Criminal Enslavement

By decree of Stormbringer, Emperor of Ilfirinor, Lord and Master of Nanthalion and Valencia, it is hereby set forth that any citizen, or person within the Empire, who commits a crime against the Imperium can be captured, and enslaved, as a consequence of their actions. They will be shown no mercy, their pleas unheard, and their rights stripped of them for a period no less than TWO days, but no more than SEVEN days. Once taken into custody, the criminal(s) will be housed in the slave pen until such a time as an auction can be held, and they will then be sold to the highest bidder OR shall be placed in service at a location chosen at the ISA's discretion.

"Let it be known that those that trespass against the Empire and abuse its generosity shall be enslaved for a number of days to remind the trespasser of his sins against the Imperial authority. For those unsure on the subject....

1) Should your actions inconvenience or irritate the authorities, be prepared to reap what you have sown.

2) Should your actions result in a loss to the Empire in any way, in the eyes of the authorities, then be prepared to reap what you have sown.

3) The mercy and generosity of the Empire is both fickle and inconstant, so each case shall be judged on its merits and circumstances. Woe to he who would try and manipulate the Law against the Lawgivers.


If your character commits any action deemed a crime by the Imperium, which DOES NOT include rape, combat, pickpocketing, of course, but DOES include, though is NOT limited to, damage to and actions against imperial locations (i.e. GS, NB, MMR, etc.), then you are giving IMPLIED OOC CONSENT to the possible consequences that may be a result of said crimes, possibly including, your temporary enslavement for a period lasting no less than 2 days, but no more than 7 days, the time dependent on the crime.