she had planned. Next she made her way to the Naked Bird and bought an outfit to surely please the man in her life to remind him why he took her as his mate. Once she had her outfit and the stuff from the Apothecary she went home to the keep to get ready and finish packing up her surprise. She had her slave draw her bath making sure the girl added scented oils, her own special blend she had made regularly from the Apothecary.

The slave girl put out towels and helped her mistress undress. While her Mistress sank into the hot scented water the girl took out the shampoo

"Shall I wash your hair Mistress?" she asked softly placing a towel on the ground by the tub and kneeling down on it.

"That would be wonderful dear" Naidra purred sinking down in the hot water to wet her hair.

The oils clung to her skin making the water bead on her breasts as she reclined back and rested her head against the edge of the tub letting her long damp locks hang over the edge so her slave could lather them up. Her eyes closed her thoughts drifting off to her plans, a soft smile played on her lips. She purred softly as the slave girl ran her fingers through those long thick wavy locks lathering them up from the tips to her scalp. She sat forward her head leaned back as the slave girl took a pitcher of fresh water and rinsed the kittens hair. Once her hair was clean the slave girl worked in a conditioner through those long tresses letting it sit for a moment while Naidra relaxed back and sipped wine from the glass the girl gave her.

"Set out the clothes I bought and my perfume then come back and help me rinse my hair darling." she said to the girl while she enjoyed her bath setting the glass down and picking up the soap.

She lathered the washcloth up and washed her body then relaxed back into the oil scented bath letting the oils scent her skin leaving it glistening so that she seemed to almost glow. The girl came back later and raised Naidra's hair offering her a towel as she got out of the bath. She wrapped the towel around her hair, and another handed to her for her body. The second towel secured in place she went to her and Neko's room and sat before the mirror at her vanity. The slave girl picked up the brush while Naidra undid her hair from the towel. She sat there with only a towel wrapped around her curvy form while the slave brushed through her hair then braided it into intricate braids pinning them into place with gem crested pins and let the majority of those long locks fall into soft black curls. Naidra thanked the girl giving her instructions of what to pack for her mistress.

Naidra went to the bed pulling on the outfit she bought for her mate. First she pulled on the crotchless panties made of the finest spidersilk, followed by the garter belt made of black silk. A pair of stockings sheer and black slid up her legs with careful precision before she attached them to the clips of the garter belt. She stood and reached for the corset. It was black with red ribbons pulling it tightly around her and lacing the black laces up tying them in place as the fabric squeezed around her breasts, clenching the laces tight so that her large breasts pushed up almost begging to be touched. Finally she slipped on a robe of black silk, soft and delicate, tying it tight around her slender waist. After slipping into her heels she went down stairs to collect the basket that she had the slave girl put together for her. Then made her way out of the Keep and headed to the reeves office.

Naidra unlocked the door of the office then went to the desk. She had made sure the office was clean and the bar restocked as well the parchment, ink quills, all ready for her replacement in hopes her mate would win. She placed the basket on the desk and looked at the dire roaring in the fireplace. With a smile on her lips she moved around the room placing the candles she had bought and lighting them with a little twig she had taken from the fireplace. Once the room was lit in a soft glowing light she finished unpacking the basket. A bottle of wine and two glasses were placed on the corner of the desk. Next to the wine she added a bowl of sweetened cream and a bowl of fruits that had been dipped in chocolate. She knew her love preferred meat but she thought he would enjoy this all the same. She pulled out a bottle of oil and placed it on the desk the amber liquid looked like liquid fire in the soft firelight. She stood back and looked around the room taking out the last treat she had in the basket and placing it on the desk, a little white box that contained two chocolates specially made and filled with a sweet cream mixed with Duessa's touch. Once she was ready she sent a fae to her love with a message for him to meet her at the office. Now all she could do was wait for him.

She took a seat in the chair behind the desk this would be her last time sitting here as the official Reeve of Nanthalion. Running her fingers over the wood of the desk she smiled. Lost in her thoughts she didn't realize how much time had passed till she heard the door and looked up to see her mate stepping into the office. Neko stood in the door looking at the woman he loved remembering then way he made her his mate.

"Hello love you called for me." He purred as he moved into the room perking a brow at the lighting but not stopping till he pulled her out of the chair and into his arms kissing her deeply and thoroughly.

