Tu`Turadil is an elven word that means "To serve your master with devotion", and is used as a Title for the elite slaves in the empire. This honor is gifted to the individual from the Imperium. However, when offered this oportunity the individual does not have to accept, it is their choice whether they would like to take it on or not and it should be an educated decision based on the characteristics and requirements of the Tu`Turadil. As well the slave does not need to be owned in order to be offered this honor, or to maintain it. However the natural inclination of a Tu`Turadil slave is to be owned, but even with that in mind they will not take a collar lightly, nor will they jump from one owner to another. When a collar is accepted it will be with careful thought and consideration, and the intentions of keeping that collar.

The Tu`Turadil are a highly respected caste of slaves, and they are considered to be exemplary models of both behavior and skill when it comes to their servitude. A Tu`Turadil holds a high level of self-discipline and self-control that they use to better themselves and to better serve their Owners. They are looked up to by other slaves, and desired by those who keep slaves. When a slave is given the Tu`Turadil title they not only bring great pride to themselves, but also to their Owner. In regard to slavers, the price for a Tu`Turadil slave is always higher, and so in that respect these slaves are also more valued by slavers.


Bennu - Current Owner: StormBringer
An exceptional slave

DaeLaren - Current Owner: Kaid
An exceptional slave

Azyla - Current Owner: Quilain_Dreamstrike
An exceptional slave

gwyneth - Current Owner: StormWind
An exceptional slave

Alexis - Current Owner: Unowned
An exceptional slave

Sirena - Current Owner: Devonix Relecon
An exceptional slave

Laerel - Current Owner: Unowned
An exceptional slave

Surinya Calen - Current Owner: Unowned
An exceptional slave

Weapons and Armor: Although gladiator slaves, and other sorts of slaves that make use of armor and weaponry are found throughout the Imperium, the Tu`Turadil are not amongst them. Being considered to be role models and examples of fine slave behavior the Tu`Turadil are forbidden from carrying any weaponry or wearing armor above an A class, and even these pieces may only be used with their Ownerís permission and for self defense.

It should be noted, that any who become a Tu`Turadil forsake any previous training wielding more powerful weapons and wearing greater armor. (In other words, a Tu`Turadil, regardless of Character Class(es), may only wield A class weapons and armor.) Although a Tu`Turadil may keep any offensive spells known previously, the use of such knowlege is strictly forbidden and can result in being stripped of this honor. Learning new offensive spells is likewise forbidden.

Behavior Guide: Being as this is an honor gifted to a slave there are certain characteristics that are both looked for in a potential Tu`Turadil and what sort of behavior would be expected of them to maintain their title. These are the very basic requirements of what is expected and to a limited extent they are somewhat open to interpretation and the preferences of the Owner and the slave. However at the very least the slave is expected to meet the guidelines set forth to be considered for this profession.

1. The slave will speak in a respectful manner but is not expected to be servile to all, except when so required by their owner.

2. The slave will always keep their appearance fitting within the rules of their Owner or, in the absence of being owned, according to the imperial standards.

3. When holding an opinion that disagrees with their Owner the slave will express their beliefs politely while listening with an open mind to the other side.

4. A slave will not engage in acts of violence save in self defense. A slave will not initiate combat by striking another with body or weapon, nor will they provoke it by taunting or insult.

5. A slave will not disobey a direct order from their Owner. They will give their full and complete trust.

6. A slave will do his or her best to be honest, with the understanding that lying could be a punishable offense.

7. A slave will expect to be punished for wrong doings and will accept punishment with as much grace and poise as possible.

How to achieve the Tu`Turadil Honor: No character will know if they are under consideration for the Tu`Turadil profession as its not something you can apply for. However good slaves will be watched and/or monitored by those that can give the honor of 'Tu`Turadil' to the character. A good slave, is one that follows the behavior guide listed above as often as possible, and follows their masters directions without arguement. You do not need to be collared to be concidered for the Tu`Turadil profession, but you would still need to follow the behavior guide listed above.

Apart from having exemplary behavior a Tu`Turadil should also need to be trained in skills that will aid them in their submission to their owner. Some skills that would be looked for are;

Appearance (includes: Posture, Etiquette, Clothing, Hairstyle and Hygiene and Massage)

Behavior (includes: Social Protocol, Verbal Protocol, Physical Protocol, Public Behavior, Private Behavior)

Maid/Steward (includes: Cooking, Serving, Shopping, Cleaning, Maintenance, Yard Work/Landscaping)

These skills can be taught by a Slave Trainer, and you may have to demonstrate them to the Tu`Turadil Order of Brothers and Sisters(see below) before acceptance.

Rewards: Being as this is a gifted Honor the Tu`Turadil are often seen as being models for other slaves. While the greatest benefit of this class is that the slave is given such high recognition they also are able to learn certain abilities to help them in their servitude.

Imperial Recognition: When the slave is gifted this Oportunity she is also recognized by either wrist or ankle cuffs that bond magically around either the wrist or ankle. The cuffs are made of rare materials, such as ivory, ebony, etc. and are only available to those of this class. They are meant to be symbols of pride and recognition for both the slave and the Master. As a gift from the Imperium the pair of cuffs is also enchantable up to three slots and come automatically enchanted with a special enchantment, so that when owned, the location of the Tu`Turadil is known by the owner. Their owner is able to discern the direction, elevation, and distance between him/herself and their anchored item(the cuffs). The range is 50 miles, plus 1 full mile per level of the Master.

