Legends of Belariath


A Feather of Another Color

The sun had begun to rise, blanketing the sky with its amber colors. The air was fresh with the smell of winter approaching. Odesssa had begun to prepare breakfast for Jamie, As well as: herself. In her mind she made a list of all the things she needed to do. First she had to make sure Sprauga and Quilain, her heeler pup, and pet owl were fed, and bathed. Then she'd prepare the lunch, and from there headed toward her work.

As she'd hum to herself a knock came upon the door. Tilting her head up, she was curious whom be visiting her so early, Perhaps it was one of Jamie's friends. Wiping her hands upon a cloth she'd head out of the kitchen, and toward the door. Opening the door there before her was a fairy, Long green hair, Fluorescent sparkling wings, short earthy color dress ragged in appearance.

Odesssa would raise a brow as she'd say . . . How may I help you miss? The fairy giggled smiling up at her.

T`is not you to help me, But I to help you . . . I have a letter for Miss Odesssa . . . Are you known by that name? The fairy asked in a cute little voice. Odesssa nodded her head.

Indeed I am . . . The Fairy nodded her head picking the letter out of her red satchel, She handed the letter over to her.

Good day Miss, Odesssa. Odesssa nodded her head as she took the letter from her hands.

Thank you dear . . . Safe Journey. She'd waved to the fairy that had delivered her letter.

Turning to look at the letter. She'd flip it over curious to know who sent this. Her soft gentle fingers wold break the red wax seal. Opening it she'd began to read. Her deep blue orbs widen'd.

The Letter Reads:

Two weeks ago the flock was overtaken and forced to move their winter nesting grounds to an unspecified location. A cursed ogre male found our nests so we fled, on poor May was left behind in the chaos of the flight, she was cornered by the male who proceeded to ask several questions about your mother Livan.

Odesssa would stop reading as she'd tilt her head softly confused. Moving into the door of the home of course forgetting to close the door as she'd stare at the letter.

My mother Livian? she'd bite her bottom lip as she didn't understand. Her mother's name wasn't Livan but Normenia. The elder of the white flock. They couldn't so easily mistake that, rubbing her eyes. She'd continue to read to see if there were any more information explaining this mistake.

Upon learning the young May didn't know anything he released her, she returned to the flock with an unknown illness, she died two weeks later and now half the flock is taken with that same illness. We are asking you, Odesssa, for your help in curing the flock, you are the only May that has experience with outside illnesses, Please Come.

Concern grew in her heart for her family, Of course she'd come, At once. Her brow furrowed into a slight wrinkle as she'd ponder how to exactly tell Jamie. Soon the question would be answered as she'd shut the front door, and headed toward the kitchen. There near her stew pot he had taken one of the wooden spoons to sip her stew. Those china doll lips of her's curled into a cute smile as she'd watch him. She'd call to him.

Taste good? he'd stop at once, the red color would soon seep over his ears, as well as; along his cheeks. It always did when he of course became embarrassed. He'd turn around with a sheepish smile upon his lips. He'd open his mouth to say something of a sorry, before him he saw the look on her face. He could tell that smile hid something, after all they were mated.

As he moved to her, she had frowned a moment as she continued to think how to tell him. He saw her frown, his free hand reaching up to brush his thumb over her alabaster cheek.

Aye? he asked softly, his voice nearly a whisper.

What is it, lass? . . . Something troubling ye? she'd then sigh leaning her cheek within his touch.

Aye, Troubling news. She'd hand the letter to him.

It seems, As soon as I can . . . Will be going on a trip . . . Even if they banished me from them . . . I can not, not help them. She'd sigh softly scooted past him toward her stew. Jamie was silent, his lips moving as he read the letter. His brows knit in concern as he finishes, then lays the letter flat on the table.

How long before ye go, lass? He asked softly. He knew better than to ask if he could go along with her, something within him knew already she had to face this alone. And the thought that she wouldnít go didn't even cross his mind. He knew her; knew she couldn't -not- go, knew she couldn't leave them to die like that. She was a healer.

And how long d'ye think it will take for ye to come home? Odesssa rubs her eyes, grabbing a spoon she'd begin to stir in, basil, salt, pepper, other spices.

As soon as I can, I do not know, It depends on the illness, hopefully maybe just a fort night. She'd frown.

