Legends of Belariath


Something sweet and spicy going on at the SaS

Naidra was in the kitchen of her shop the Sugar and spice one she owned with her best friend Jinx. She was busy practicing some recipes for the upcoming party that she had helped put together to worship the Goddess Ishtar. Stirring the pots one a spicy soup mixed with chocolate and chilies and a bit of beef stock something to excite the palette. She didn't know quite what she would serve yet but she loved to work through her recipes and discover something new to toy with. The other was a cool rich and creamy with bits of fruit mixed in. She pulled both pots from the stove letting them cool in the cooler while she mixed up a little creamy sweetness to fill the bon bons she was going to make with. The vanilla pudding like cream needed a special something and she pulled out a little vial; she had procured from the Apothecary, out of her apron pocket. She added the potion to the mix one drop at a time reserving a bit for the chocolate that would cover these little nuggets of sweetness. She finished stirring the mix then set it to chill while she made up the chocolate doing much the same to it once it was nice and creamy and rich in texture. Adding the last of the vial to the chocolate she poured some out in the prepared molds. Her hair pulled up in a loose but firmly in placed pony tail that fell down her back in long bouncing curls and dressed in a short skirt and simple halter top she was a vision of beauty even when she was busy cooking with an apron wrapped around her waist.

Naidra collected the cream for the bon bons and started working on filling the sweet coated molds then covering them with another layer of chocolate. It was just after she had finished filling the last sweet treat that the bells of the door started to ring. She looked at the door that separated the kitchen from the shop. Grabbing a towel she wiped her hands.

"I'll be right with you, feel free to look around" she called then made her way out to the shop proper. The man she found standing there was a sexy specimen of his race. He was a sliver haired sylvan elf that reminded her of her slave Terron though she could see the drum this one carried and noticed the long patchwork coat he wore even in this heat.

"Hi I'm Naidra what delectable sweet can I help you find today?" she asked him as she stepped behind the counter

He looked up, flashing her a smile. "Hi I'm De`moraul I donít know what it is I am looking for maybe you can help me choose" He said noticing the way her large chest pushed against the thin silk of her halter top. and the fine swell of her hips as she moved "You wouldn't happen to be on the menu would you?" he asked her half teasing but then again as he looked her over once more he realized that maybe he wasn't teasing much at all.

She giggled "You never know. Iíll tell you what you can help me test some of my new treats and maybe we will find something to wet your appetite what do you say care to help a lady in need out?" she asked him teasing back though it was natural for her to flirt.

"Now how could I resist helping a lady in need lead on milady and I will do my very best to aid you in any way you need" he said offering her much more then to sample a few treats should she want.

Naidra came around the counter and took his hand leading him into the back "Put your stuff there and take off that coat or you will roast back here. I donít know how youíre not already doing so in this heat." she said as she moved to the counter to test the chocolates in the molds then shifted them to the cooler pulling out the two treats she had placed in there earlier and collecting a spoon.

He took a seat taking off his coat and placing his drum to the side as well. He watched her move around her kitchen barely making a sound except for the clink and clank of the pots as she took them from the cooler. She was indeed a beauty dark hair that swung when she moved. Curvy hips that the material of her skirt clung too. He watched her openly but didn't want to push preferring to flatter and seduce her then force his desires upon her.

Naidra took the spoon and picked up some bowls ladling a bit of the sweet soups into each "Ready to put those taste buds to work?" she asked.

"Oh yeah I would just love to put my taste buds to work for you but if you mean trying what is in those bowls yes I am ready for that too" he teased her. Naidra blushed and smiled "So very cheeky but I like it now close your eyes and try this" she leaned close and spooned a bit of the spicy soup out then raised the spoon to his lips. "Open wide" she purred

He did as she bid closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Her sweet breath stirred the air between them and he could feel the heat of her body so close. De`moraul could picture her bra less breasts lifting and falling with her breath as she drew so close. A quivering of answering heat shuddered through him then pooled in his lower stomach. He felt the spoon on his tongue and closed his mouth around it. "Mmm this is good, spicy but sweet enough to wet anyone appetite." he told her as the sweet heat burned its why down his throat.

"Oh good I am thrilled you like it." Naidra purred with a soft giggle."Do I get to finish the bowl?" he asked."You can have anything in the store you want?" she said not really realizing the double meaning her words could be taken as.

Her leg brushed his for a moment and De`moraul smelled the sugary sunshine scent that was hers. Her replies though innocently given were the kind to make a man want her hot, naked and utterly open for his taking. He shook the though free and opened his eyes watching her as she placed the first bowl down and reached for the second.

"Oh let me get you some wine to clear your palette." she said then moved to the back of the kitchen pouring him a glass from a bottle she had there. Bringing it back she handed it to him "drink up" she purred then went back to the second bowl.