She kissed him back moaning a soft sound of pleasure against his lips "Yes my love I thought we could celebrate"

"Celebrate? What are we celebrating?" he asked her softly his hands moving over the soft silks of the robe.

"You won my love you’re the one that will be taking over my office love your the new Reeve and these love are yours" she said pulling a set of keys on a silver ring from her pocket and putting them in his hand. He smiled at her perking a brow again "So you called me here to give me a set of keys?" he teased knowing full well that wasn’t her intent.

"No my love I called you here to help you celebrate your victory" She said as she pulled from his arms "I have had the office cleaned and stocked for you and now it is time for us to celebrate your victory" she poured out two glasses of wine handing him one as he took a seat in his chair keeping the other herself.

"So tell me love why are you in a robe?" he asked her then took a sip of the blood wine she had poured into a glass for him.

"Oh now this is part of your surprise" she purred teasing him as she set the glass down on the desk and stepped back her heels clicking on the floor.

Slowly her hand moved to the silk tie that held the robe in place while her other hand was making sure to hold the silk together as she pulled the tie open and tossed it to the floor. She made sure his eyes were focused on her as slowly she pulled the robe off her bare shoulders wiggling a bit so it shimmed down her arms. He could see the stockings she was wearing but as of yet had no clue what was hidden under that thin bit of black silk. Slowly she opened the robe letting it drop to the floor so she stood before him in the low romantic light a vision of beauty. Her long dark hair fell down around her hips save for the front, that was braided and pinned back. The black satin and lace corset trimmed in blood red ribbon framed her slender waist and her large breasts. These creamy white mounds pushed up and together almost begging to be kissed and caressed. As he would look down past the corset to the garter and stockings, that ended in a pair of black heels, he would see the barest glimpse of her soft folds framed in silk easily accessible for his hand or mouth should he long to touch her.

"Well what do you think my love?" she asked him softly a smile on her lips as she turned around letting him see her ass barely covered in that small bit of silk while she glanced at him over her shoulder.

"Absolutely stunning my mate gods you would take anyone’s breathe away dressed like that with that look in your eyes" he purred his voice almost a soft growl letting her know the sight of her turned him on.

"Oh? Just what look would that be?" she teased him knowing the heat that reflected in her eyes. That lustful yearning that told him without a word she wanted him, desired him, longed to have his body pressed against hers."Oh you know what look I mean that same look you get in your eyes when I let you indulge in your treats" he teased her back. Still sitting in the chair he called her to him with a beckoning of his finger "I want you in my lap love I want to kiss my mate and feel her soft skin against me"

She couldn’t resist his call and like a moth to the flame she came to him taking slow flirtatious steps towards him till she was close enough he reached out and pulled her to his lap. His lips covered hers instantly kissing her long and deep. Her lips lingered on his parting slightly offering him the chance to deepen the kiss. He didn’t deny her and deepened the kiss he did letting his tongue dance with hers as his hand gripped her body pulling her closer to him. They pulled back from that passionate kiss only with the need to breath. Neko smiled at her as he pulled her close "You put a lot of planning into this didn't you my sweet."She nodded and smiled "Of course I did I wanted this day to be special for you it is not everyday my mate become the Reeve" she said softly.

"And just what would you have done if I hadn't won?" he asked. "Oh well that is simple if you hadn't won you would be at home with me in our bed thrusting into your mate while whoever did win would get a fae with the keys in an envelope and a letter that read enjoy the office." She told him a giggle of laughter in her words.

He pulled her close again and kissed down her neck as she tilted her head to the side and moaned for him. "I am a lucky man to have such a thoughtful and beautiful mate such as you." He said between soft kisses he placed on her neck. She could only purr contently as he teased her body. His hand moved over the sheer softness of her stockings, his hand moving higher and higher as her thighs spread for him. His fingers brushed higher over the edge of the silk of her panties. She felt his surprise and his chuckle as his fingers brushed the bare flesh of her sex."Now this is a surprise." he purred.

"I thought you might like those since you love to fuck your mate in panties so often now you can do that and not have to hold them to the side so your hands are free for other things." She said as she spread her legs wider letting him explore as he wished. His fingers spread her folds running up and down the length of her slit as he teased her."So what else do you have here love?" he asked as he looked over the table taking note of the sweet cream and berries, the oil and the little white box "What's in the box?"He asked.

