Legends of Belariath

Morrigan Steel

The Tempering of Steel

It was that time of day, just before the dawn, when the darkness is its most obscure before the light would pierce it and banish it for a time. The air about the inn had grown still, yet inside where it was usually active, it too was dulled. Pregnant with expectations.

There were some soft laughs, conversation and a few couplings going on about the young knight as she admired the beautiful Torian Mayalaya from afar while she nursed her Elven Red. The quietness outside the inn became thicker. The lack of night birds trilling and no morning birds heralding the first breath of dawn...such to the point of almost being palatable.

Memory has tarnished now what the first warning was that something was amiss, but it soon became evident that something had. Was it the lack of pre-dawn activity outside? The sudden unexplained chill on the air, maybe a subtle scent of metal floating in on the wind as the door was opened?

The vision of forms emerging from the line of trees and descending upon the inn like a blanket. Shouts of warning emerged within as war cries rose without. Fluidly, Maya leapt into action, as well as others that were within.

Those that were warriors made what hasty preparations they could in the few moments allotted to them. Tables shoved to doors, weapons drawn and positions taken as the first swarm of Orcs and Dark Elves came. Maya and Morri stood shoulder to shoulder near the front as Krom and a few others took position towards the back, near the kitchen. Then turmoil and confusion broke loose as the first wave of goblins stormed the inn.

At first it seemed they had a fighting chance as the door gave way and the first few combatants were picked off at the door, their fallen bodies trampled upon by the incoming wave. A few of those who had been within the inn managed to escape out the back while the warriors at front and back held the incoming attack at bay, but the situation quickly changed. Krom was soon overwhelmed, as was Maya, Morri and Jonie. Alta and gwen had retreated to the rafters and continued to pick off as many as they could with spells and arrows. Horror washed before Morri's eyes as she saw Maya go down beneath several goblins who pinned her and began to rape her. Enraged she tried to fight her way to Maya's side to free her, but she too was shortly overwhelmed and fell beneath the swarm of goblins.

Within moments it was all over as the warriors on the ground were overwhelmed, the men left wounded or dead and the women raped then trussed up like a spring geese for the slaughter and removed from the inn.

With clothes in tatters, violated and bound the three women were carried off into the dawn to an encampment within the forest, unaware of the fae gwen following to take note as she remained aloft safely.

Their captors thrust Jonie and Morri in cages and made to try and strap Maya down upon one of the wooden racks kept near the cages at the encampment. Both Jonie and Morri landed hard on the cage floor, then tried to make for the door of the cage before it was slammed in their faces. It was then apparent a scuffle was taking place with Maya and her captors...suddenly, she was free and away! Maya affirming to send help and was off, away in the sky on her wings of blue gold! Morri cheered! “Go Maya! Be safe!” she called.

'Help would come,' the young knight thought as she gripped the bars and watched Jonie's torment as she was drug from the cage and placed upon the rack. The young knight helplessly gripping the bars. Cold anger broiled within as she was helpless to free Jonie as she was branded and appraised by the Dark Elf leader, then thrust within another cage upon a wagon to be taken and sold as a slave in a neighboring town, several days hence from Nanthalion.

Morri was then drug from the cage, the remainder of her tattered clothing stripped from her, as it had from Jonie, before being thrust upon the rack and bound. Since she had cheered Maya's release and proved to be quite spirited, the Dark Elf had her branded with not only the brand from the goblins, but included the Dark Elf brand as well, one which should have gone to Maya she herself received in Maya's stead since she cheered her fleeing to the skies. The hot iron sank into tender, exposed inner thigh flesh, nearly causing the knight to scream. Laughter coiled around her as well as the scent of the branded flesh before the second brand was applied to her other thigh.

The pain was immense as brands were touched to sensitive inner thighs and then she was lewdly 'appraised' as to her worth on the slave market. When it was clear she wasn't as docile as Jonie was, the command was given to the driver and the wagon left without her. She tried to make note of its direction of passage to relay to those that she knew would come to free her, unaware that gwen had watched, then met with Maya when she escaped.

Hope sprang eternal she would be free, and so this was evident in her sizzling emerald eyes as they spoke her defiance to the Dark Elf before she was torn off the rack and pinned rather ruthlessly to the ground. Once again she was trussed up and made to kneel before him as he tried to force her to pleasure him orally.

