Legends of Belariath


The Ties that Bind Us

Neko and Naidra had been together for some time. What started off as a love hate relationship had soon bloomed into something more. During his time as her slave she had shown him many pleasures and he had done the same for her but it was after she had released him from his collar and took him as her mate that he showed her the full extent of all he had learned from her. Their keep had a basement that Neko had spent his time in creating, a bit of what Naidra had had at the cabin had been moved over but most that was down in the depths of their home was new and she had yet to see it. He had barred her from the basement till it was finished, wanting to surprise her with all he had done. The work took some time but once it was finished he called Naidra to the living room.

"Love I have a surprise for you" He told her when she stepped into the room. His hands were behind his back holding the blindfold from her sight. She stepped into the room raising a brow "Oh and just what is this surprise?" she asked him "Turn around, close your eyes and tell me that you trust Me." he purred in her ear as she moved closer to her.

She smiled turning as he asked "Of course I trust you what a silly thing for me to have to say out loud love" she told him her eyes closing as she stood there waiting to find out what it was he had planned. The blindfold wrapped around her eyes while he pulled it back tightly but it was not hurting her at all as he tied the blindfold tightly in place.

"I ask you if you trust me cause from this moment on I am in control my love and you will be my slave for the day much like I used to be yours I even have my old collar to slip on your neck for this occasion" he whispered in her ear as she felt her hair lifted and his old collar slipping around her neck and locking into place "Now your mine my love all mine to play with." he took her hand and turned her around smiling though she couldn’t see it "Follow me love it is time for your surprise" He said and lead her down the hall to the basement door. Pulling it open he guided her down the steps. One hand in hers the other on her hip leading her with soft instructions of when to step his hand on her hips guiding her on how far to move so that she wouldn't stumble or fall.

She smiled as the collar slipped around her throat. Many had tried to do this to her and here she stood in perfect serenity as the lock clicked shut "Yes Master" she said in a teasing tone though how real those words would become before the day was through she had yet to realize. She felt his hand warm in hers guiding her out of the room. She kept her steps in time with his knowing he wouldn’t let her run into anything or fall. She gave him her complete trust but he had earned it over their years together. The door clicked open and she felt the temperature change as he lead her down the stairs. Each step carefully placed with his guidance. "Are we going to the basement love?" she asked him softly "Are you finally going to let me see the work you have done?"

He stopped her at the bottom of the steps "Yes my love you will get to see what I have made for us but from this moment you will only call me Master for until that collar comes off your pretty little neck your mine and I intend to show you the truth of what that means fully and completely." he told her leaning in close whispering the last of that sentence in a growling whisper against her ear that would make her shiver with the promise his words made to her.

Naidra nodded "Yes Master" she purred the words soft with a hint of seduction as they passed her lips. Still in the dark of what the basement looked like she let him lead her deeper into those dark depths. She heard his words in her darkness.

"Strip for me my love I want to see your beautiful body bare before me" he ordered her and stepped back as he watched her slowly untie the ties holding her corset in place. A soft intake of breath as he watch her breast large and creamy white spill out of the tight cloth prison that had been holding them. The corset fell from her hand landing on the floor soon followed by the skirt that tied on her hip. She undid this simple silk fabric and unwrapped it slowly from her hips coiling the material in her hand till she was free of it. She lifted her hand and dropped it to the ground as well then moved to remove her panties as well. He stopped her with a touch then pulled her down into his lap. She snuggled against him the blindfold still firmly in place and only that thin swatch of silk covering her sex the rest of her bare for him.

"Yes Master" she had purred and did as he ordered. She could feel the heat of his gaze even while trapped in the darkness of the blindfold. She had taken her time making it a show for him knowing he would tell her to hurry if that was his desire. He did stop her though and she let her hands fall from her panties waiting for his next order only to be pulled into his lap and his scent filling her senses as he pulled her close wrapping his arms about her. His voice a growling whisper in her ear as he told her what he had planned for her and every word sent a shockwave through her.

His hand explored her flesh while he whispered "Naidra my pet it is time that I show you all I have learned from the time you first took me into your bed and showed me the pleasures this sweet soft body of your had to show me." His hand came up under one of her breasts and tested the weight "These soft large mounds of glorious flesh nipples hardening into little peaks surrounded with rosy flesh that just beg for my mouth, like a ripe fruit it makes my mouth water at the prospect of those hard nubs tingling while my tongue lavishes them with attention." he told her

"Please do Master." she breathed aching for the very thing he described to her in such detail while he touched her with soft tender caresses teasing her.