She sighed softly her body growing wet as he teased her and she fought the urge not to wiggle too much in his lap "Those are special chocolates like we had at our wedding."She told him her voice growing breathy under his attentions."Is that so, well the love why don't you eat one and so will I and I will show you what naughty thoughts have crossed my mind." He told her as he reached for the box with his free hand opening it and pulling out a chocolate that he pressed to her lips feeding her the sweet morsel before he would take the other and eat it himself knowing what to expect.

"Up on the desk love I want you on all fours." He told her and moved his hand from her sex while he waited for her to comply "From this point on love I will be your master and you my sweet pet will do as I say." He growled in her ear knowing that rumble in his chest would turn her on all the more. She moved to the desk following his given order without hesitation "Yes master." She purred going to her hands and knees with her face towards the fireplace and her ass facing him. She looked over her shoulder at him and bit her lips when she saw him reaching for the bowl of sweetened cream.

"You know my love I know how sweet your pussy is but I think we are going to sweeten you up a little more so I can truly enjoy my celebration but you’re not allowed to cum without my permission do you understand me my pet?" He asked her."Yes Master." She purred knowing full well she was in for some delicious torment that would have her begging him to bring her before long. The drugged candy was already working its way into her system she knew this because the feel of his breath on her exposed sex was sending a shiver down her spine.

He picked up the bowl of cream still chilled and, dipping two fingers into the bowl as he leaned forward in his chair and blew hot breath over her sex chuckling as he watched her shiver again. Those cream covered fingers came up and moved down her soft folds then spreading her wide with his other hand while dipping his fingers again he smeared more of that sweet cream over her slit paying close attention to her clit enjoying the gasp he got from her as the cold cream met her skin. His fingers traced slow circles over that bundle of nerves making her wiggle involuntarily. The change from his hot breath to the cold cream tightened her body and she moaned. He put the bowl down pushing it to the side its purpose done.

"Want me to warm up that sweet pussy of yours love?" He asked her before he sucked his fingers clean.

She nodded "Yes master." She purred "Please" the cold made her shiver but the thought of him licking her clean warming her back up is what brought her teeth down to bite on her bottom lip.

He smiled knowing what she wanted but he had other ideas first. He leaned forward his breath on her skin. A nibble given to the back inside part of her right thigh then gave a smack to her ass just to watch those round cheeks pink up to a soft rose color and jiggle slightly "Did that warm you up love?" He asked her.

She gasped having thought he was going to lick along her need filled center that smack caught her off guard. The heat from where his hand connected did indeed heat up her skin she could feel the way her bottom throbbed in the shape of his hand. Her skin burned from the contact his hand had made the feeling intensified by the duessa's touch that ran through her body. He chose while she was still reeling from the smack he had given her ass to run his hot wet tongue down the line of her slit. Her back bowed the sensation deliciously intense and unexpected. She he been waiting for him to smack her backside again but the feel of his tongue tracing over her fold licking the cream from her skin brought a low moan from deep in her throat. She gripped the edge of the desk holding herself in places as he pushed closer against her, licking over every inch of her heated core.

He savored the way she reacted, first to the pain he offered and then the pleasure as his tongue licked over her. His lips sealed around her clit and sucked gently. She tasted so sweet not only the cream but that sweetness that was all her own bloomed over his tongue as he tasted every inch of her. Long slow licks given from the top of her sex to her opening where he pushed his tongue deep inside her licking along her walls relishing in the way she moaned and pushed back against him. His hands came up claiming her hips holding her in place while he had his way with her. Her thighs spread wider offering herself to him like a favored dessert for his eating pleasure. The cream long gone from her skin but he didn't need that added sweetness to make her taste like a rare delicacy. Just as he was her favorite treat she was his as well and he intended to enjoy the taste of her while he had her playing his willing pet. They were celebrating not only his accomplishments but their love as well for having come so far from the troublesome start of when they first met to the undeniable trust that had in each other now.

She wiggled with each stroke of his tongue over her most sensitive of parts. Moaning out in pure pleasure as he toyed with her clit then pushed his tongue inside her licking every inch he could reach. When his hands moved to hold her in place her body tightened knowing he would keep her in place and do as he wanted. Pleasure sweet and heavy built in the center of her body growing with each lick he gave her.