The knight's eyes sizzled as she defiantly met his. She refused and so was beaten and made to kneel again, his hard member thrust in her face again with assurances she would do as he said amid threats of more pain if she didn't comply. A dagger was thrust to the slender column of her throat. “Do as I say, or die.” he hissed.

Evidently he had overestimated the knight. She opened her mouth, closed her eyes, then bit down for all she was worth when he shoved his member deep within her mouth. A howl erupted within the camp as the Dark Elf rammed the dagger into her smooth bare flesh just above the collarbone. Goblins tried to drag her off him, but she wouldn't let go even with the shock of the dagger entering her flesh, the jerking of her body only caused more pain to the Dark Elf as his member was jerked and tugged within her teeth. She would not release him, at least, until enough of her life's blood had seeped away to weaken her till the point muscles relaxed and she was hauled from the Dark Elf. Curses filled the crisp morning air.

”Get me a healer!” the Dark Elf cursed as he watched the young knight crumple at his feet, crimson splattered upon her naked form and spilling upon the cold winter's ground. “As for her, heal her *only* enough to keep her alive then throw her in the cage.”

The golden hair knight was rudely tended with grimy hands then tossed in the cave, consciousness hovering at the brink. Was it pain or was the cage moving? She was too weak to even lift her head, the dirty cloth slapped over her wound uncomfortable.

Oh but the cage floor was so cold, her eyes opened just past the slit stage when she realized she was indeed rocking, or rather the cage was. It had seemed the Dark Elf had cruel intents for her still this day. Her head lifted to taken in the passage of trees, to see the dirty goblin and troll hands that had lifted her cage and was carrying it. 'Now what?” she thought, but that was all too soon answered. The sound of rushing water reached her ears and she made to sit half up on her hip and side as she watched them drawing near the river, the Dark Elf hobbling somewhat behind shouting commands in a tongue she didn't understand.

A cruel grin crossed his face when he saw her looking back to him. “I will break you or sell you as a pain slut!” he ranted, tormented, tossed threats to her. She just smirked in defiance to him, thinking they were simply carrying her away from the camp for more brutality. She was partly right.

The troll took the cage then on his own and lumbered into the deep river, then dropped it right in and held it down. She gasped as water poured in on all sides. Cold, icy cold winter kissed water! It swirled over her, buoyed her up to the top where her head and back cracked against the top and bars of the cage as it tilted, submerged beneath the weight of the troll. Gasps drew in water, not air, then the cage was just as suddenly wrenched upwards, dropping her shivering body back onto its metal flooring as she choked, threw up water and gasped for air.

”Again!” the Dark Elf shouted.

Horror filled her and she tried to intake air, but her lungs were too tight from the frozen water. Her bound arms ached as they took more punishment as she crashed against the top of the cage again when it was dunked. Roughly it was hauled up, just as she was sure she couldn't last another moment.

”Again!” the Dark Elf shouted.

She couldn't even think, her mind numb with cold, water spilling from her mouth as she had crashed to the bottom of the cage, only to be dunked again before she could get her breath.

At last the cage was hauled up, her limp form crashing against the bars that forced water from her lungs in bitter expelling of fluids. Vaguely she heard the Dark Elf laughing, somewhere. Mentally she swore she would kill him, if she had the chance.

The troll carried the cage back to the camp along with the goblins. It was dropped roughly, sending waves of pain through her and a grimy rag was tossed in upon her. The only thing given to her for warmth on that cold winter's night.

So ended the first day of captivity.

How she made it through that first night, she didn't know. She had never been so cold in her entire life, the dipping in the river having stolen what little body heat she had. Muscles were stiff from the chill and from being bound all night as she shivered beneath that filthy rag when she found herself again drawn from the cage in all her naked glory.

The morning began much as it had the day previous of her being forced to her knees before the Dark Elf, dagger to her neck, his member stuffed to her face. Obviously the cold had done little to loosen her jaws as she promptly bit down again. His howl was sweet to her ears despite the pain of the dagger rammed home again, her body crumpling quite quickly to the ground. Yet she would not budge.

The only difference was that instead of being taken to the river she found herself staked down, spread eagle on the cold ground with goblins leering and jeering, the Dark Elf cursing and casting threats at her.