"In good time my pet" he chuckled, his hand leaving her breast and moving lower over her belly to her hip and the outside of her thigh. He felt her shiver and growled in her ear "Remember my pet lust shouldn’t be rushed it is most delicious when it is savored, you taught me that and now I will teach it back to you." and his hand moved to the inside of her thigh spreading her creamy thighs slightly "Remember my love from this moment on you cannot cum without my permission and to get that permission I want to hear you beg for it." His hand moved so very slowly over the taunt muscles of her inner thighs drawing closer and closer to the heat of her sex.

She listened nodding as she whispered back "Yes Master" her body reacted to the sight of him growing wet with anticipation. Hot liquid heat ran through her veins and made her skin flush as his hand moved higher over her thigh spreading her legs wider with a simple push of his fingers. He pushed just enough to tell her without words to open up for him. He smiled as she listened so eagerly those creamy thighs spreading and his palm pressing against the soft silk of her panties feeling her heat and need, that slight dampness of her desire. He pushed her panties to the side running first one finger over her slit then adding a second to part those soft needful lips. Seeking the nub of her clit and adding pressure there as he rubbed in slow tight circles. Her breath sucked in quickly only to be spilled sweetly back out in that soft needful moan. The pressure of his fingers added to her building pleasure. The intense friction, the stroking, the fire like lightning building within her till she thought she might explode from his tormenting fingers then he pulled back leaving her panting pushing her hips forward slightly. He knew what she wanted and to further torment her he leaned down capturing her nipple between his lips covering her breast with his mouth flicking her nipple with the tip of his tongue. A whole new set of sensations blended with the heat in her core. He rubbed faster adding more pressure so her hips rocked and bucked finding his rhythm and matching it knowing that if this continued he would bring her soon. She responded deep inside that pressure coiling building towards her peak even as she tried to hold back then he stopped just stopped and left her gasping.

"No my pet you must wait till you have permission no matter how much I torment you and believe me I plan to push you to the edge then deny the very pleasure you will beg me for till your ready to feel it in its entirety." he told her knowing she throbbed with need for he could feel the beat of her heart racing against his palm as he cupped her neck turning her head to him "Kiss me my pet" he whispered only a bare inch from her lips as he did so.

She kissed him not needing a second invitation. Her lips parting to deepen the kiss and he let her. She kissed him fully and completely losing herself in the soft feel of his lips the tangled passion of his tongue sweeping over hers. It was then she felt his hand curl into her hair and the tug pulling her back from his lips. She moaned denied once again even the full pleasure of a full and complete kiss.

"Stand my pet" he told her and then led her to the middle of the room. "Put your hands over your head my love." he ordered her then she heard the chains move as his hand closed over her wrist followed by the cold feel of the metal sliding into place a soft click when the lock engaged. He spread her arms out his hand closing over her other wrist and locking it in place as well before he would pull off the blindfold for the first time letting her see what all he had done.

The chains she was bound to hung in the middle of the large room. The walls covered with candles and lanterns giving a soft glow to the room letting her see the other parts as she looked around. A bed rested to one side and she could see the chains that dangled there the four posters each fitted with a cuff to hold all four limbs in place. To the left and right a table rested with drawers what they held she could only guess. She looked to the right and there laid a fucking table and slave cross much like the ones from her own basement in the cabin but what made her breath catch was the chair of special design built to hold the victim in place and leaving them spread open for all sorts of torment and pleasure. Along the wall many whips and floggers hung from a neat little rack ranging in a line from intensity. She strained to see the rest of the room catching sight of him as he watched her take it all in.

"Do you like it my pet?" he asked her as he watched her eyes settle back on his.

"Very much so master" she purred watching him move back behind her putting the blindfold back into place.

"I want you to feel what I have to show you for now you can see later but for now I want all your senses focused on touch and the sensations I offer nothing more." he told her tying the blindfold back in place taking the light away again and leaving her wondering what he had in mind as she hung from the chains her breast full and perfect bouncing as she moved testing the hold of the cuffs about her wrists. The chains pulled keeping her securely in place. He smiled as he watched her test the links. "Satisfied my love?" he asked her his tone light and almost mocking in that teasing quality that was so male.

She nodded "Yes Master now what will you do with me?" she asked him that throb between her legs still burning like a low banked fire just waiting to be flared back to life at the slightest provocation. She heard him moving, the rustle of things being pulled down and drawers being opened. She could feel his eyes on her as she waited the anticipation almost a tease in its own.

