Legends of Belariath


Passion in the Wilderness

They walked through the forest. Making a path of their own as they made their way from one town to the next once more. Neko carried the bulk of their supplies in the pack on his back but her pack contained the rest and her harp. She had removed the bells she normally always wore around her waist not wanting to draw to much attention by making too much sound as they moved through the trees least the give off their presance to anyone lurking to attack. Most of her money carefully hidden in a secret pocket sewn into her shirt like her sister had taught her long before she left home. Lost in her thoughts Naidra let her feet move of their own free will. She was worried that she had been disturbing Neko in his sleep. She knew he had heard her whimpers on more then one night and knew he wondered at their cause. The nightmares that plagued her sleep haunted her eyes even as the suns rose in the east each morning. Neko was quiet as well weather he was scouting the area for trouble or lost in his own thoughts she didn't know. Their relationship had only recently changed where before they had shared a room but not a bed now she slept in his arms nightly her bare naked form molded against his breathing deeply of his scent as she closed his eyes to go to sleep more nights then not the scent of sex riddled the air.

As the day wore on and the comfortable silence between then turned heavy with unsaid questions. They moved up through the trees into higher ground enjoying the scenery around them. Feeling the heat of the sun on their skin they looked for a place to rest having walked a few good miles today already they were both ready to stop and grab some lunch. They heard the bubbling of a stream not far ahead and turned in the direction of the sound. passing a bolder the veiw opened up to one that took her breath away. The stream they had heard gushed loudly now around a boulder, surged between two banks lined with shrubs and some plants she new to he edible from her parents teachings. Desending several rocky shelves the water formed a wide, deep pool not far from them at the end of the hollow before racing on down the next step of the mountain. There were fish in the pool dark shapes gliding in dark water. The surrounding clearing was sheltered by full sized birch trees and one huge giant of an oak with exposed roots like tentacles thrusting into the leafy mulch of the black earth. The ground between the oak and the bank was covered with a moss so thick that it made a comfortable mattress for lovers.

They stopped there to take their rest. He stretched out on his back with his hands behind his head while she went about pulling out their lunch. Sandwiches and apples from the last town they were at. She smiled at him as she placed his sandwich on his chest and his apple beside him.

"Eat love" she purred

Taking a bit of her own sandwich and pulling out the wine skin full of cold water knowing they could drink their fill and then refill it again in the pool before them. After their lunch she joined him in his rest laying down beside him breathing deep of the fresh mountain air. The sounds around them nothing more then the gurgle of the stream and the birds in their nests up above. She didn't quite know how it happened but the quiet rest soon gave way to a gentle exchange of kisses, caresses and murmurs of desire. He held her to him, his hands on her buttocks, his face in her hair as he licked lightly at her ear then down to her neck. Suddenly she became the bolder of the two rubbing a hand over the crotch of his pants feeling him grow hard beneath the cloth she whispered

"I want you"

"I need you" he said in return

"Then we can both have what we want" she whispered back

She leaned up to pull her shirt over her head. Her hands tracing the lines of her sides and hips as she removed her skirt. He quickly followed suit stripping his shirt and pants till they both lay their naked in each others arms. He began to kiss her breasts his tongue flicking over her stiffening nipples, drawing soft eager moans from her lips. She moved her hand down to grip his length whispering again in a soft sultry voice filled with her need and desire.

"I want you now...quickly...we can take longer the second round"

They repsonded to each other with powerful unique and utterly unexpected sensitivity that neither of them had ever quite acheived before. The pleasure was more then intense. It was very nearly excruciatining to her and she could see in his eyes that it was much the same to him. Perhaps it was because they had wanted each other so fiercly for so long and only recently given in to those desires that made their lovemaking so passionate. Or perhaps the electrifying pleasure was a response the setting, to the wild land's sounds and odors and textures. Whatever the reason he needed no foreplay to make her wet enough for him to penetrate her she was already wet for him. He slid deep in one fluid thrust rocking in and out of her as he filled her with his meaty flesh coming to the end of her opening as she cried out in pleasure. He began to thrust not hard or fast but deep and slow filling her tight center with his cock while her body clenched arouns his responding to ever shift of his hips gripping tighter as if she didn't want to let him go. She was transfixed by the sight of his arms, the muscles bulged each well defined as he supported himself over her. She reached for his buttocks hard as stone and pulled him farther into her with each galvanizing stroke. Her eyes met his and her moan filled the clearing. Her hips thrusting up to meet his. Although she rapidly came into her climax, she coasted down from it so slowly she wondered if would be an end to it. Abruptly when the sensations in her had subsided, he grew still, pinned by the power of his orgasm he brought her again with a whisper of her name as he filled her with his warm seed.