”I will sell you as a breeder slave! You know what happens to those? They spend their lives lashed to a wall, raped until they with child. Once the child is delivered they are raped again till with child. At no time are they given freedom from The Wall. That is, until their death! Their bodies burned out from so many children. That's what will happen to you unless you submit!” he sneered and told her as he stood by her.

”Never.” she croaked.

”I see you need further inducement. Begin!” he shouted.

”Now what..?” she wondered, her gaze moving to the goblins about, now realizing they had begun to form a line. Suddenly, a heavy weight was upon her. A filthy goblin! She could feel his hard member impaling her, and she snarled and sunk her teeth into his shoulder. Only unbeknownst to her, this turned the goblin on, not off! As they viewed that as some sort of mating ritual. She didn't care now, she only wanted to make each one hurt as much as they were inflicting upon her. At least, as long as her strength held.

She managed about 10 before it all became a blur. Rape after Rape as it seemed nearly the entire encampment had had a go at her, or so it seemed the way her body ached. She knew from the previous day's count the encampment housed near 200 goblins and dark elves.

Harshly she was torn from the stakes and icy ground and cast back naked within her cage.

So ended the second day of captivity.

The next few days went much as the second day before she was cast back into the cage with her rag for warmth.

By the sixth day the Dark Elf came up with another threat which he cast at her as she laid strapped down on the ground awaiting the assault.

”I'd like to draw your attention to the line.” he remarked.

Yes, there were the usual filthy goblins...but about 10 back stood the troll. Her eyes grew wide ...she was human and far too small for one the likes of his girth. What unholy thing was he thinking?

”Yes, I see you noticed. If you do not submit to me by the time the troll reaches you. You will die, split apart by his massive member. Will you submit?”

”Never.” she croaked, with a strength she didn't feel. She licked dry, cracked lips as she couldn't seem to look at anything but that troll, that would be her death. She would fail, no one would know where Jonie was and hope of rescue had dimmed by now.

”Begin!” the Dark Elf shouted. And so the first goblin fell upon her.

After he had moved off came the Dark Elf's question. “Will you submit to me?”

”You will loose your investment if you kill me. No profits for selling me as a slave.” she spoke through cracked lips, her body sore and shuddering uncontrollably from the cold.

”At this point, I don't care. You either break or die. Choose.” his voice colder than steel fresh from the quenching trough.

”Never..” though that reply was weaker as the troll drew closer.

At last, came the ninth goblin and when he was through the troll stood at her feet, lust in his eyes, his shaft swollen even more than she ever could imagine. She closed her eyes.


The reply was long in coming as she gripped her bindings and fixed her eyes on the troll. Surely he was bluffing rather than loose any profits? She gambled...”No.”

”Die then.” The Dark Elf turned and walked away to leave her to her fate. She had called his bluff and lost.

The troll leapt upon her, pain shot through her...she screamed!

The peals of her screams were lost within the call of horns and clattering of horses as Imperials descended upon the encampment. The troll broke off to fight and confusion reigned as she watched the onslaught from her position.

Goblins tripped over her in haste as they made to battle, but she was too weak to even struggle against her bindings with barely enough energy to give weak screams each time she was nearly trampled.

The fight waged hours till all the goblins, trolls and Dark Elves had either been slain or fled into the thick of the forest and the young knight found herself freed, wrapped in an old blanket from one of the soldiers and carried back upon horseback to Nanthalion. Each thud of hoof racking painfully through her battered body eased only by the solace of witnessing the dark elf's demise at the blade of the Imperials and that she had survived long enough to send help after Jonie.

The soldiers released the battered young knight before their guard house and she staggered away, in a daze and dressed naught but a blanket. She had told the Imperials of Jonie, and she told Maya and Belson when they found her staggering.

Maya and Belson personally saw to her cleansing and dignity of fresh clothing before taking her to the guild for healing.

While the physical wounds were extensive and took sometime to heal they paled in comparison to the emotional scars she had sustained which surfaced over the following months.

While the young knight was only beginning to face the trials that would shape her, this had more of an impact upon her character, her stubborn will to overcome odds and stand firm, no matter the cost. For in the end, only the truly strong survive.

So was the Tempering of Steel begun.....