Since slaves are an important part of the economics of empire, as well as an integral part of the everyday lives of the people of Belariath, their capture, trading and ownership is carefully regulated. The Imperial Slave Authority issues licenses to allow individuals to work legally as slavers.

OOC Note: Slavers, owners and slaves are all expected to have read the rules concerning slavery before adopting their character position. Since slavery is central to role play, those rules are strictly enforced to maintain the integrity of gameplay.
Slavers and owners may be referred to as 'he' and slaves as 'she' but either sex may take any of those positions.
All of the following assume informed OOC consent from all involved.

How It Works

The ISA licenses individuals to take up the profession of capturing, training and selling slaves. Unlicensed individuals may still capture slaves for their own purposes but they are not able to hold slaves as merchandise and they do not gain any of the benefits allowed to licensed slavers.

Would-be slavers may apply to the ISA for a license either in person or via the Message Board.


Registration as a slaver costs 100 Mh and includes a starter kit comprising:

Continued registration costs 20 Mh monthly which is automatically deducted from the slaver's bank account.

A second merchandise collar may be purchased for a further 100 Mh. No more than two merchandise slaves can be held at any one time.

Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Slaver
Restrictions and Responsibilities

A merchandise collar takes the form of {TB-M} for example, to denote the slave is Merchandise owned by a slaver called TigerBane.