He watched her caring nothing for clearing his palette but he would do as he asked with the hopes she would move close again and he could enjoy the sight of her breasts as they moved up and down bouncing with her movements. He took a soft shaking breath then let it out his blood warming from the sight. She was one of those beauties he could write song after song about and never run out of things to say.

She waited for him to take a drink "one more" she said as she dipped the spoon into the mix in the bowl "Now close your eyes no peaking" she leaned close lifting the spoon to his lips as his eyes closed and his mouth opened. She placed the spoon in his mouth letting it brush his tongue.

Nodding, he opened his mouth and waited. Rather than the warm or spicy as the last one had been this was cool and rich, creamy and sweet. Flavors burst over his tongue in a sweet rush of flavors as soon as the chill of it warmed in his mouth. It was strawberry with a hint of tartness maybe lemon. He bit down on the little chunks of fresh fruit and moaned

Naidra laughed from deep in her throat a husky and enticing sound "You know I like it when a man moans with pleasure."

Before De`moraul could respond to that he felt her body heat move closer once more her sweet scent filling his nostril. She moved even closer, his breath stopped, and his heart beat double then he felt her finger running over the corner of his mouth then to his lips He parted them tasting a bit of the sweet strawberry soup on the tip his eyes coming open to look at hers so deep and blue as she smiled at him.

"Oops" she purred. ďLooks like I got a little bit on your lips sorry about that."

He didn't know how much longer he could take without just reaching up and pushing her into his lap but he restrained himself with effort and his witty thoughts slipped from his mind. Her voice was more husky then before seductive even as she told him what had happened. He watched her move that same finger to her own lips and suckle the tip as she pulled back from him. The sight alone sent shocks shooting straight up his cock and he felt his member stiffen against his pants.

Naidra moved to grab the bon bons she had made just before he came in. Bringing back a couple on a little plate she stood before him and smiled. "Now something sinfully sweet close your eyes." she said holding one bon bon between her finger and thumb and leaning close to him once more.

He took the drugged sweet into his mouth nipping her fingers gently as he pulled then back with a grin. He bit down and an explosion of flavor burst in his mouth as he chewed and swallowed. His eyes flew open and he took in her doe eyes expression waiting for his opinion. He growled reaching for the beautiful kitten so very close to him pulling her down into his lap "Sinfully sweet well you must mean you" he told her as he heard her little gasp and noticed the way the hard nubs of her nipples rasped against her skimpy top. God he ached to suckle on one of those perfect peaks and watch this woman arch in pleasure of his touch. She smothered her small little gasp of surprise. De`moraul covered her lips with his. So soft and pliable he greedily sank into the heat of her mouth urging her lips to part. Quickly she responded opening for him, her tongue grazing his lips and winding around his own tongue in sensuous circles that made him stiff as steel.

Naidra responded to his kiss with a secret smile on her lips as she watched the LP9 she had slipped into the bon bons work though his body turning his simple desires into a raging beast. Her own natural need for sex took over and made her the willing partner for this sexy man that had pulled her into his lap. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed her against the wall. He was growling his need against her lips as he deepened the kiss making it more fevered and needful. His lips left hers seeking her neck nipping and kissing there while his hands found the thin silk of her halter top and ripped the fabric open trailing that path of kisses over and over.

He pinned her between himself and the wall capturing her breast in his hand kneading the flesh as his mouth sealed over the perky nub that begged for his attentions. Her pleasured moans filled his ears and the bulge in his pants grew aching to escape. His blood heating with need that seemed to grip him from nowhere but he had wanted her since the moment he laid eyes on her. That spark of desire had bloomed into a raging fire. He had to know if she ached for him as he ached for her. Pulling her nipple deeper into his mouth sealing his lips on as much of her breast as he could he felt her arch her back and moan. Gods this woman would be the death of him if he didn't have her soon thrusting into her tight depths. He thought as he mumbled a curse against her breast and pulled back stepping away leaving her resting against the wall to watch him. With a deftness that surprised him considering the way his hands shook with his need he undid his pants and stripped them off in a blur removing his socks and shoes then stepping out of the mix letting his shirt follow.

He stood there in all his glorious nakedness taking gulps of air into his lungs trembling with the taunt readiness of a predator about to make his move. He stood there looking at her with fevered desire in his eyes. She wondered briefly if she had given him too much then pushed that thought out of her mind when she looked down and caught sight of his erection firm and proud throbbing with need for her. Her already ruined shirt came off baring those full lush large breasts for him but his hand reached out and stopped her as she reached for her skirt.

"No let me please." he said before he slowly stripped her, a feat she didn't think he could have managed with the way he had torn at his own clothes to free himself for her. She met his eyes and nodded taking a gulping breath of air as her own body responded to his need feeling that sexual pressure coiling in her belly as his hand moved to take the skirt she wore off her. She stood still but for the hand she placed on his shoulder. As he pulled first her apron off then her skirt following them with the slowly erotic tug of her panties down her thighs. His hands were quickly replaced the clothes she had worn. She felt the hot enticing feel of his mouth on her neck kissing and suckling over the pulse in her throat. His breath was like liquid silk over her skin. She moaned again the junction between her thighs growing damp with her own desires that had taken flame in her small curvy form. She watched as his hand snaked up her bare thighs parting them seeking her center. Shoving two fingers into her wetness, he ground the pad of his thumb against her clit.

