The Lonely Inn

Bar Games

Anal Bead Tug-of-War

How It Works

Contestants and audience members are encouraged to bet on the outcome, but it can be just for fun or bragging rights too.

Find out who is the best "tight-ass"


Contestants face one another so the string pulls through their netherlips too

Try it using 7 or 10 beads instead of 5

For the coup de grace; contestants straddle a "punishment horse" with their arms bound behind them, the loser must spend the next hour on the horse while the audience is issued a collection of feathers, straps and whips

In event of a draw, both contestants spend the hour on the horse

Alphabet Foreplay

(even better when more than four play!)
from the deviant mind of Sabina, with a Beckyelf twist

How It Works

Great for breaking the ice with strangers.

The Dice Game

Dice Rules

The rules for these dice are simple. The dice are magical in nature and take 2 people rolling for their magic to be used. There is no resisting the dice effects because if you are willing roll them, you are consenting to the game of chance and their abilities. If you donít want to take a risk, then donít roll.

As for winning at this game, basically the winner is the one with the highest score and will have the victim to do as with they please.. though of course it depends on what they rolled....

Dice Effects

1+1- When rolled the user find themselves suddenly becoming overly aroused.. their juices start to flow as they find their mind being flooded with thoughts about having sex.. anything just as long as they get to orgasm. This feeling will continue through their system until someone else causes them to orgasm, and they will only be able to orgasm after their *helper* does.

1+2- When rolled the roller suddenly finds their vison gone and finding that they can't move, but are totally poseable in their frozen state.. and feel everything that happens to them. This blindness and frozen state either lasts 1 hour.. or 1 scene depending on what happens.. seeing how this could be good for a scene.

1+4- When rolled the roller finds their clothing suddenly altered, they will find themselves almost totally covered in a tight pink leather body suit, the suit has a hood type head piece that covers most of their skull but is open so their hair pokes through in like a pony tail type hole. There are also holes that allow free use of their sexual parts.. in the case of races that have tails.. their tail will also be coated in a full coating of the leather. In the case of winged races.. they will find their wings bound to their back and covered in the leather. This roll lasts for one hour, or a scene before it disappears.

1+5- When rolled the roller finds themselves suddenly needing to suck off a guy.. they will find this urge compelling and they would do almost anything to be able to do it.. from anywhere begging.. to just outright raping their victem to get their goal.

1+6- When rolled the victim will find themselves suddenly suggestable to the next sexual suggestion that is made to them.. whether it's something as simple as finger yourself until you come.. or submit totally to a personÖ if something that in depth is used.. it either lasts for a hour/scene.

2+2- When rolled the victem finds their race suddenly changes, they change to a pink furred cat girl.. with full ears and tail.. now in the case of already being a cat person.. they will find themselves suddenly switching to a wolven girl. In the case of males this happening to.. they will indeed find themselves switched to female.. this lasts for one hour.

2+3- When rolled the victim who rolled this will suddenly find their skin super sensitive.. any feeling across their skin will feel like a hand brushing softly against them. Any feeling to their body will be about 50 times more powerful. This will last for one hour.

2+5- When rolled the victim will find that they really want to roll the dice 2 more times.. before anyone else gets a chance to roll them. Both effects that they roll will take effect upon them after the 2nd dice is rolled.

2+6- When rolled the victim will suddenly find themselves pulled over backwards until they are laying on their back on the floor.. leather straps will appear around their arms and pulling them together palm to palm behind their back strapping them there.. another strap will appear around their elbows and bind them tightly there. 2 more straps appear around the ankles of the victim and binds them to their thighs.. forcing their legs trapped like that. A long bar appears between their knees also just as suddenly forcing their legs open.. and into a very open position. This bondage will last for 1 hour/scene or until they are cut loose.

3+1- When rolled the victim will suddenly find themselves wanting to lick and suckle at a pussy. Their mind floods with the thoughts of wanting to do this.. and nothing will end this urge until they have made someone cum from licking on a pussy.

3+3- When rolled the victim will suddenly find themselves overthrown with waves of orgasms throughout their body.. their mind will flood with the waves of passion as they orgasm for a good 3 minutes before it dies just as quickly away.. only leaveing a very wet victim.

3+4- when rolled the victim will suddenly start feeling feathery tickles over their sexual areas.. it will feel like a dozen feathers are going over them at once and not stopping. This feeling doesnít stop until they orgasm. But the victim will find that they can't orgasm from the feelings alone.. so will need to get some outside help.

3+6- When rolled waves of pleasure will suddenly start flowing over the persons body.. slowly increasing in how powerful they feel. With each passing moment the feelings will increase as it feels like extreme pleasure flowing into their sexual areas. They will continue slowly growing right up until the victim would be just about to orgasm but poof right before they do.. just leaving them high and dry.

4+2- When rolled the victim will suddenly find that they can feel the sexual thoughts of others.. if someone is looking at the victim and thinking about how nice it would be to be fingering them or something.. the victim will find that they suddenly feel a finger going on their person and in. This energy lasts for one day.

4+4- When rolled the victim will find a nearby something to go and lean upon.. placing their hands on its surface.. they will bend over and spread their legs leaving them exposed. Once their arms and legs are firmly set they will find they can't move them.. This lasts one hour/scene. If the victim had clothing on.. the clothing will fade from sight leaving them naked to only reappear after the time is over.

4+5- When rolled the victim will suddenly find their sexual organs flaring with pleasure. But what they soon will realize no matter how hard they try with any part of their body.. will they be able to touch themselves. The pleasure will grow in heights until it forces the victim to finally beg for help in touching themselves. Lasts 1 hour/scene.

5+3- When rolled the victim will sprout a tail (if they donít already have one) that will suddenly develop a mind of its own. Itís a sexual mind as it will start sexually teasing the victim before it starts in on them.. either fucking a girl.. or stroking a guy. Oddly enough nothing can be done to stop this until the victim orgasms. If tried to stop the tail.. like grabbing it or otherwise.. the tail will seem to pass through what ever it needs to, to get at the victim's sexual parts.

5+5- When rolled the victim will suddenly find either their cock or pussy will seem to be active.. if the person is male their cock will suddenly be raging hard.. and showing no signs of limping. If the fact of a girl.. their pussy will suddenly be dripping wet.. almost anything can easily slide into them. They are well juiced, their juices are so evident that their thighs will be drenched within the matter of minutes. This lasts for an hour.

5+6- When rolled the victim will be emitting a Ėscent- of attraction. Almost anyone smelling this scent will be attracted to the victim.. as they stay around the victim and the smell grows they will find they want to be even more close.. and if refused.. that just wont stop them.. they Ėmust- be close to you.. to feel they will find the victim overwhelming attractive and must have sex with them at all costs. Lasts 2 hours/scene

6+4- When rolled the victim will suddenly have an urge to get up and go retrieve the most embarrassing object to the victim and bring it back to where they rolled the dice, they then will use the object in such a way on their person until they end up orgasming from it. Lasts until orgasmed.

6+6- When rolled the victim will find themselves reacting as their body moves on it own. They will find themselves forced to start stroking their sexual parts. A woman will start fingering their pussy while a man will start stroking their cock. But as they get closer to orgasm.. they will find they can't cum.. but will also know they can cum only when given permission from someone they have asked. Lasts until given permission to cum.

Nude Limbo


How It Works

Each try: roll d100 (!r 1d100) +1 for every inch taller than 6', -1 for every inch shorter than 5'

Results: must roll a number not to exceed the number listed for each bar height (after adjustments)


If more than one player succeeds at 1'-4" consider it a tie.