I will have to go after the male, He must be suffering so, and he could obviously cause more deaths by accident. She'd sigh softly.

I just don't understand though, My mother doesn't go by that name; But another and she passed away. She was the elder of a flock, They couldn't so easily mistaken her name. She'd stopped her stirring as she continued to think on this matter.

Jamie nodded, watching her for a moment. Then he stands, walking up behind her as his hands lay against her biceps. Light touch, gentle, as he kissed the back of her head.

I'm here, lass. I'm here if ye need me. As for you mother . . . Perhaps ye'll find out about that a bit more when ye go. Take care of yourself, lass. I'm sure Elise and I can handle things here while ye are away. Dinna fret, aye? . . . Just take care of yourself . . and your flock and know ther's at least one here that minds for ye.

Odesssa would turn softly to his touch . .. Turning around she'd hug him close to her.

I know, I'm so blessed to have you in my life, You, and Elise. sighs softly as she'd lean up on her tip toes to kiss him and laid her head on his chest.

Jamie, a girl named Kaylee. works for me . . . She cleans here. . . I pay her 5 mhl a month . .. I'm just letting you know, so you'd not be startled if she pops about. sighs softly looking up at him.

I love you, I'll always keep you in my thoughts beloved, and I'll hurry back to you as fast as I can. She'd wink softly patting his cheek. her love was great for him.

Turning to look back to her stew.

Now to teach you to make a good stew. She'd start to state each herb, and what works best with such stews.

Jamie nodded, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Dinna worry over Kaylee, I'll see she's taken care of. And aye, hurry back t`me, lass. I'll miss you. Another soft kiss pressed to her lips, then he peers over her shoulder as she starts naming off the herbs. He'd never remember this right now, he knew. But, it wouldn't take to many tries for him to get it, he knew that as well. And he stood beside her, as she started teaching him to cook.

The night was soft with the whispers of the nocturnal creatures, who were about. She'd turn her head watching Jamie sleep beside her in such a blissful innocent way. She'd be gone in the morning, he'd see a not on his pillow of a soft goodbye. Those endless blue pools would look up to the rafters of her cabin. She had such a long travel, though that didn't have her unable to sleep. It was the fact that this whole thing confused her.

Why would they mistake her mothers name for that of Livan. She'd sigh rolling on her right side, her back to Jamie, whom kept in a deep sleep. The ivory sheet fell about her form like a waterfall as she'd run her hand upon it. What would she find, what illness would do this kind of damage, had she prepared enough for this? She had no choice. Seeing as she was unable to sleep anyway, she'd sit up slowly, careful not to wake her beloved.

Her bare feet touching the cold surface of the floor. She'd move so swiftly toward the wooden wardrobe closet, and began to pack. Once she had dressed and had everything she needed. She'd move back toward the sleeping Jamie. He had shifted a few times in his sleep. She'd softly mouth I love you, placing the note upon the pillow beside him.

She'd then swiftly grabbed the basket of goodies and supplies she needed. She'd look around once more then she'd head out the door, shutting it gently behind her. Her lungs filled with the cool before dawn air, as she'd move toward the path leading her in the right direction. She traveled along the forest, groves, dirt paths, and bridges.

She'd continue to debate what sort of illness they had. It would take several days and nights for Odesssa to reach the forest in which the flock had rested. As she moved upon the direction she was given, her movement stopped as she spotted something stir head of her. She'd tilt her head.

Come out? She'd softly say. The shadows danced about this figure who decided to grace Odesssa with his presence. It was a young handsome male. He looked not even eighteen. He of course she recognized as one of her own kind. He was of high intelligence, for he knew who she was at once.

She'd heard a stern but just as soft as her own voice flow from his lips.

You are the Healer Odesssa, Yes? She'd curtsy politely. I am, Take me to the flock. He'd bow ever so nobly.

At once Miss Odesssa. She could see the relief in his eyes, as some large bolder had come of his shoulders. She'd be a hero even if she didn't wish to be such. He'd take her a few more miles deeper into the forest. She watched him closely, not saying a word.

Though he was more vocal.

After you did not take . . . he paused watching her. She'd not allow the smile to leave as she'd wait for him to continue.

Yes, anyway, Our Elder wishes to see you before you start the healing, but that's if your not to tired? He'd show concern grown, perhaps for her, but perhaps also for the nightmare to end as soon as possible.