She shuddered for him the pleasure intense and immediate but he offered her no quarter. He layered his mouth over hers while his finger thrust inside her mimicking the stroke of his fingers with his tongue. Tingling sensations bit at the edges of her being. Warmth balled tightly in the pit of her stomach until it burst into a firestorm of hot burning need. His mouth left hers and he dropped to his knees before her replacing his fingers with his mouth and giving her the reality of what his kiss had promised. She felt his mouth hot and eager lapping at her core his tongue burying deep inside her as he lifted one of her thighs and rested it on his shoulder drawing her closer to him. Her hands moved, one to his head the other on the wall, like she could anchor herself in place with this onslaught of pleasure riding her very being. Spirals of red hot tension swirled tighter and tighter until they merged into one fiery cyclone of urgency "Oh gods Iím going to cum" she cried her head going back as he ravished her pussy with the needful sweeps of his tongue. His thumb never leaving her clit or hesitating in the pressure he placed there. The intensity of the pleasure grew taut becoming painful. Her orgasm rushed towards her cresting over her and erupting straight through her core releasing her from that exquisitely delicious pain. That left her crying out in pleasure and that sound ringing through the walls of the little shop.

He lapped at her juices a nectar sweeter than anything she had given him to try this evening. When he finally pulled his mouth free of her his chin glistening with her wetness he rose to his feet once more and kissed her deeply and toughly letting her taste her own sweetness on his lips. He took hold of her thighs pressing her back against the wall as he lifted her up trapping her between his hard thick erection and that hard unmoving surface of the wall at her back. Using a hand between then he guided his tip to her opening pushing in one hard thrust past the resistance of her body letting her previous orgasm silken his passage into her wet heated depths. He groaned his cock throbbing with the need to fill her over and over. His hips rocked forward hard muscled thighs pushing to thrust his cock in and out of the eager sexy kitten in his hold. He found her breast again sucking and moaning against her flesh while he thrust between her thighs again and again. The lewd wet noises of his balls slapping against her urged him on blended in with the echoing moans of her pleasure.

He thrust into her like a jack hammer hard and fast pushing towards his peak seeking that ultimate pleasure. Naidraís hand moved to his shoulders her nails raking up his arms as he gripped her tighter curling his arms around her back and up to her shoulders pulling her down over him while pinning her more firmly between him and the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist crying out in his ear in pleasure as thrust after thrust brought his tip to the end of her opening.

"Yes fuck gods yes like that oh fuck yes" he stammered

He pumped; he pounded faster and faster, harder and harder. His breaths ragged as he sucked in great gulps of air between clenched teeth. A fierceness took him over contorting his face into a mix of handsome beauty and fierce animalistic need.

Need seared through her a need to urge him on, a need to see him reach his peak, a need to race to her own fulfillment. His intensity his desperation fueled her own passions igniting that burning coil of carnal demand that rested in her core.

"Fuck" he growled still thrusting inside her as her velvety walls clenched tightly around him adding to the friction of their passions.

Naidra barely heard him over the thundering blood that pounded in her ears with every frantic beat of her heart. Her own moans and pleasure filled screams drowned out most of what was around them. He took her mouth in a breath stealing kiss then impaled her with one last grinding stroke. She felt her peak hit just as the searing hot heat of his cum filled her core. She writhed pinned between the wall and his solid form feeding him her moans as she tried to scream her pleasure and he ate her scream right from her mouth refusing to relinquish her lips from the kiss.

He stumbled back from the wall taking her with him and slumped in the chair with her still wrapped around his lap as he buried his face against her chest. He held her tightly not ready to let go while he savored the aftershocks that tightened her around him over and over again. Their breathing eventually returned to normal and his grip loosened but still he kept her in his arms.

After some time had passed he let her go both of them retrieving the clothes that now lay scattered around the kitchens of the Sugar and Spice. Once they were both dressed he looked at her and smiled "You know I donít know if I got what I came for or not but damn if I am not leaving with much more than ever thought to deserve."

She smiled at him now dressed once more but her body still aching from their pleasure "You will have to come back and visit me I can always use a test subject to try my treats on." she teased him.

"Woman if this is what your treats will do to me you can count on me visiting you regularly." He told her then sighed. ďI must be going but I will be back soon Miss Naidra damn it was a pleasure to meet you my beautiful little kitten."

She smiled and stepped forward giving him a soft and sweet kiss/ "I will hold you to your promise to come back and visit me De`moraul." She told him then watched as he left with his coat and drum whistling a new tune as the door shut behind him.