Legends of Belariath


A New side to Naidra Revealed

Neko had been in his mistress's bed for sometime now and he was beinging to see there were things she craved that she hadn't asked him for. Her noticed that in the throes of passion when his claws raked over her hip her passion flared growing in intensity. He also noted that if he bit her neck, she writhed with unbridled desire. He thought on this for sometime. He wanted to give her something he thought she would like. Reasoning it out that if she could forgive him trying to kill her then if he stepped out of line with what he had planned she would forgive him again. He set up dinner for them and let her enjoy a light meal. Once their dinner was done he moved tot he bed and smiled at her his tone taking on a commanding note "come here" he told her. She looked at him her brow rising. this was a tone she had not heard from him in some time not since a little bit before he came to her bed.

She moved to stand in front of him her curiousity peeked "what is it love?' she asked him and once more he took that commanding tone "Lie across my lap" she smiled and shook her head "and why my love would I want to do that?" she asked him not really getting he had something in mind. she yelp when he picked her up and lay her across his knees. she squirmed in his hold "Neko let me up" she commanded but her command fell on deaf ears. His hand started to knead her buttocks intimately, which caused sharp pangs of lust in her lower body. Her face flushed at the way her body reacted. she squirmed again. His fingers delved down so they were caressing her sex through the silk panties she wore. Hot juices started to pool. "you look very beautiful with your face so flushed and I am going to enjoy making your ass flush just as red" He whispered in a husky growling voice. Things were getting very foggy. Her mind wanted to argue and protest to what he had in mind. Her body wanted to summit to touching or spanking or whatever else his hands had on mind. "Neko please don't do this" she whispered attempting to protest but her voice sounded entirely too breathy. She couldn't even convince her own ears that she wanted to escape. His slid the hand into her panties and a finger stroked over her wt slit. Her clit twitched anxiously. "Put your face down Naidra" his voice was so smooth. She felt her shoulders fall back down, her forhead resting on her forearms. She felt him sliding her panties off. the cool air teasing her exposed back side her tail twitching. His hand ran up her tail pulling along the base making her moan softly. She wiggled nerviously and heard a very low groan above her. She heard rather then felt the first slap. two more fell before she could even react to the hot stinging pain. When she tried to push herself back up he simply put a hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her back down. She gapsed in protest. His voice calm as he told her "Everytime you make me stop I will begin again with one" She grumbled her response and the smack came again. She didn't want him to start a hundred times from one. Smack. She struggled to be still effectively trapped between his hand smacking against her plump rear and his knees. Smack. She was utterly helpless. Warmth suffused through her buttocks and down her thighs. With her face and breasts buried decadently into the furs cover the bed and his skin, she started to sink into the rhythm. Her soft cries came from deeper in her body.

The cadance of the swats slowed. Her buttocks were scalding and she writhed against his lap. His erection was hard as ever. Neko;s hand stopped and slid down so that he gently cupped her sex. Her whole body was sheking with desire. "Easy love" he said rubbing afinger back and forth over her, sending shockwaves coursing into her swollen vortex of her sex. She moaned quietly as he repositioned their bodies so that she was on her knees with her forehead on her arms and he was directly behind her. He kissed her buttocks softly while fingering her soft damp curls. Being spanked had hurt bit that pain was lost in other sensations that corsed through her. his fingers agitated her clit untill her hips began to jerk back and forth. "such sweet tender meat" he whispered then bite the curve of the right cheek of her ass. She cried out and moved forward the bite forced the sexual tension in her body somehow higher. Then she felt him dip his head and nuzzle her sex. Inhaling her scent and licking and suckling her. She moaned from deep in her knotted belly. He licked back and forth between her legs, coming closer to her sex with each pass. "oh god! It's too much ...please!" she cried His tongue becoming increasingly demanding, delving into her. It was like being devoured alive. She became frantic, pushing back against his mouth, pumping her hips. "please Neko" she begged "please....let me...." He took a tender cheek on each hand and spread her open. She shuddered uncontrollabl. His ravenous mouth plundering her sex until she was weeping with the exquisite tourture of it. Finally he moved so he was laying behind her, one arm under her body and one hand on her back sliding down over her spine till her could cup the firm heat of her ass. his fingers moved down teasing over her sex. she cried out, but then started to move again almost instantly and with twice as much passion.

He took his cock in his hand and ran it along the wet folds of her sex before pushing it inside her. His hips moved thrusting deep. She shuddered at the penetratio. His fingers were forcing her open. She was driven by lust the likes of which she'd never felt before. The moisture of her excitement seeped out as she ground her sex forward, the hard aching knot pressing against his palm. The tip of his cock pressed against her rear testing it. she felt the tip of his cock pushing against her that bulbus head pushing past her puckered ring. She was gapsing so hard she couldn't object, and somehow she didn't want to. Her body was his. he could do whatever he pleased and she would summit. His cock pushed deeper into her bottom his fingers wiggling inside her sex. Pleasure ripped through her. Sensations exploded. She heard herself screaming, felt her hips bucking. And all the while his fingers thrust into her tight opening while his cock filled her rear. His other hand moving up her chest to tights and pull her nipple teasing her even more adding that bit of pain that drove her wild. She heard him panting in her ear a growling whisper "gods love your so tight....so tenderly sweet" he groaned ahain moaning deeply. he continued to thust inside her overcomming the hard spasms that countinuously raked her curvy form. She rode crahing waves of orgasms for what seemed like an impossible lenght of time. He gave a loud moaning growl spilling hot into her rear as she collapsed back aginst him. His fingers still buried deep inside her twitched and wiggled helping her ride out the waves of her orgasm. Full body trembling overtook he. He pulled free of her body and she twitched a few times trying to get used to being empty again.

When she'd caught her breath he kissed her shoulder. "does my mistress love me or hate me?" he asked her softly. "Both" she teased. She twisted onto her side so she could face him. She looked into his crimson eyes "and what of you my love do you love me or hate me?" she asked him "I have loved you since the day I met you, Why should this day be any different" he said. she smiled slowly and pushed a damp lock of hair from her face "you exaggerate but it is a good answer anyways" He smiled and shook his head "I never exaggerate" there was remarkable tenderness in his eyes as he looked upon her. She arched a brow "you wished me dead some days and tried to kill me" she reminded him no hurt or pain in her voice. "Yes but It didn't mean i didn;t love you it just took me some time to fuigure out what it was I was feeling" she smiled and nuzzled against his chest "I am glad you finally relised what you felt" she whispered as her eyes closed wrapped in his loving arms she drifted off to sleep the sound of his heart beating and his soft breaths lulled her sated pleasure ridden body into the realms of slumber knowing he would protect her.