As her body stopped writhing and he shrank inside her, he kissed her breasts then her neck before finally he kissed her lips deep and passionately before he rolled off to his side. She moved against him, belly to belly, and put her lips to the throbbing artery in his neck. His pulse jumped against her lips. He held her and she held him. The act they just completed seemed to bind then ever closer instead of two souls in seperate bodies one soul spilt between then made whole only when they were together. For a few moments she was not at all aware of the world beyond his shadow. She couldn't hear anything but the beat of her own heart and the heavy drawing of breath from them both. In time ther voices of the mountains filtered back to her. Leaves rustling overhead, the stream splashing down the slope into the pool, birds calling to one another in the trees overhead. Likewise it was a few minutes before she felt anything but the slight ache in her chest and the feel of Neko's semen trickling down her thighs. Gradually however she did notic the day was growing hot and humid and their embrace had become less romantic then sticky. Reluctantly she disentangled herself from his arms and rolled onto her back. A sheep of sweat filmed her breasts and down her stomach.

"That was amazing" she whispered.

"Mhm" he answered her lazily.

They didn't need to say more then that as they rested there for a while. The slight breeze had almost dried them as he sat up on an elbow and looked down at her his red eyes finding her blue ones. the look he had so filled ith love it made her chest tight with emotion

"Lets take a swim" he suggested

She nodded in response letting him draw her to her feet with an out stretched hand. she followed him tot he bank and hissed slightly as the cold water robbed her breath momentarily. She quickly adjusted thought the water cooling her skin and washing the scent of sex from her body. she dipped her head coming back to the surface her hair slicked back, watter dripping down her buttocks and between her breasts. She turned to see him sitting on a bolder not far from her and one look showed her instantly he wanted her still for he was hard and stiff once more as he watched thr drops of water dripp over her stiff nipples and fall to the surface of the pool she stood in. Making her way to him she smiled.

"What are you thinking" she whispered as she leaned in for a kiss her lips still wet but hot brushed his.

"Just how sexy you look all wet" he answered as thier lips parted.

He took her hand and lead her back to the moss covered ground they had made love before. She looked up at him as she took a seat and smiled licking her lips.

"I want to taste you" she whispered

"Later" he said


"No I want to bring you and taste your sweetness over my tongue first"

"And do you always get your way?" she teased him

"I will this time I am bigger and stronger then you"

"Is that so" she purred

"Mhm" he answered

As he moved betwen her thighs spreading them wider, leaning forward to kiss her nipples one at a time, suckling them gently before moving to the other, then down her stomach. She leaned back onto her elbows wanting to watch him. His lips brushed lightly around her navel ever moving lower. He skipped her sex, kissing instead the inside of each thigh and down to the back of her knees, before moving to her ankels. Back up the trail of kisses climbed. Drawing soft sweet moans from her lips for she could feel his hot breath caressing her skin. He flicked his tongue over her slit and she moaned as a shiver rolled through her then she teased him softly.

"Your right a womans pleasure should come first"

