Healing House


Herbs play an important part within the Healing House. Druids work in small labs combining several Healing Brews for patients arriving with all sorts of injuries, sicknesses and malady's. Here are but a few found within the confines of the House. Mixed with care and precision by Druid members of the HH. These are made exclusively with in the Healing House itself.

Only Druids belonging to the Healers House make these Herbal Brews. These herbs are NOT sold or found outside the Healers House.

Healing Herbs

Faith Raven- Dried leaves that are good for up to 1 year. May be placed on open surface wounds to restore 1 Life

Comfrey- Dried leaves that are good for one year, place on bruised skin to heal up to 1 Life

Flairen- Dried, chopped roots good for one year, dissolve in cup of liquid and drink within 5 minuites to restore 2 Life

Goldenbay- dried leaves/flowers good for one year. Use against open surface wounds to heal 1 Life

Borage- bottle of oil, mix with liquid and consume within hour to restore 2 life

Aloe- Gel within plant good for 5 minuites after exposure to air, rub against surface wounds to heal 2 life, wounds caused by burns receive an extra +1 bonus to healing

Calendula- Dried flowers good for 2 months, mix in liquid to create paste, press against open surface wounds within 10 minuites of creation to restore 3 life. If dissolved in liquid and consumed within 5 minuites- 2 life. Press dried leaves against an open surface wound to restore 1 life

Goldenseal- Dried roots, good for 1 year, grind into powder and mix with liquid to form paste, place against surface wounds to recover 2 life, paste is good for 6 minuites

Meadowsweet- mix dried herb (good for 2 weeks) with vodka and consume within 2 minuites (1 tablespoon only) to restore 1 life.

Red Pepper- dried, lasts 5 months, crush and mix with small amount of oil to create healing salve, massage into wounded areas to restore up to 3 life (do not use on sensitive areas. (EX: Genetalia, nipples, eyes, etc)

Witch Hazel- Dried leaves, good for 6 months, grind and mix with liquid to form paste, massage into wounded skin for healing of 2 life

Rosemary- Dried leaves good for 3 weeks, grind and mix with liquid to form paste, massage into wounded skin to restore up to 2 life

Yarrow- Dried flowers, good for 1 month, grind and mix with liquid to form paste, press against wound to restore up to 2 life

Agrimony- This plant, good for 5 months, acts as a couagulant to stop bleeding, can be mixed with any other herb but it has no healing value, it only stops the paitient's bleeding.

Note: the following can be used to create pastes: Aloe, Candula, Goldenseal, Red Pepper, Rosemary, Witch Hazel, and Yarrow, Agrimony. These herbs can be combined in any way, stacking their healing properties, though if done the healing value is as such: (Total of all healing values)/2

Note: the following can be used to create drinks: Flairen, Calendula, Meadowsweet, and Borage, Agrimony. These herbs can be combined in any way, stacking their healing properties, if done the healing value is as such: (Total Healing Value)*2

The following herbs can be used normally: Faith Raven, Comfrey, Goldenbay, and Calendula, Agrimony.
When combined the total healing value does not change.

Eucaliptis- The leaves of this tree, dried, last for 2 weeks. When broken the leaves emit a pleasant, relaxing scent for 2 hours used mainly in times of stress relief relaxing the patient.

Dragon's Bone- A dry powder created from the fosilized bones of various creatures, it's potency is constant for 6 months. When blown or otherwise distributed onto its targets who must inhale it to get the proper effect, the powder induces an effect like the sleep spell onto its injured sending them into a sleep while healers can work on injuries repairing damage without causing undo stress to the patient. This powder will allow the patient to awaken naturally feeling a bit drowsy from after effects. The powder lasts up to a half an hour depending on the severity and amount used. This powder is only used inside the guild. Its never sold or taken from it.

Skunk Cabbage- These dried leaves, good for 3 weeks store within them still living plant cells. When broken open and exposed to air the still living plant cells emit an unbearable stench detectable by only someone a few inches away from it, after that distance the smell dissipates. Usually placed next to or under a patients nose, this herb tends to awaken someone from a natural or otherwise induced state of sleep by using the odor leaving a very distasteful smell in the nostrils and the tastebuds of the tongue