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Here is a list of the characters who have donated their tales to Belariath:


Dark Elves



Zingara's Songs

As you walk into the inn this day you see one of those rare Bat winged people on stage, someone near you tells you your just in time to hear the Chirot perform. You push your way through the crowds to get a seat near the front, so you can see this "Chirot" as they are called. as you settle in and order your drink from one of the inn slaves as you hear the performer start ....

.... then as she finished she bows, sliding her lute away, and leaves the stage, to head to the bar where a drink had already been bought for her. "That Zingara's got talent huh?" the large Minotaur woman next to speaks as she looks you over grinning faintly.

Zoey deMare



High Humans