Thieves Hideout


The roll is a simple contested roll: Pickpocket vs. Victim

1) The initial Pick Pocket Roll Thief: rolls Int+Agi ( !cd agi int ) Victim: rolls int+agi ( !cd agi int ) For a none thief char this roll would be divided in half: !cd int agi @50%

2) Amount Stolen A successful use of this skill can take up to the difference in the rolls in Mhl, with the obvious limit of how much the victim has, and a further limit of the lowest of the two stats the thief uses (i.e., the lower of their Agi and Int).

3) The Spot Roll Each time Thief is chosen, grants a better chance of getting away without being spotted. To see if you spot a thief, roll 1d100 and consult the table. If not spotted, then they get away with their haul.

Thief x0 - 1-95 caught
Thief x1 - 1-35 caught
Thief x2 - 1-30 caught
Thief x3 - 1-25 caught
Thief x4 - 1-20 caught
Thief x5 - 1-15 caught
Thief x6 - 1-10 caught
Thief x7 - 1-5 caught

Bystanders get a 1% chance to see it all happen meaning they most roll a 1 on a 1d100 (2% if holding a Thief Class or considered a Thief)

Consequences of being caught stealing.

Now, what happens if a thief is caught with his or her hands somewhere they don't belong? By preference the outcome should be Role Played out, but there will be cases when that is just not feasible, for example when the thief is a vastly superior character to the victim who, hence, has no chance of handing out any form of punishment or retribution beyond heavy pouting. In these circumstances the thief should be pointed out to an Op (if present) and if the Op deems it necessary they may decide for an NPC intervention. The punishment to be doled out depends on how many times they have been caught pilfering.

Generally For the first offence, the theif must pay back twice what was taken (if the attempt failed, they pay back double the lowest of the either the Stats involved in the stealing attempt either Agi or Int or twice the difference in the rolls (treated as a positive number). For the second offence, the thief spends a 'night on the pole', for third, and subsequent, offences the thief has a hand removed. All effects being cumulative.

So, if Mr. Fingers (a guild member) has a really bad patch: 1st he repays twice what he has stolen. Next time he repays twice what he stole, and gets hung up on the pole. 3rd time of being caught he repays, gets hung up plus he loses a hand.