He lifted his head and smiled at her. He had a boyish grin that melted her heart, his eyes meeting hers, so deep and red, she felt as if she were being absorbed into them and he could read every secret on her soul. I love you. She thought as once more the sounds of the mountian faded away, replaced by the sounds of their pleasure and the beating of her racing heart. His mouth hovered over her sex breathing hot air against her skin. He moved one hand and placed it next to her hip the other he slide up her thigh and pulled her leg up over his shoulder. That same hand of his moved back down her leg so slowly, as if he could trace the shiver he was sending under her skin. His mouth pressed down against her then, his tongue spreading her wide, licking deeper to find that hidden pearl. That bundle of nerves that he knew would make her moan and squirm in his hold. As his tongue found what it sought her hips rocked on their own,, seeking the heat of his mouth wanting, no needing more of his hot wet touch on her sensitive center. She moved one hand down placing it on the back of his head while she watched him lick between her shapely thighs. His eyes stayed on her watching her reactions, as if he was drinking them down, memorizing everyone fo them to play back later when his eyes were closed. Her lips parted as she moaned deeper. His mouth completely covering her sucking that hidden nub, coaxing it out of hiding so he could tease it some more. He moved his hand up, his thumb replacing his mouth rubbing that bundle of nerves so she wiggled under his touch. He poked his tongue around her opening licking the edges teasing her, before he plundged it deep inside and licked along the inside of her silken walls. The sensation was almost maddening. Her hips rose off the moss pushing up against his mouth as her head went back and she cried out her pleasure. The sound chasing the birds from the trees but this was all lost on her as she sank deeper into the exquisite feel of his mouth and the intense pleasure he brought her. It wasn't long before he started to dart that tongue of his in and out of her, building the pleasure till she ached for her release. Panted breaths caused her chest to heave, making her large breast bounce as she rocked for him. She couldn't hold back and soon he was tasting her sweet necter on his lips, lapping up her juices up with his tongue. He gave her no quarter though. As she writhed from one oragsm her thighs trembling, he started sucking her clit lavishing it with attention. His hand moved lower and two fingers slipped deep inside her curling the tips, seeking that spot inside her he knew would make her cum again. One orgasm soon built into another and other till she could hardly tell them apart and still he gave her no relief. She cried out to the heavens pushed past mere pleasure into the realms of rapture. Only when he could feel her body shaking uncontrollably as the orgasms built into one massive rush of pure pleasue did he stop. He moved up her body and claimed her moaning lips for his own kissing her deeply letting her taste her own pleasure on his lips. She teased like rain and something sweet she couldn't place. He kissed her passionatly while he took his hard throbbing cock in his hand and slid back inside her, his own moans being feed to her lips as her body clenched and squeezed around his gripping his shaft with her silken walls. Her hips rocking forawrd to meet his thrusts. He wasn't gentle this time but she didn't want him to be. She wanted to hear the smack of his flesh to hers, feel the pain of his tip pushing against the end of her opening like he wanted to crash through and touch her where noone had before. He thrust deep and hard his hips working faster while they feed each other their pleasure filled moans. He soon brought her again. The pleasure still so heavy in her body she couldn't help but cum over him gripping him with her soft velvety folds as she shook and called out his name. The feel of her orgasm did him in. He came for her spilling rope after rope of hot cum to splash against her walls. She lay back her hand still on the back of his neck while she tried to remember how to breath. Her vision blackening along the edges. He collapsed against her chest, his familar weight pressing her down againt the moss, brought a smile to her lips. she held him close to her and he held her in return.

After a bit of time past he started to shrink inside her again. He rolled to the side pulling her against him. She stayed in his arms till her head stopped spinning and she could breath again through the after shocks of pleasure that rolled her curvy form. Slipping from his arms she smiled as she looked down at him. His eyes closed and a lazy smile on his lips.

"My turn now. I want to taste you" she said in a soft sultry voice.

"Damn woman are you never sated" he teased her.

She could see his cock starting to stir again with the thoughts of her lips wrapped around it.

"Never" she whispered back

Kissing along his chest she moved down much like he had placing her lips softly against his hips. Her hand parting his thighs so she could nuzzle between them. She kneeled between his legs, moving her hair so it cascaded down her side. leaning forward she licked his shaft up from the base, tracing the large vein that ran his length to his tip. There her tongue swirled around him tasting their combined pleasure on her lips. Salty and sweet made richer for the passion they shared. She wrapped her mouth around him still half soft he was easily taken deep between her lush full lips. She sucked back up then down once more. Moaning as she felt his cock harden in her mouth, growing with every suckle she gave him, up and down her head bobbed in his lap while her eyes stayed on his face. That I need you look in her eyes telling him all he needed to know with a glance. She was his and he had claimed her in a way noone could break. His cock stretched her lips as he grew to his full length and thickness. She savored every second of this feeling pushing her self down further so she could seal her lips against the base of his body. She knew it wouldn't be long till she brought him, he was still senstive from their love making, but she took her time to draw out this pleasure as long as she could. Up and down her mouth moved covering over inch then pulling back till only his tip remained between her lips. Purring softly her tail swaying behind her, she sucked his cock like it was the sweetest peice of candy she had ever tasted and she couldn't get enough. Her tongue swirled around his length while his flesh disappeared between her lips. She heard his moans growing in intensity his hand moving to the back of her head pushing her down further. Hifs fingers thangling in her har drawing another moan this one deeper as she did what he wanted. The growl that crossed his lips tightened her own body making her suckle harder and bob her head faster over him. It wasn't long till his cock jumped between her lips spilling hot cum over her tongue. She drank him down moaning softly not wanting to miss a single drop. After milking him dry she pulled up to his tip and flicked her tongue over him lapping up the last quivering drop that clung there for her taking.

It was there in that clearing where they spent the night that night. To spent from their love making to travel any further and lacking the drive really to do so. They were in no rush and they stayed in each others arms falling asleep to the sounds of the stream and the rustling of the leaves. Soon the birds returned and sang softly while the lovers held each other, whispering words of love when they talked at all. When the suns set and they finally found their slumber it was a dreamless night for Naidra. She slept like a baby in the arms of her lover and future mate though at that time all she knew was she loved him. That he had claimed a peice of her she had thought long dead and forgotten. Somehow this catman in her arms had found that shrived spot in her heart and nurtured it back to life once more with his passion and love then stole it from her like the theif he was.