Yes, I'd like to meet her, and dear Cob, I am not tired. She'd smile gently to him.

Soon they came upon a wall of green moss, that hung from three large trees. It was rather lovely in a weird sense, though the cob would part the feil, holding it open for her.

Please enter. he'd state softly.

She nodded and did as directed. Her perfect blue orbs widened at the sight, the heaven she knew, was broken and hell laid before her. Where there was singing, laughter, and beauty now rested only chaos and fear. The dirt clung to her feet as she'd move furth into teh small village.

A normal swan may's village would look like a very large camp. It would indeed be called heaven. Upon every branch and limb, long spider silk with white lilies trapped upon them. A large lake would be in the middle of this large camp, and around it would be the nests made out of feathers, stickes, vines, and anything else they found. The width would be wide enought to fita family of eight. About each nest, laid a large beautiful tent. made out of the strong and sturdy fabric their robes were made out of. It kept the rain out as well as; The cold night air.

It was their chocie to create a fire near the nest, but many would be against it, so the nests would be full of blankets. Moving past the nests, there were different tupes of gazebo's made out of lush green vines, beautiful trees, wilde flowers. They each had a purpose, for cooking purposes, teaching, making clothes, and so on.

It was pure heaven, but now, most of the nest's had many coughing families, many of the swan may's moving about trying to help those who are ill, already off to the side that is considered, a swan barrel ground. She'd sigh softly, as the cob led her through the despair toward the elder's nest.

It was far from the common nests. Once there, he'd kneel down in front of a large beautiful nest draped in flowers, and spider silk. The swan would bow its head, and at once shape shift into a beautiful white haired maiden. Her dark ebony eyes stared down into Odesssa's blond hair. Odesssa was already kneeling bowing her head.

Greetings Odesssa. Odesssa raised her head softly.

Good Evening Laura, its been much to long. It was found ironic to her, Her childhood friend from birth, had taken her Mothers place. Her mother, she had questions, But that would come soon, First the flock.

Laura would show relief as did the young cob did as she'd float toward Odesssa.

Indeed, I'm sorry you've had to return under such unpleasant matters.

Indeed. Odesssa replied gently as she was embraced.

Odesssa, we have a nest for you if you wish to rest before starting. it was obvious Laura would rather Odesssa heal and rest later, but that was rude.

I thank you, But I rather start now, Do you have a list of all that are ill?

Another male cob who was standing by her guide earlier stepped forth. hold up a scroll to the elder.

We do. spoke Laura as she'd take teh scroll, holding it out to Odesssa.

I will need teh teaching hut, as well as; Blankets and lots of boiling water. she'd state. Laura would nod gesturing to the other maidens's who surrounded her nest.

Do as she asks, and anything else she may need later. Laura would smile her lovely smile.

She was also one of the beautiful ones of the race, If it wasn't for her pure white locks, and ebony eyes, they could have been twins.

I thank you Odesssa. Odesssa would hug her.

It's the least I can do for my family. She'd say softly before curtsying, and moving toward the teaching gazebo. Once inside, and once everything was broth to her, she'd make a small Healing house.

Please bring me all those who are sick. Odesssa stated to those who were left in her charge. Soon one by one, each sick maiden, or cob was broght to her. She didn't know what this illness was, but she'd figure it out.

A young maiden not even four yet, wrapped in a blanket carried in teh arms of one of the male guardians of teh village. As he laid the girl upon the table that Odesssa had ready for those she'd call her patients, The child took in a ragged breath. Odesssa would nod her thanks toward the young male, as she'd whisper under her breath as spell was casted called, Discern Aliment.

Her darling hue's clowed a soft blue. She'd arch a brow, as she'd continued to move her hands over the child's chest. It took a moment to find out, that the illness was in fact, Scarlet Fever. The girl had red spots behind her ears, were a easy enough sign. Now she understood what to do, Clearly she didn't have enough magic to heal all of those in the flock.

So, she'd make a pot of healing potions made to cur just this. The male watched as Odesssa so sweetly placed her hands upon the child, and again whispered a few words. A very warm and peaceful blue glow formed from her hands, and gently entered the child's form. The young girl took in a deep breath before as if it harmed her, then the breath was gently released.

