Legends of Belariath


Found Her

I found her! Finally I have found a Sithian woman, and she is Sheara’s gift to man! Her body is perfectly hour glassed shaped, her dark honey skin shines like gold and, her long dark hair flows like the wind that moves it. All you Sithians have become so scarce my love! But now I found you, now I can obtain you! Oh my love fight me, for your every move of resistance excites me and summons strength I never even knew I had! Let me see those breast and body, with out the rags that constrain your body and prevent you from feeling mine. My love let me fight you! Let me wrestle you! Let me grab your throat and force you to the ground!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR! Oh my love...with your body under my firm foot and my fingers squeezing your delicate neck I feel truly powerful, like I completely own you. But the best is when I release, and your snake body reels, when you gasp for air, when you cough up goo from your lungs and when your eyes tear out of reflex. Oh yes my delicate love. Be a good girl. Let me have you. Let me use your hair and ears as handles, and force your mouth on my staff, so that I can choke you with it, and so I can see more goo and tears! Oh Sheara! I must stop her from getting oxygen, I must not let her breath. Oh her face is becoming the most beautiful shade of purple. It’s almost as wonderful as her desperate gagging! Oh thank Sheara! More liquids! She’s coughing up enough liquids to cover her face, if I can just get a little more oh....she’s throwing up! Oh I can’t...stop. RRrrr...aahhhh...UHHHH. Ah. My cum makes her covered face even more stunning. Good girl. But you have been enjoying this too, for vomit and saliva are not the only fluids coming out of you. Your pussy is soak and wet and your breast are dripping milk. So you are a mother. You caress my arms with such affection, despite my violent passion. Has my affection for you brought out your milk? Oh Good girl, good girl. I will have to drink this milk as I fuck. I may have come, but my love for you has given me Stamina beyond what I thought possible. Now let me fuck you! Let me truly claim you as my own! Let me fuck you over and over again! I will fuck you until you ejaculated several times! Until your totally and completely raw!! Yes my precious Sithian! Yes! Moan! MOAN LIKE THE ADULTURAS WHORE THAT YOU ARE!!! Finally I am tired. I started with you early last night and it is morning now. You were spent hours ago, but I still fucked. But my love...before you sleep you must know. I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I am going to take you to a large mansion and even though you will officially be my slave I promise you, I will bring you, everything you could ever need, everything you could ever want, because the Sithans are the most wonderful people in the world and you are the most wonderful of them. I promise my Sithian you will have everything!! My Chirot ....I only want to be your true slave, and I only want you to love me gently, for I will die if you are too rough. Now...please let me sleep. Let me sleep.