He started to purr then growled sending those vibrations straight through her. Loving the way her back arched and her spine bent when the growl rolled over her skin. Her moans were like sweet music to him that soon had his cock aching to be free of his pants and pressed deep inside her. He went back to sucking on her clit, nibbling as he pulled that bundle of nerves between his lips knowing that in this state pain and pleasure blended into one for her and the extra stimulation would drive her wild. He wanted her to beg, to her call him master and beg for him to let her cum. Growling again while he sucked on her clit he knew she was close her hips moved against his hands and only his strength kept her firmly in place.

She fought against her natural reaction to grind her hips back against him to feel his face buried in her sex, his breath hot and his mouth hotter sealed against her slit. Moans of pleasure poured from her lips her breathing long since deepened soon turned to heavy needful pants. "Oh gods Master please let me cum." She begged him her every breath coming out in a moaning chorus of need and desire.

He shook his head not ready to give her release just yet. Growling again and sucking harder he pushed her closer and closer to the edge till he knew she couldn’t hold back much longer and he wanted to taste the sweet flavor of his mate on his tongue filling his mouth as he would lick her clean.

She whimpered holding that pleasure back with effort each growl indeed pushing her closer to the edge. She thought she would bust with her need to cum then she heard him his muffled command against her flesh. His tongue played down her slit dipping into her opening again as her orgasm flowed over her. She felt his moan against her flesh licking the sweet slick taste of her as she writhed in his hold her head tossed back, her back bowed in a deep arch and her voice rang out in pure unfiltered pleasure. The intensity of that pleasure rocked her body to her very core leaving her heaving for breath when he finally pulled back from her and licked his lips...

"So good" He purred while she tried to regain some semblance of thought. He let her rest using the time while he came down from the pleasure to strip his clothes off making a pile of them on the side of the desk "I want you on your knees my pet I want to feel those lips wrapped around me."

She turned looking at him and the sight alone tightened her body giving her an aftershock of pleasure the shook her form. His cock hard and ready rested in his hand while he stroked it knowing she was watching him. She slipped off the desk to her knees before him watching his hand move ideally up and down his thick hard shaft. She couldn't deny him and wouldn't have if she could. She wanted to feel him hard and thick sliding between her lips just as much as he did. Her hand moved up as his thighs spread, so she could nuzzle between them, her fingers wrapping around him replacing the hold he had with her own. She looked up at him and leaned forward letting him watch the heat in her eyes as she toyed with her tongue over his piercing. Circling that bulbous tip with the tip of her tongue before her lips wrapped around him and she pushed her mouth over him feeling his hard cock slide past her lips over her tongue and push against the back of her throat. Her eyes closed savoring the feel of his hard and perfect cock between her lips.

Her long black hair brushed over his thighs. She moved her hand up to caress the skin between his cock and balls the other hand on his hip. She teased his balls with her thumb knowing he liked to have his balls cupped and played with while she sucked his cock but she didn’t want to give him all he wanted too soon so she teased him, her mouth pushing down sealing her lips against his body.

He moaned his eyes closing as her mouth sealed over his cock. He loved the way her hot mouth sealed around him her tongue swirling over his shaft while she moved lower taking him deeper till his tip pushed against the back of her throat. He could feel her relaxing those muscles in her neck so she could push down that last extra inch and press her lips to his body. Neko's hand came up and he caressed her hair "Gods yes love that's what I want." He purred a groan on his lips. He felt her pull back taking her mouth off him. Her tongue found the base of his cock. She pressed her tongue flat against him licking slowly up the sensitive underside of his shaft then pulling back so the tip of her tongue stroked up and down over that large vein that traced his length. He fought the urge to push her back over him but he knew she liked to have her fun and savor every inch of him and he had to admit it felt good how thoroughly she paid attention to every inch of his cock.