The girl seemed to be calm, to the male, his name of course was Rickard, Rickard watched as this healer's brow began to form beads of sweat. The flesh of the child would drink in the magic as if it had been dehydrated for years. Slowly the girls skin would begin to grow more color, as did her pink rosy cheeks.

Odesssa's hands would move away as did the glow. The young girl's deep blue eyes would open, to reveal a glint of peace. Taking in a deep breath Odesssa looked to the child.

You're safe now my dear, just make sure you eat something good, rest, and you'll be fine. She'd run her hand along the girls cheek. Before looking up toward Rickard.

Do not set her with the other children or family until they are healed, I do not wish to risk the chance of her getting Scarlet Fever again.

Rickard arched a brow.

Scarlet Fever? this was knew to him, what sort of illness was this. Odesssa gently wrapped the girl in a blanket.

Yes, It's a illness that can easily spread from one person or thing. Rickard's brow furrowed as if he'd known something. Odesssa saw it in his eyes. She'd go on and not ask at the moment.

To cure this, I must make a potion for all here, but everyone must burn any items that can not be boiled in hot water, Can you have that done?

Rickard now out of his daze nodded his head slowly.

Of course, Healer Odesssa. Odesssa nodded pleased, Then his voice continued..

Healer Odesssa? He'd look to her.

Yes? she'd watch him as she'd turn and begin to scramble through her kit of herbs.

You said such an illness could be caught bye a person or thing correct?

Odesssa nodded her head to the young cob.

Indeed, why do you ask? He'd nibble his bottom lip as he'd sigh.

The young swan may that was trapped, was my sister. He'd say at first before pausing.

She was with fever of course, and delirious, no one paid much mind to her, but she was trapped by that grey, Ba. . . He'd paused before remembering who he was in teh presence of.

Odesssa had now stopped what she was doing and turned around to listen to his words.

Go on. She'd simply smile to in courage him to continue.

Yes, the grey of our kind, she had said something about a stuffed swan, or something, a play thing.

Odesssa arched a brow, how did this help her. Then it clicked in her mind.

Do you think, that is what may have caused this destruction? If so , then why was this grey swan not effected, this was becoming more curious by the minute.

The youth nodded his head.

I believe perhaps that is what happened. He'd look to her watching.

I see, do you have such a thing? She'd move to him slowly. He'd shake his head no, Looking down, She could tell he had a blush to his cheeks.

Placing a gently hand upon his shoulder she'd smile.

Itís alright, Iíll look into this, I thank you and I am sorry for your sisters death, but know her life wasn't taken in vain, now go, and fill out my orders. she'd smile comfortingly. Rickard would find himself almost lost in this swan maiden's touch. She was different then the otehrs, it disturbed him, yet he seemed to like it.He'd bow.

At once Healer Odesssa. He'd then scoop up the girl upon the table and take her to one of the places taht she'd not so easily be infected again.

Soon many da's past by the time Odesssa healed the whole flock, The potion she had made began to work, slowly at first, of course, but it then began to word faster.

Those who weren't effect would of course be burning , and washing anything that they thought the illness touched. Odesssa even taught the healer of the flock, some things that she learned, and showed them how to use and find herbs for such nasty illness and anything else.

Odesssa for once felt at home, as if she had finally done something right, but somethign was pulling at her. She had to find the grey swan soon. The day came that seh decided it was time to leave the flock. She was putting things away in the healing hut, when of course the Elder Lauren came to her.

You wished to see me Odesssa? She watched her curiously. Odesssa turned to face teh beautiful woman with a respectful curtsy.

Yes, Elder. Lauren waved her hand.

We are friends, Lauren. Odesssa began to regret now what she had to say.

Lauren, Its time for me to leave. Lauren would nod her head.

Indeed, We will miss you. Lauren said regretfully.

I you dear, but we have good times to remember, don't we, though I don't think I will be able to visit again. Lauren's brow furrowed as she'd look at teh healer confused.

What do you mean?, I did say that you no longer need to worry about such a law of being banned from teh flock, you are welcome here. Odesssa would sigh softly.

I'm going after the grey swan. She'd say, now looking down. Lauren's flesh turned white.

Odesssa, You can not do that, You kno w that he, Well, look at what he did here.

Lauren almost seemed disgusted in her now, respect washed away by anger.

No, I forbid you to do that Odesssa. Odesssa took in another ragged sigh.

