The mehrial is the universal currency of Belariath. It is recognized by all races and forms the basis for all trade transactions. Made from a special blending of silver with other metals, the mehrial has an unusual sheen, almost as though it is lit from within by a soft white light. Rumor has it that magic is also used in the creation of mehrials.

A small value coin called a copper is also in circulation, it is mainly used for small transactions such as the purchasing of a drink, or tipping a barmaid. It is also popular as a stake in simple games of chance. A copper is 1/100th of a mehrial.

Forgery is unknown due to the make up of these coins. It is impossible to duplicate the inner glow and attempts to counterfeit money result in lifeless looking lumps of metal that even a drunken ogre would refuse to accept.

In OOC terms, trying to fool the system to gain extra funds will result in character deletion.

Using Money

Currency is used in Belariath role play to buy better armor, weapons and artifacts to improve your character. It is also used if you wish to bid in a slave auction or similar event. All characters start with 200 mehrials.

All visitors to the Inn are considered residents or regulars. As such they have 10 mehrials deducted from their subsidy each month to pay for room, drinks and food. The only exception to this are slaves, who are considered to be kept by their owners. However slaves also do not receive any character subsidy.

OOC Note: When your character first visits the Inn, they are expected to ask for a room and pay the initial 10Mh manually. That gives you an opportunity to make an entrance and gives you something to do when you first arrive, so you don't have to sit down and feel awkward.

Basic needs are met by more money being automatically added to your character each month (the subsidy - see above). Since the basic money is deliberately limited, if you want to get the best gear you will probably need a job, or be able to steal effectively, or role play heavily so that your experience rises quickly. Of course for a character who is happy to sit around the Inn and just drink, or ravage passing girls, the basic is all you need.

The character database records your bank balance alongside your other stats. It also adds and deducts money according to purchases you make and money you earn. Money may be transferred between characters for services rendered, debts owed, buying second-hand equipment or slaves, and so on. Money may NOT be transferred between characters you own.

OOC note - registering multiple characters so that you can transfer all their money to a single playing character will be seen and will lead to all of your characters being deleted.