She teased and played with him then her desire won out over her urge to tease and she took him back in her mouth again letting him feel the way her lips sealed around him, and her tongue played over his flesh. Her hand moved coming closer to his balls taking his heavy sac and cradling it in her palm while her mouth moved up and down starting to bob in his lap. She moved her other hand to wrap around the base of his cock stroking it while her mouth paid attention to his head, sucking and teasing, her eyes on him. She wanted him to cum to fill her mouth. He could tell by the look in her eyes she was hungry for him. She wanted his taste and so much more. Her hand squeezed the base of his cock sliding up and down that slick shaft. Her mouth was doing the same for the first three inches of his length working in unison to offer him as much pleasure as possible. She moaned over his skin letting him know from that vibration that rolled over him how much she was enjoying her treat. Her hand soon moved from his cock to his hip while she took him fully in her mouth again stroking him with her moist hot mouth, her lips sealed tight adding to the suction she offered.

His pleasure grew with every pull of her mouth. The drugged candy having kicked his sensations up a notch so that the simple pulls of her mouth felt amazing and the longer harder ones almost pushed him over the edge. He held back as long as he could letting her take all the pleasure she could get as well as him from her enjoying her treat. His balls tightened in her hand pulling up against his body as he got ready to fill her mouth with his seed. His hips jerked up thrusting into her mouth his hand tangling in her long curl pushing her mouth over him as deep as she could take him then pulling her back up with a tug on her hair "Oh gods' I am going to cum..... “He cried out his hips thrusting up, his cock twitching as it jumped over her tongue, and rope after rope of cum filled her mouth and shot down her throat. He held her mouth over him filling her up feeling her throat tighten around his tip as she swallowed quickly to drink him all down. Soon as she sucked the last drop from him his hand loosened and he let her bring him down off the peak of his pleasure letting her suck him hard again for the next part of their celebration.

Naidra continued to suck moaning her pleasure after milking him for every drop she could get she felt him start to go soft then harden again under the expert skill of her mouth and tongue. She pulled her mouth free of him with a loud pop. A soft smile on her lips as she licked them clean, her eyes finding his. She stood before him and his hand reached out and grabbed her upper thigh, pulling her to him and placing her legs over his so she straddled his lap. Neko's hand moved to her corset undoing the laces slowly. A growl rumbling in his chest as her breast bared for him. He looked up at her, wickedness in his eyes "My turn again." He purred his head dipping to capture her breast, his tongue teasing her nipple. His warm breath sent shivers down her spine and she moaned for him. She felt the moisture between her legs so wet and ready from their earlier play and his teasing touch on her body. His hand moved down her stomach and between her legs. His fingers parted her fleshy lips, sought out and circled her bud "So wet love." He whispered against her breast.

Naidra felt that pressure beginning to build again as another finger slid over her slit and found her opening pushing deep inside her. Another moan spilled from her lips. Her hips rocking forward as his finger started its own circling inside her matching the circling of his thumb on her clit. She was almost dizzy with the sensations of his movements. Neko had a way of making her feel more then she had ever felt before. She closed her eyes and then the sensations overcame her body. Her hands moving to his shoulders as she gave herself to him. He knew how to make her body respond to his love. She wanted, needed to make him feel the same. To show him their love was deeper than anything else in the world. She opened her eyes and saw Neko watching her face.

"You're so beautiful." he said

"Love me." she begged him in a whispering breath pushing her hips down seeking more than just the hand he teased her with. He slid his hand away from her, grabbing hold of her one butt cheek in each hand and lifting her to the desk. He lifted from the chair his cock hard and ready as he took it in his hand and teased the tip over her slit. His other hand was pushing her back gently forcing her to lay back. Using his own body to keep her legs spread wide he pushed the tip of his cock against her opening, teasing her but not entering her yet.

"Tell me again" he said with that same wicked look on his face. She looked down the line of her body at him. The sight of him hard and ready had her body begging for him to fill her. "Tell you what my love." The master part of this game had slipped away in their passions. He pushed his cock inside her but an inch teasing her even further knowing from the heat in her eyes she needed, wanted him to claim her body as his. "Tell me what you want me to do to you." Again he pushed inside her but an inch more.

Naidra felt her nerve ending tingling as her velvety walls squeezed around him trying to draw him deeper inside her. Even just him teasing her and the soft brushes of his other hand over her thigh sent sharp little jolts up her spine causing her back to arch with the intensity of that pleasure “Love me, my love, make love to me please!"

