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Horses play an important part to some of the characters of Belariath. Knights come with them when they arrive. Several races and characters like the proud beasts as a means of transportation and some are quite attached to these animals. Here is a sampling of the types of horses found amongst the kingdom. They are sold through the General Store taking 1 equipment slot. Cost per horse is 100 mhls. Horses are measured by hands. Each hand represents 4". A 14.2 hands horse is 58" at the withers. (point where the top of the shoulders on the back joins the neck of the horse.) 14x4+2 inches. Colors of horses in medieval times were basic colors. Paints or Pintos an american color was not prevelant in these ages. Neither are the appaloosa which was developed by the Nez Pierce Indians of the North Americas. The spell mystic color can be used to alter and make them appear Pintos or Appaloosa if the character wishes.

MinnyMites- the ponies( shetland and welsh types) Small and hardy, these small ponies carry the smallest of characters with ease upon broad backs. Short legged with a tendency for choppy gaits, minnymites show intelligence and a willingness to learn. Often quick to learn to fastest way to thwart their riders as larger characters trained to teach them can not ride them. They often take advantage of the situation to become hard to catch and harder to ride. Overweight on their backs usually is greeted with rounds of bucking to nuzzles of affection for their riders after sugar cubes. Mischief , the name for MinnyMites. Height from 6 hands (24 ") to 12 hands for the tallest. Their weight ranges from around 80 to 600 pounds. Colors: All the basic colors.

Light Horse-The Desert Bred (aka Arabians): A face marked with high intelligence by the dished face and large brown eyes set into a wide forehead. Countless stories of how these animals were often treated as valued family members saving the lives of their owners literally dragging them to safety if they fell in battle. (not playable in Bel). Though not a tall breed averaging roughly 56" to 60" at the top of the withers (point where the neck and back meet) 14 hands to 15 hands tall.Weight: 800-1000 pounds. These horses were fleet of foot, hardy, strong endurance horses that could travel for hours or days at a time over sand, through rough trails and forests. Common colors of these beautiful horses are black (rare), bay (dark red with black mane and tail, black stockings on legs), chestnut (reds), grey, and white.

Palfreys -The race bred (Thoroughbreds): Bred for their speed, and ability to jump over obsticles. These horses are the pride possessions of the races that love to feel the wind on their face racing over trails, hurdling logs and anything else that lies in their paths. Weight: between 1000-1200 pounds. This breed is known for its heart. A proud one that will often die under its rider before giving up. They throw their hearts to the wind and bravely follow after it. A strong will to pass another horse in a race, the desire to be in front in a chase make these horses sought by many. Intelligent with high spirit often a handful for the owners, these horse stand up to 68" at the withers. 14.2 hands to 17 hands. Tall or short, the hearts the same. Common colors of this breed: bays, chestnuts, greys, blacks, white (rare).

Sumpters -The pack horses (any type usually a mixed blood). Light or heavy these horses are the backbones to carry all the equipment on trip and journeys to far and close lands. Packed with tents, blankets, weapons, food for journeys, these horses carry their owners burdens through the trails of forests, over mountains and through valleys where ever they are led. Usually not the prettiest but they are one of the sturdiest. Heights vary from 58"(14.2 hands to 15.3 hands). Most weigh between 900-1100 pounds. Colors are any but paints or appaloosa.

Chargers- The Cold Bloods (heavy draft, percheron types, clydesdale) The battle steeds of heavy clad armored knights. A touch of warmblood often mixed to lighten their frames but capable of carrying heavy armor in battle. The huge steeds weigh up to 2200 pounds standing up to 76" at the withers. 17 hands to nearly 19 hands tall. Speed is not their ability. Heavy brute force to ram through armies of the enemies while carrying a battling knights and warriors upon their backs.

Destriers - The Warm Bloods (Andalusians, Crosses of light draft to other breeds, Freschians). Bred to move with agility carrying added weight of light armor. These splendid animals are not as fast but can manuever in tight places preforming athletic movements. The light calvary horses of the knights carrying shields or swords with no heavy armor. These are the horses that inspire the Airs Above Ground movements used by the Lippizans today. Each move is a coordinated trained exercise using the animals natural abilities on command. Weighing between 1100-1400 pounds standing between 64" and 70" at the withers, 16 hands to 17.2 hands tall. (top of back joined at the neck). Colors range from black, bays, chestnuts (reds) to all shades of grey.