Slave Conduct

The following is purposed codes of conduct for slave.  A slave will follow these codes of conduct to the letter as it means that she is made more pleasing to her Master, which in turn brings to herself that pleasure in return.

OOC note: WHile the following are considered traits of an ideal slave your character is in no way forced to be played sticking to them all the time. Having a personality or even being rebellious can lead to interesting roleplay, though going too far would also be implied OOC consent for any actions taken by the IG and the ISA regarding that slave.

 General guide to offenses and punishments for slaves and their owners

1st degree offenses...including but not limited too..

2nd degree Offenses...including but not limited too..

Of course each case will be judged individually and the slave allowed to tell their side of the story. If the slave had good reason for their actions such as fighting off rape or an attempt to kill them.

Punishment for each degree of offense for slaves

1st degree..

2nd degree..

Punishment for each degree of offense for owners

1st degree..

2nd degree

Offenses made against a slave made by a free person such as kidnapping, or rape resulting in a very badly injured slave that can no longer serve its owner without healing, or of course killing someones slave may result in fines, stocks and public whippings or even an Isa collar for a period of time if the free person is found guilty. Of course if someone kills a slave and is found guilty they will pay the owner the cost to rez that slave. They could also be made to pay the owner for healing if they injury a slave to the point of it needing a healer.