All served in shotglasses,glasses, mugs, and tankards


  • Plain Water
    Mineral, Morning Dew, and Rain - Check availablity
  • Tea
    Includes Fruit, Herbal, and Spiced
  • Coffee
    Includes Barbarian, Chirot, and Goblin Blends
  • Hot Cocoa
    Get your chocolate fix!
  • Kitty's Delight
    A mixture of milk and cream. A more thick form of milk, usually served partially frozen. Almost like ice cream.


  • Juices
    Various extracts from fruits, vegetables, and nuts - Nut Juice is limited in quantity
  • Milk
    Includes Sweet Cream, Butter Milk, and Milk
  • Fool's Gold
    Like Dwarf Sweat without the alcohol...The Dwarf's don't think it's funny
  • Virgin Orgasm
    Peach nectar mixed with light sweet cream and...a cherry, of course
  • Nature's Delight
    A nymph drink made from a concentrated mixture of fruit nectars and 100 times sweeter than even the purest sugar. Something that only nymphs and fae can stomach because of the intensity of the sweetness
  • Stale Ale
    Less than .01% alcohol - and tastes like it

Alcoholic Beers

  • Ye Olde Ale
    Strong stuff, heady with a dark golden color
  • Moriel Ale
    Not really made by Dark Elves, just dark and bitter
  • Light Cream Ale
    Light, slightly sweet
  • Honey Meade
    Fermented from honey, also known as Elven Meade, rich and golden
  • Angry Meade
    Fermented from malted barley by angry Barbarians, rather pale but very strong
  • Blood Meade
    Fermented from Bloodshrooms by angry Dark Elves, dark ruddish coloration, slightly sweet
  • Halfling Beer
    A blend of grains fermented to perfection and aged underground, light and sweet

Alcoholic Wines & Liquers

  • Dicken's Cider
    Fermented Apple Juice most common, Peach Cider, and Strawberry Cider also available
  • Dwarf Sweat
    A classic malted whiskey, very strong with subtle side effects... like falling down
  • Blood Wine
    Made by Dark Elves for Dark Elves, crimson and slightly sweet, but not too strong
  • Fire Wine
    A flavorful Elven red wine, blessed with a wonderfully fragrant bouquet
  • Wild Troll
    Strong, murky liquid, comes in a small cask with an easy open top
  • BirdSong
    Sweet, light sparkling liquer, relatively weak...but so are the nymphs who favor it
  • Old Magi
    A clear, rather gaseous liquer that mixes well with water, but explosively with vinegar
  • Ol' 4 Fingers
    Very strong, eye-watering liquer, gold in color favored by members of "The Tribe"
  • Jester's
    Cheap, middle of the road blended scotch, used by dentists for teeth extractions in many places
  • MadDog
    A pale liquer, fermented beneath the full moon, strong enough to make a wolven howl
  • Princess
    Don't let the name fool you, strong clear Elven liquer, usually mixed with wine
  • DandyLion Wine
    Sweet white wine, favored by Cat People
  • Whiplash
    A dark, thick liquer, not too strong, sweet and tasting vaguely of licorice
  • SourMash
    Any one of a number of fermented tubers, grains, or nuts - Potato, Corn, and Hickory being most common
  • Ye Olde Wine
    The most common label. Wide variety available including Brandy, Port, and Champagnes
  • Dragon's Tears
    Not actually an alcohol at all, but a pale resin extracted from the infamous Dragon Poppy and distilled slowly into a colorless faintly sweet liquid
  • Flaming Magic
    The old Magi, lit aflame. Hopefully put out before drinking it froms a rather more subtle taste and the vapors from the old magi do not rise anymore
  • Absinthe
    Distilled from herbs and flowers, some claim this pale green drink should be listed at the Poison Shop rather than the Inn

Mixed Drinks

  • Barbarian Iced Tea
    Dwarf Sweat and ice in a fancy glass
  • Black Chirot
    Potato Mash and Whiplash, sweet and potent
  • Nymph Orgasm
    Nature's Delight mixed with a bit of Nymph Nectar
  • Troll Sunrise
    Wild Troll and Orange Juice
  • Ogre Punch
    A potent mixture of the first 6 liquers handy, served in a disposable bucket
  • CatNip
    Jester's mixed with cream, a sprinkling of catnip added after stirring
  • Crying Goblin
    Dragon's Tears and pumpkin juice, mushroom spores optional
  • FingerNail
    Ol' 4 Fingers splashed with hazelnut juice
  • Slow Hard Screw
    MadDog, Princess, and Raspberry or Blackberry juice
  • SaltyDog
    MadDog served in a salted glass with a splash of Jester's
  • Bloody Swan
    BirdSong with a splash of Tomato Juice, celery optional
  • Cave-In
    Large Tankard of Beer or Ale with a shot glass full of Dwarf Sweat dropped into it
  • Black Root
    A mixture of sourmash and wild troll. The drink itself black in color and a rather earthly taste, still quite strong. A favorite of most rangers
  • Mad Blood
    A mix of Blood Mead and Maddog. The dark red blood mead, mixed with the pale maddog gives it a ghastly color of actual blood. Quite strong and enjoyed by the wolvens.
  • Fox Lust
    A mix of cream and Blood Mead. It is quite pink in color and tastes sweet and creamy. Enjoyed much by vulpines and quite easy to attract them with.
  • Angels Kiss
    Elven or regular white wine with a spoon of honey and a shot of bubbly spring water.. a common drink amongst the elves and one of Tal's favorites.
  • Black Widow
    Red or white wine with a shot of cognac and a shot of Old Magi.also a bit of Blue Azure (an Herb from the port of Far'Lokee) which has an opiate like affect( Bacically, a Jagermeister for those who like it)
  • Ballbuster, or Horse Breaker
    A shot of Sour mash whiskey heated and a tad of lemon juice added then dropped into a large glass of dark stout and drank quickly. (Boilermaker with a twist.)