I can not allow a creature, to be sick, besides he could easily effect another tribe, he was after all looking for me. Lauren hissed as she'd move toward her.

Odesssa, I forbid this, it is not apart of our ways, You took an oath.

Odesssa looked up and stared deep into her eyes.

I did, that died when I was no longer welcomed in my own home, I have taken another oat, to myself, and to my healing, I will not neglect a creature like this. Odesssa felt pain deep within her belly, she was so close, so clsoe to being home again, to have it snatched away from her.

Lauren was in disbelief, never had one of their kind refused such a gift.

As you wish, but you know what this means, You are once again banned from your home. Odesssa nodded slowly.

I suspected, I will live, as I had before, You have plenty of healing potion if such illness appears again, and your healers know of other illness's. I will be gone by morning. lauren nodded her head, as anger had passed and regret and sadness struck her heart.

Yes, But we will . . . Odesssa interrupted her.

Moving, I understand. with a polite curtsy she'd watch Lauren.

Good Night Elder. she'd state respectfully holding back her tears.

GoodNight Healer Odesssa. Lauren would do the same, She'd turn and started to walk away, she'd stop. Her head turned to the side.

Thank you. She wouldn't be rude to a old friend.

Odesssa would only nod. That night, Odesssa packed, and she was gone before dawn, when the swan may's would of course begin moving. She wanted to cry, she felt so saddened by what all happened, but she kept her mind on the grey swan. Who was he, and why was he looking for her, and where was the stuffed play thing?

She'd continue to move along dead forests, and deserted villages, until she found herself in a very peculiar area. The noon air smelled fresh here, As it moved about the depth of teh some what darkness of the forest. The lush forest allowed only a few rays of light to peirce the shadows. Tree's here were tall, and thick with life, and dark creatures. It wasn't much like other forest; yes, it was beautiful in a morbid sense. The grass that rested upon the forest floor were found to be very vibrant in different patches of colors, whites, and greens.

The trees had given away to the autum leaves, that were healthy reds, golds, and oranges. They laid upon the ground dried, skin left from teh shedding giants. Those woodland creatures that dear move about, would stay in large prickly bushes, hiding from any pretors. A chill ran down her spine as she continued to enter this deep dead forest.

She kept her caution up as she'd move along , there was a village not far from here, that perhaps might hold a clue to this male swan. Though her thoughts were taken away as she found herself in the presence of a very hungery wolf. She decided to try and backa away slowly.

Shhhhh, its ok, I'm not what you want. its mouth open in a snarling twisted fashion.

It's drool made those sharp fangs glisten in the little light of teh forest. Those gold eyes glowed as it moved slwoly forward. Odesssa knew she couldn't run. It would only make it more upset and would catch her. So she decided to continue to move back, until she could figure out away to escape, though as she'd turn her head to she what was behind her. Her foot slipped upon the cold earth and she let out a painful gasp. Her side had fallen upon a large broken tree branch.

She'd then turn quickly just in time to see the wolf now over the whole toing with its food, leaped in mid snarl. She'd cover her face letting out a small scream, as she'd wait for the piercing pain of her flesh being torn open. What met her ears first, was a yelp from the wolf, a pain ridden yelp. She'd open her eyes, as she'd look up.

Before her a man in shadows fighting with the wolf. They tussled about until the wolf no longer saw this as an easy prey and left wounded. The male of course was wounded as well, She'd quickly got to her feet and moved to him. In her gentle and loving manner she asked.

Are you alright? she'd look to him with her loving blue eyes. The man would begin to reply.

Yes, I am just a. he paused as his orbs met hers. Livan's eyes, her beautiful eyes. Then his mind continued to search, How?, No, Its not her. Odesssa arched a brow as she'd gently place her hand upon him.

I see, well, still let me tend this, what is your name sire, I wish to thank my rescuer. She'd begin to look at his wounds. Large claw marks were deep within his side. He would watch her curiously as he'd nod his head, Why would he deny her. She was of course of his race, that was no doubt.

Jaron, I only did what I thought was right. he'd say softly. Odesssa, would gently reach for her basket, then she remembered the fall. Looking toward thef orest floor she sighed, all her things had spilled out, at least the bandages weren't to bad. She'd move to get them and came back.

Indeed, and taht I am thankful, I am Odesssa. She'd smile as she'd study him.