While she waited he pulled out three floggers made special just for her. Ranging in intensity each had something to offer. He lay them on the table close to where she stood the opened a drawer for another pair of items he had bought special for his mate. One a silver pair of nipple clips the other a small vibrating egg enchanted to send a rocking vibration though her with a word. He added these to his growing collection and moved to pull one candle closer. Once he was ready she would feel him move behind her again, whispering in her ear. Spread your legs for me my pet I have a present for you."

She spread her legs for him wondering what this present was her body still throbbing from his earlier attentions. Wet and silky her lower lips parted slightly as she spread her thighs and she gasped when his hand found that sweet nub again teasing it before she heard him say something then felt the egg being pushed inside her the vibrations rocking her to her very core. She felt that fire flare that coiling thread of pleasure starting to tighten her walls around the invading egg.

He pulled his hand back with a command for her to close her legs and hold it in place till he removed it. Moving from around her body till he could face her his hands once more caressing her breasts leaning down to lick each tender nub till those peaks perked to attention for him and he smiled pulling back to collect his next surprise. The nipple clamps connected by a thin silver chain rattled as he moved them and he watched her head turn at the sound. He captured her breast in his hand giving it a squeeze as he clipped the nipple clamp in place then repeated the same to the other. Once they were set he gave the chain a little pull and smiled as she moaned her body arching to follow that pull. "Mmm so good my pet" he purred tugging the chain again.

She had tried to keep silent as he toyed with her caressing her breasts teasing her nipples but when those clamps closed down on those tender nubs of hers her body tightened around the egg he had inserted into her. He had thought this out and she knew she was about to pay for every time she had ever told him no when he begged her to cum. She thought she might be angry at this prospect but found the thought excited her instead. He tugged the chain and her mouth opened giving voice to a moan as the pain of the tug pulled her from her thoughts and drew her attention back where it belonged ....on him.

When he knew he had her attention fully again he moved back around her body taking his time his hand still lingering on that chain giving her one more tug before he reached for one of the floggers a soft deer skin one to build her up. He knew she could handle the pain but she did better with a build up and with pleasure riding her slim curvy form. He ran his nails down her back and over the slope of her backside and gave her a swat firm and hard on each cheek. A soft groan on his lips as he heard the sharp intake of her breath and the little gasp she couldn’t hold back. His cock throbbed against his pants aching for her but he denied himself just yet wanting her begging for him till he gave himself the pleasure she always enticed in him. Another firmly planted swat to each of those lovely plump cheeks before he ran his nails over the slightly pinked flesh. Stepping back he took the flogger in his hand and let her hear the falls sliding though the air as he gave a few practice swings before the first one would connect with the creamy white flesh of her back, in a thud that would sound through the room. Again and again he pulled back decorating her back with the falls of the flogger his wrist twisting as he found his rhythm.

She had waited while he teased her. The tugging on her tender nipples giving her a hint of the pain he knew she liked with good sex. She had cried out as his palm connected with first one then the other of her ass cheeks. The heat was instantaneous. She savored that heat wanting more but she knew he had plans and the time for begging wasn’t yet but he had her turned on more than he had ever done till now and she couldn’t stop the moans that spilled from her lips. Her body jerked when she felt the first of the falls that crossed over her back. She had heard the sound but it wasn’t until the flogger connected with her back that the sound registered for what it was in her head. Bracing herself against those chains that held her firmly in place she let her head fall forward and her body react with soft but building pain.

He reached for the second flogger this one of elk that would leave a harder thud on her skin but not yet anything to leave her marked or bleeding. Crossing the two floggers over her back making an X as each one fell in a steady rhythm. He watched her writhe under the falls of the floggers a steady rain of sharp bites against her creamy white skin painted her back pink with little welts. He put the deer skin one down and reached for the third the most intense one he would use on her this one was made special with her pain tolerance and desires in mind. He had added the little steel clips to the tip of the elk hide flogger himself, taking special care with each and every one. holding this new flogger at his side as he gave a final swing to the plain elk hide one then tossed it to the side using his hand to caress the welts on her back "You like that my pet?" he asked her leaning in close to growl the word in her ear feeling the heat that radiated off her skin against his chest.

"Gods yes master" she said her voice breathy from the moaning cries of pleasure she had given him as he found his rhythm and had set he skin afire and her blood to boiling with the pleasure and pain that missed in her core. That Egg was indeed doing its job offering her just enough pleasure when her body tightened around it to offset the pain he had delivered with each and every strike. Her pleasure was building with every drop of the falls on her tender skin but she held back with effort knowing he wanted to hear her beg for her release and she wanted to savor this side of her mate hidden until now.

