Legends of Belariath

Neko Nightstalker

A Journey Began

Neko was out on his normal hunt. there was nothing on the guild boards about any missions this thief could partake in. so he went out on the town to make a quick turn of profit. filching hands prying loose change here and there as he walked down the street. though as he went for his next 'tip' his hand was caught. a vice around his wrist as he jerked slightly. looking up he knew he had been found. taken to the cells he was locked up and left there stripped of everything but his pants.

time wore on and it had become obvious that his fellow guild mates were not coming to help him. moved about and poorly fed he was moved auction to auction. not selling for quite some time he only had a few more before he would be put as a slave for one of the local shops. feet shackled he shuffled his way onto the main area for bidding. he was introduced briefly and nobody spoke up. though after a minute or so a female voice bid a number. it wasn't a really impressive bid but it was the only one. counted out and sold to the lone female she made her way up. skirt and white top, her hair was down to the tip of her ass. two white ears sticking from out of the black sea of hair. he looked over her with disgust as he was unlocked and collared in a leather temp band. one word tooled into the side in block lettering. 'NAIDRA'. lead by a leash he was lead back to the local inn. taken to a room she sat on the bed. he stayed standing where he was at the door. it was a bit time more when the dark cat would relax into a seat. though startled by her voice as she had set up the bed and already changed into a gown. "we will get you some new clothing in the morning as it was already late in the day when you were bought." she said as she looked back to him. bent over the bed her long white tail peeked out from under the gown almost lifting it enough to show off what was underneath. she crawled under the sheets and slowly drifted to sleep.

this was his first attempt at freedom though guards caught him as he tried sneaking out the window. taken back and left chained in the room. as morning rose so did the female. he was already awake not even bothered by the lack of sleep. seeing he was chained up with the key next to her bed she sighed and moved over to free him. he growled slightly as he pulled away and felt a gentle tug on the leash. reluctantly following after a moment or two he was lead to the market. she took him shopping for clothing, though after quite a few attempts at buying something colorful she settled with buying him what he wanted. black. taking him back to the inn room she set the clothing out onto the bed and motioned to them. "all yours if you wish." she said softly. he slowly moved over and picked up a shirt and slid it on. looking down to it he stayed quiet.

the days wore on and it was time to move. he had noticed the pack in the corner but never bothered with it. packed up she turned to him. "ready to go?" she asked as he tilted his head. "where?" he replied as he stood. he wasn't over the slave thing but he was more accepting in his new role. or so it seemed. "anywhere." she replied giggling and he lifted a brow. though he followed her as she made her way out of the inn and away from town. starting out this would be the first of many towns they were to stop by.