He was much older then she, though didn't look nearly thirty yet. He was young and very handsome. His eyes of light, brown his hair silvery gold. His skin snow white. Feathers upon his head, which circled upon his crown. His light blue tunic was torn, his navy blue breeches were dirty, as was his brown boots. She then smiled as she knew he was of her kind. She then became curious as she'd begin to mend his wounds.

Tell me cob, what brings you so far away from him? She'd ask as she'd move so gently. He would watch an then arch a brow, Odesssa?, Interesting. So many thoughts were running through his head. As he'd smirked. He knew she was of the white swans, he was a grey, why would she help him. A smile came to his lips, as though he learned that even grey swans must respect the ivory in away.

I have no home, Ivory Lady. He'd simply stat between hisses. She'd frown.

Sorry. She'd say, about the hiss.

Also I'm sorry for that. She did notice in the light he had feathers of grey upon his head.

She'd finish her mending, and began to cast her spell of healing. The glow was as bright and lovely as many times before. When that was finished she'd lean over to collect her things, when something caught her eye.

A small stuffed swan, a baby's toy. She'd feel her heart beat, as she'd lean down to pick it up. How did he?, Was this who she had been searching for? She'd tehn look to him. Holding the toy to him.

You, you dropped this. She'd say. His hues changed as he'd gently take it.

Where did you get that Jaron? She asked. He didn't want to tell her, he had given up the hope of finding its owner. Though something about Odesssa made him feel compelled to free his spirit.

From a shop keeper, its for Livan's daughter. she'd could hear the rush of blood in her veins as she'd nodded. She then spoke.

Who is Livan? she asked. This has been bother her so much. She wanted the truth.

He sat upon a log as he began. Livan is a daughter to the great and now past Normenia. Odesssa blinked, as she thought. I have a sister?

Normenia had another child. She didn't want to stop him so she nodded.

I see, Jaron, may I ask, what happened to Livan? She had to know more.

He continue, he didn't understand why, but he went on to tell her of Livan being born with the grey feathers, and that Normenia had to send her away. Then that's how he met her, and they became lovers, until he was foolish to leave. He felt guilty ever sense for leaving her. So two years he went to find her again, to say how sorry he was.

I found out, she had given birth to a girl child of the ivory flock, They didn't give me her name, but said that she was sent to live with Normenia. He stopped as tears fell from his eyes.

What of Livan, what of her. She was not daughter to Normenia, but a granddaughter. She suddenly felt betrayed and saddened. Oh how she was lost now. Then she thought, Livan, Did she still live. Maybe she could find her.

Does Livan still live? She asked, as she'd gently move to warp her arms around him in comfort. He didn't stop her, as he was to far in his world of guilt and mourning. He would quiver with a sigh.

She is dead, She took her own life, when she found out that her child live with her. Odesssa felt her heart break, as she'd look down. Such politics in her world, such saddeness. She'd slowly brush his cheek. She then looked to him as he spoke.

I tried to find my daughter, but it seems she has disappeared like her mother, Oh, How I wish just once chance to hold her, tell her how sorry I am. He cried more.

I'velived with this torment each night, Looking in faces of strangers wondering if they could be her, or know of her. He'd chocke as he'd lay there. Indeed he had suffered. She had to end it.

She'd look deep within his eyes. Cupping his cheek, with her hand.

Jaron, Look into these stranger's eyes, and do you see your child? did he get the hint?

He stopped sobbing as he'd slowly bring himself to look deep within her eyes. Slowly his hazed mind came to him. Did she just say what he thought she said. No, She taunts him.

He then whispered to her.

My Daughter? He asked. She'd smile as tears filled her eyes as she'd nod.

Yes, Father, I am, you've found me. she'd say. A spark of joy and relief as welll as; Other Emotions struck him, as he grabbed her so tight.

My Odesssa, Oh, My beautiful baby girl, I've found you. He held her so tight she almost couldn't breath.

In the next hours that seemed like days, they both spoke to each other of the past, and of what had happened, and sorry's weremet with forgiveness. They burned the animal he wished to give her together, as he understood what had happened to the flock she healed. Their bond grew as she stayed with him a few days, that seemed like years. Then it was time for her to go home to her Jamie, and so tehy sayd a good-bye, but they both now knew, that theyhad family. They made a promise to visit one another at least once a month.