Neko choose that moment to bury his cock deep inside her in one fluid thrust that had her crying out in pleasure and him groaning his own pleasure, a shudder running through him as her walls clenched around him squeezing him tighter. He moved his hand from her thigh leaning forward to circle it around her waist pulling her against him. Once her breasts pushed close to his chest and her arms wrapped around his neck, he kissed her long and deep. His cock plunged deep inside her while his tongue tangled with hers in a needful passionate embrace the left them both breathless. His hand moved down her thigh encouraging her to wrap her legs around him. He carried her from the desk to the wall pushing her back against it as he pulled his cock out half way and thrust back deep again. His breath was hot on her neck as he told her "I want to fill you over and over till my seed drips down your thighs."

Gods if he didn’t know her well, for the moment he said those words in a needful growl against her skin, she felt the rush of heat move up from her stomach, through her chest and too her head, leaving her dizzy with the thought. Her body felt alive like every nerve was tingling. His touch was like lightening electrifying her skin. "Gods yes please." She said her hips pushing forward. Her hand was running down his back, her nails grazing over him.

His tail flicked and he started to thrust in earnest filling her again and again. The lewd sound of his sac slapping against her and his body slamming hers against the wall filled the room. One of his hands came, cradling her head cushioning it from the wall while he ravished her body in their mutual pleasure. He savored the softness of her breasts as they pressed against his chest giving a little bounce with every thrust he gave her. Her moans of pleasure filled his ears and he soon cut them off again as his mouth covered hers and he gave her a savage kiss full of passion and desire.

Her moans were cut off, fed to him as he kissed her and she kissed him back. That light graze of her fingers down his back, soon turned to her digging her nails into him. Pulling him closer as their passions grew to a fevered pitch and they had to have the touch of the other and nothing else mattered. Her legs tightened around his back. One of his hands was on her upper thigh holding her in place, his own nails digging deep into her flesh. She knew she would carry the marks of their passion and the thought only excited her more for in that moment pain and pleasure blended for her becoming something more. Her backside slammed against the wall as his mouth pulled back from hers and found her neck. His breath was hot as he panted against her skin. She felt the first graze of his teeth and her muscles tightened her walls squeezing even tighter around him as his teeth sank into her and he bite her and growled. That one action pushed her over the edge. She writhed trapped between him and the wall. An explosion of pleasure rolled through her ripping a scream from her lips. She barely herd him as he pulled back from her neck to tell her "Oh no not yet my love I want you to scream for me till your voice is ragged and you can scream no more" he said his own breath coming out in harsh ragged breaths. He thrust over and over, filling her tight channel forcing his way as deep as he could inside her. She shook with the intensity of those thrusts her body never coming down off the orgasm he gave her one flowing into the other as her screams rang out through the room bouncing off the walls and echoing back at them.

He fought to hold back his own pleasure but the feel of her body tightening around him as the pleasure coursed through her he knew he wouldn't last long. He dug his nails into her tight holding her tighter knowing it wouldn’t be long till he filled her with rope after rope of his seed. Growling between his panting grunts he pushed his love against the wall, feeling his tip coming to the end of her with each thrust then pulling back and thrusting again battering at her body like he was trying to break through it to the other side. He heard her scream his name over and over, calling to the goddess, and swearing till she could barely make a sound her voice spent in her cries. It was then he let his pleasure roll through him. He stopped fighting his release and let it claim him. His balls pulled tight against his body as rope after rope of cum filled her making her slicker than she was. He could feel his cock throbbing in time with the pulses of her body as his gave a final thrust and rested inside her, his legs shaking.

He nuzzled her neck panting against her skin smelling the sweet scent that was his mate and letting it fill his senses. Naidra felt his orgasm when he filled her, so hot, and that final thrust bringing her again another hard orgasm ripping through her causing her every muscle to jump and twitch like she had been given a shock. She trembled in his arms knowing she couldn’t walk. They stayed like that till he finally had enough strength to move them to the bear skin rug before the fire place. He pulled her into his arms his cock slipping out of her. She felt that hot wetness drip down her thighs and she smiled against his chest. Snuggled against him using his chest as her pillow and him resting on one of his arms the other wrapped around her they fell asleep both worn out but thoroughly satisfied as they let the heat from the fireplace keep them warm. Hours later when they were both rested they dressed and went home to make love again in their bed their celebrations far from over.