The Lonely Inn bar and tavern doesn't just serve drinks. From the Inn's great kitchen comes tantalizing smells that would encourage even the most finicky to eat. Dotted about the bar itself are jars of pickled quail eggs, pickled pigs feet and pickled onions for those who just wish to have something to nibble on as they down their drinks. The food comes served on simple wooden bowls and plates as these are least likely to break in case a fight breaks out.

OOC Note: For simplicity, all characters except registered slaves are deducted 10Mh monthly to pay their bar tab. This includes room, drinks, food and use of Inn slaves. It is non-negotiable. Slaves are maintained by their owners.


For those in a hurry or who wish a light bite to eat, the inn kitchen and cellars hold wide variety of edibles.

  • Fruits
    On hand, a fresh selection of fruits brought in daily from the market bazaar . All chosen for freshness and firmness of the fruit flesh. The inn has selection of apples, oranges, strawberries, gooseberries, elderberries. blackberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, lemon, lime, peaches, pears, cherries, watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, red and white grapes.
  • Nuts
    A small but selective collection of nuts is on our menu as well. We have pecan , peanuts, cashews, all slightly salted for flavor and stored in the inn cellars.
  • Veggie Salad
    A small wooden bowl filled with shredded lettuce, shredded spinach, diced tomatoes, sliced green onions and radishes mixed well and pleasing to the eye.
  • Smoked dry venison
    A treat for any person who wishes to have the delightful taste of hickory in their mouth, caught by local hunters and smoked and dried over hickory wood to peak of taste.
  • Emperor Salad
    A delight to any taste buds it consists of Romain lettuce, garlic, olive oil, wine vinegar, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, worcestershire sauce. chopped boiled eggs, croutons, salt and freshly ground black pepper and capers.
  • Spinach Salad
    A dish for those who don't appreciate the taste of lettuce. Instead of lettuce freshly pick spinach is used with tomatoes. celery, onions. and cuts of cheese.
  • Cheese
    In the inn cellar lies a wide selection of cheese for any culinary artist. To name just a few are cheshire, cheddar, goat, Swiss and cottage cheese.
  • Breads
    Early in morning the cooks gather around the large hot ovens in the inn kitchen and the fragrance of bread fills the inn air.It even chases away the smell of sex and alcohol, the prevalent scent in the inn bar. Out of the ovens come yeast breads, flat breads, buttered wheat bread, rolls and biscuits.


  • Eggs
    Cooked over the ovens to tasty perfection the patron can have a choice of scrambled, poached eggs, fried, pop-eyes and simple cheese omelets. Served with chunks of warm bread, and your choice of grilled or fried ham or sausage.
  • Hotcakes
    Otherwise known as pancakes, served straight off the grill with dabs of butter and maple syrup, also served with choice of sausage or fried ham.
  • Oatmeal
    For those who wish a more hearty meal, one to stick to the ribs. Oatmeal is served sprinkled with brown sugar to make a tasty treat.
  • Cinnamon Rice
    For those who wish to have something lighter and sweet in the morning, a dish any fey or pixie would love.


  • Goose Egg Stew
    Thin sliced meat, quick fried, with cheese melted over it, served on a soft roll sliced in half lengthwise (modernly known as Philly cheese steak.. offered by Pender Kender)
  • Venison
    Grilled over apple-wood - order to the customer's taste of rare, medium, or well done.
  • Steak
    Pan fried, braised, or grilled over apple-wood and served to patrons choosing.
  • Beef & Vegetable Stew
    Seasoned with salt, pepper, bay leaf, onions, minced parsley.
  • Pork & Lamb Chops
    Cooked with salt, pepper, garlic and a dash of white wine.
  • Roasted Duck, Goose and Turkey
    All come out inn ovens during evening time, The skin a golden brown and just shy of being dry.
  • Roasted Boar
    On the inn great roasting pit can be found a boar being rotated slowly by cooks over hickory smoke wood.
  • Catch of the day
    A wide selection of fish comes from the fish market in the bazaar daily, grilled in a pan with white wine, a squirt of lemon, butter and cooked with mushrooms.
  • Vegetable Platter
    On a plate come sliced carrots, black olives ,green olives, radish, celery. and cheddar cheese. in the middle is a small cup of wine vinaigrette for dipping if so desired.
  • Melon Plate
    From out of the cold pantry comes a section of cut pieces of honey dew melon, water melon, cantaloupe, and pineapple. A dish to bring out the fey in anyone.

Side Dishes

  • Vegetables
    From farms dotted around the empire comes a selection of vegetables daily; carrots, radishes, corn, peas, spinach, which is steamed and served hot and crisp to the patrons of the inn with large dollop butter on side to spread over it if you wish.
  • Potatoes
    Potatoes come in all it variety of forms. Mashed, baked, roasted, all served with little side cups containing butter, chives, bacon bits and sour cream.
  • Rice
    Plain white rice served hot and plenty of it with butter melting on top of it. If you wish to have a sweet treat by all means sprinkle sugar over it.

OOC note: These are a suggested menu for the Lonely Inn. By all means if you have a taste for something different, rp it out but remember the Inn is a rough and tumble place and if you wish a 7 course dinner cooked with orange sauce, look elsewhere than our kitchens.