He took the last flogger into his hand testing the weight of the grip then giving it a test swing though the air. He could hear the hiss the metal tips made as they cut through the air and her gasp when she heard the same thing. He smiled "Don’t worry my love this one I made special just for you and today" he told her then stepped back and let her feel the bite of the falls as he drew back and flicked his wrist so the leather flipped forward and the tips caught her back making her back bow and her head come back as she cried out. He drew back another swing not even using a third of his strength yet so that it had yet to break her creamy skin. Welts rose instantly on that smooth perfect surface as swing after swing he connected and she cried out. Her voice made his cock throb for he could hear the need and pain in her voice. A small trickle of blood as the last swing he delivered split her skin. She screamed "Master!"and he gave her two more firmly delivered flogs breaking open other spots on her slender back before he put the toy to the side and pressed up against her letting her feel his erection and how much she excited him. He knew he had pushed her almost to the point of cumming before he denied her once again.

Naidra felt her body jerk and rock with the force of those cracks on her skin the pain and pleasure blending into one as her mouth opened and she cried out. A sharp intake of breath followed by another screams as she tried to fight the lightening quick strikes that pulsed through her core building that fire into a burning all consuming heat that made her eyes heavy with pleasure her body weak and tense. So close to her release she screamed out "MASTER!" ready to beg for anything if he would let her cum when it all stopped and he pressed against her back. She planted her back throbbing with heat and stinging pain but that heat fueled the fire in her core that coiling pressure that ached for release "Oh goddess, Master why please let me cum I will surely die of need soon" she told him knowing it wasn’t true but still her body believed it in that moment. His hand snaked around her side caressing that swell of her hip as he moved his hand closer to the center of her body giving that hidden pearl a rub while he growled in her ear and bit along her neck.

"I know you want to cum my pet that fire burns in your belly doesn’t it? But not yet my love oh no not yet there is still so much more to do" he told her placing a kiss on the lobe of her ear. She moaned her need as her head tilted to the side. He pulled back from her and walked back around to the front undoing the cuffs one at a time then lead her to the bed. He laid her back her body shaking with need. His fingers hooking her panties and pulling them down her thighs trapping her legs then moved his hands up her arms cuffing her to the bed this time. Before he whistled softly "My god love, you’re so beautiful in your need." he told her kissing her passionately while she trembled moaning for him as his lips sealed over hers.

She felt the sheets, silk and crisp against her back as he lay her down on the bed. His hands roaming over her body while she still tried to catch her breath. He pulled her panties down just enough to tease her then cuffed her back into place before he kissed her passionately. She opened her mouth giving herself to him in that kiss her tongue dancing along his as she moaned against his lips a whimpering moan for more a begging response to all his torment. He pulled back much too soon for her liking and she longed to see his face but he kept her in the dark leaving the blindfold in place while he captured her nipple in mouth teasing his tongue around the clamps that help it tight and hard for him. A tug on that chain as his lips moved lower his kisses raining down over her navel and down her taunt belly. she arched her back feeling both the pleasure of his touch and the pain of her back in that arching thrust wanting him so much in that moment she thought she would do anything to ease the ache he had nursed inside her to unbearable heights.

He moved ever lower placing kisses along the slope of her belly the dip of her navel then lower still placing one right above the junction of her thighs where all that sweet heat radiated from. He pulled her panties down even further then tossed them to the side as he spread her wide for him like a dessert he couldn’t wait to feast upon. He nuzzled her inner thigh with his cheek then nipped the other. Kissing and nibbling his way up ever higher closer to her sex. He lifted her hips placing his hands on her still red ass bringing her to his mouth. Her leg spread wider her feet finding a spot on his back and resting there as his mouth closed over her sex licking that bud that was already throbbing aching for his touch. She gasped and reached out to grasp anything to anchor her to this reality as he lavished her clit with his tongue. His hand coming up moving two fingers to spread her wide and take out that egg he had been tormenting her with. He placed that egg to the side the sank those digits in deep inside her wanting depth seeking that spot inside her that would have her bucking with need while his mouth continued its assault on her throbbing clit.

