Legends of Belariath

The Non-History of Halflings

The history of Halflings is something more of a myth to even some of the greatest of scholars and historians. Where did they come from or what god created them is something that is widely unknown. Some would speculate that that Halflings are descendants of dwarves. Others insist that they are a direct descendant of humans. The truth of halfling history is something shrouded in lies and mystery. Tall tales and myths are as close as most will ever get to knowing just where these tiny beings came from.

Each story is almost completely different from the other, but one thing always remains the same. Halflings are a people who respect the work of those that came before them. That is to say, that Halflings love to link their history to their ancestors. Whether it is a grandfather, a cousin of some note or a great uncle from the past, there's always a story of some significance to be told. Such a story would more than likely be told around a dinner once a year about the famous ancestor who created a cider of world renowned note, or the great great grandfather who climbed and conquered the very mountain their village now sat upon.

Such stories, though true would more than likely be filled with quite a bit of fabrication to make such a member seem like something more than just a simple halfling. Even something as simple as creating the latest drink would be filled with over the top descriptions and told with an epic standard of story telling.