A Tu`Turadil is also recognized within Belariath society as being a slave who is dedicated and committed to their owner. Quite often these slaves are sought out to be mentors to those who are still training, and their opinions, thoughts and discussions are often valued amongst those who are trying to bring themselves to that level of submission.

Mindís Eye Ability:
Through careful practice of meditation and imagery this ability allows the slave to make use of imagery to cope with a certain situation. When the slave concentrates in the proper manner they will be able to visualize any sort of pleasant scene they desire. The imagery is only noticeable to the slave, however another person may notice that the slave appears to have a far away look and may be unreacting to their environment. This ability is intended to help aid in decreasing the monotony of day to day chores, as well as permitting those who have studied the ability a mental escape from violence or rape that is done to them. However it should be noted that this is not an easy out for punishments being as the punisher would notice the far-away look in the slaves eyes. This is an ability achieved through mental training and does not require the use of speech or gesture to accomplish it. The final caveat being that this ability may only be used with the permission of the slave's Owner.


Public Acknowledgement:
A Tu`Turadil is easily recognized by all people in Belariath, and while this can make the Tu`Turadil feel proud of their accomplishments, it can also be a penalty. The behavior guidelines for this class are common knowledge throughout the general public which means that if a slave lets their behavior falter they are more likely to be reported for such. When a Tu`Turadil is reported for poor behavior to the Order(see below) an investigation is immediately initiated into the cause of the complaint. If the slave is found to be at fault the report remains on their record. After two proved reports of misbehavior a slave may have their Tu`Turadil title removed at the discretion of the Order. Once this Honor has been removed it can only be regained with difficulty and after a series of tests. If the Tu`turadil status is lost twice, it is almost impossible to regain it again.

Ceremony for the Acceptance of Imperial Honor: One of the most important and memorable parts of a Tu`Turadil's life is the ceremony in which they are inducted as a member of the Tu`Turadils. This ceremony is open to the public and is a great honor to the slave and to all of this in his or her household. The ceremony is begun by an officiate designated by the Imperium. This officiate is generally someone appointed to the local temple, however in the case of a temple officiate is unavailable one of the nobles may be an appropriate substitute.

When a slave accepts the ofference of their induction into the Tu`Turadilís he or she is also able to send by messenger their preference for wrist cuff materials. Before the ceremony the officiate will have been sent these cuffs from the Imperial crafter. Please note these are a material that can not be crafted within Nanthalion due to their being a gift from the Imperium.

The ceremony itself may differ from slave to slave and officiate to officiate but certain factors tend to remain the same. The slave always wears a simple outfit for this ceremony, generally a new crisp gown, or trousers of a simple cotton fabric, to remind the slave of their servitude and the commitment that got them there. Many slaves choose to carry an item with them as they enter the ceremonial hall. This item tends to be symbolic in nature and it varies amongst participants. Before the slave kneels before the officiate their item is either given to their Owner as symbolic token, or to a close friend or trainer who helped them reach that point if they are unowned. A slave may also choose to not carry any item at all.

The officiate then discusses the importance of the Tu`Turadil to the Imperium and about the trials that a slave must go through to become so highly recognized by the Imperium. The floor is then opened to guests to speak words of praise to the slave. Once the speakers have finished the slave is asked to hold out his or her wrists and the wrist cuffs are placed around them, sealing seamlessly, which signifies the close of the ceremony.

After the Tu`Turadil Induction Ceremony there is generally feasting, dancing and other assorted merriment which as well are open to the public to come and give their congratulations to their slave, and to the members of his or her household.

The Tu`Turadil Order of Brothers and Sisters: After a slave has been inducted as a Tu`Turadil they are welcomed into the Tu`Turadil Order of Brothers and Sisters at the temple. This Order is simply composed of all the local Tu`Turadil slaves, but their place in the temple is open to all those who are owned, have been owned or would like to be owned.

The Order has a room to themselves in the Temple of Ishtar, and the only strict rule is that it is a safe haven for the submissive kind. The Order is completely composed of Tu`Turadils and their submissive brothers and sisters, and their purpose is to provide counseling and mentorship to others who seek to accept their own slavery, who wish to follow the path of a Tu`Turadil or who simply want to understand their own submissive feelings better.

At the Order the Tu`Turadilís provide advice and comfort to the other slaves and submissives. Their opinions are held in high regard because of their imperial recognition, and on occasion a slave Owner may even recommend that their slave visit the Order to help them cope with some issue that they are going through. However it should be noted that no slave or submissive can be forced to either be a part of the Order, or to visit it.

The room in the temple is considered to be a place free of Masters, Mistresses and Trainers so that it creates a safe environment where slaves and submissives can speak openly with one another. All necessary amenities are provided in the event that a slave or submissive needs such a sanctuary in which to recover from a traumatic event.

The Order may also be a place where slaves and submissives can just come to meet others of their same mind set. However most of what happens at the order is supervised by the Tu`Turadilís who will encourage the levels of behavior that they themselves follow

Because of the Tu`Turadilís commitment to the Order all Tu`Turadil slaves receive an additional benefit of getting beauty supplies and treatments for 20% off the price. (Hair brushes, Massages, mirrors, hair dye) This only includes shops such as the baths, the body shop and the general store and does not include tattoos, brandings or scarification.