Naidra turned her head this way and that trying to fight that fire in her belly that threatened to consume her. That sweet heat that threatened to burn her alive and leave her forever craving his commands and control. He nipped and sucked driving her mad with his tongue. Her hips rocked forward seeking his rhythm then finding it. She was going to cum she was going to scream his name and call him her master begging him to cum even as she did nothing on this earth could stop it her body bucked and arched as her lips parted and she did indeed scream "Neko Master Please GOD PLEASE let me cum" then it all stopped again he pulled back blowing his hot breath over her throbbing clit

"I love to hear you scream and beg me to cum my pet gods I love it" he teased her as he pulled back stripping his pants off and finally freeing his cock that hard thick erection that had been bulging against his pants since she first bowed to his commands and submitted to his wants and desires. His cock now free ached to fill her tight wet needful depths he could deny himself no longer. moving to rest his body against her tight core he teased her with his tip "beg for me to take you beg for me to fill you with my cum my love beg for me" he said in a growling command he needed her as much as she needed him but he wanted her to beg for it.

She felt him push against her teasing her making her jump and wiggle with need to ease this painful pleasure he had awakened within her "Gods please master please....my love oh gods please, please, please......master take me end this burning need...... fuel this fire you have set inside me......oh god Master Make me cum PLEASE!!!!" She pleaded with him tears almost leaking from her closed and blindfolded eyes her need was so great. She would have sold her soul if only he would take her. She couldn’t take this anymore she needed him completely fully and wholly. Wanted him to take her will, her desire and make it his own if only he would end her suffering.

He heard what he needed that aching cry of need that he wanted from this woman his mate the only one to have his heart and soul completely. He gave into the need they both felt giving her just what she wanted. He pushed his tip to her opening and slipped inside her thrusting his hips to push against the natural resistance of her body so he could plow her deep filling her completely. Her tight silken walls clenched around him causing his eyes to close and his own lips to part in a long moan of pure and simple pleasure. It didn’t take him long to find a rhythm that pleased them both one hand moving between their bodies to tease and rub at her clit while he thrust inside her. His cock throbbed. He brought his other hand up and used it to pull her against him to she was soon stretched in an arch between his body and the cuff that held her in place. His own need building with every moaning pant of her breath. He moved his hand up from her clit to the cuffs releasing her from the bondage of the bed. He pulled her against him as he moved to wrap her legs around his waist. Leaving the bed and pinning her between him and the wall. His hand moved to her thighs holding her legs his fingers digging in as he thrust inside her. His groans of pleasure mingled with her panting moans creating music of passion that filled the depths of the basement bouncing off the walls and echoing back at them.

Her voice rang out so sweet and full of need “God please my love my Master, my Mate please don’t deny me again please for the love of the gods make me cum" She begged him as her own hips matched his rhythm pushed past anything he had ever done to her before being made to wait so long that her body ached with the need to cum. Her back flared with pain as it rubbed against the rough walls of the basement. Naidra cried out in pleasure and pain so close to her release if only he would say the word if only he would give her the ok to cover him with her sweet honey. Tears of lust and need rested in the corners of her eyes pain and pleasure had blended and became one for her.

He knew it wouldn’t take long for his own orgasm to build and he made her wait till he felt that tightening in his balls as his thick cock moved in and out of her tight gripping channel "Cum for me my love cum on my cock" he growled words almost beyond him as she writhed in his arms her body so deliciously tight gripping his like a vise that demanded his cum demanded his seed to open it up and make it slick. He felt her orgasm, her clenching herself around him in pulsing waves. His own pleasure peaked and he shot stream after stream of hot creamy cum into her tight depths. They both shook with the pleasure that rocked their bodies down to their very cores.

She heard his yes and her body gave up that desperate hold to keep her from cumming it was like a flood gate had been let go and that desire burned over her skin like liquid fire. She tossed her head back and screamed letting that sound carry till her voice gave out and her body trembled writhing in his arms. She was spent feeling as weak as a rag doll then her orgasm finally ebbed down to a gentle flow. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face into his neck panting for breath.

He felt the strength flow from his limbs as he carried her to the bed laying her down and removing the blindfold before he took her in his arms and pulled her close joining her on the bed "My god love that was amazing." she whispered in her ear his eyes heavy with the spent energy of his pleasure.

She nodded purring contently the aches and pains of their pleasure reminding her of that burning heat and sending aftershocks through her even as he led her. She was drained her body spent but she felt content and loved. She snuggled into his arms content to rest here on the bed in the basement till they both regained their energy but now that she had seen this new side of her mate she knew that she would call him her master again in the privacy of their home she would submit to him and let him use her body for his pleasure anytime he wanted. That knowledge set well in her being filling her with peaceful warmth that their relationship had grown once again and as always for the better.