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The only animals allowed are as follows, if you wish a different one ask, but no lions, bears, tigers, elephants, monkeys, gorillas, dragons, unicorns, griffins, dinosaurs, whales etc. etc.

Dogs, horses, mules, oxen, squirrels, parrots and falcons.

Each animal takes up an equipment slot.

OOC Note: Animals are always NPC's and may not be played by visitors.

NPC Animals may be bought for the following prices:
Horses = 100mhl
Parrots = 75mhl
all others = 50 mehrials.

May not work independently of their owners (must be within 10' of their owners to do anything).

May not work of their own free will. (Dog sees the owner passed out and drags them home for help is a no go)

NPC Dogs may be used to hunt, track with while the owner has control of their chain/leash.

NPC Horses may be used to travel with while owner is on horseback. Others while under the reasonable control of their owner.

NPC Animals have no defense or attack ratings and may only be used as OOB equipment.

NPC Animals have an ATK of 0 and Def of 0. They have no further stats, and are fatally vulnerable to any attack by any weapon or combat magic. (XX stabs with his knife, or casts Lvl 1 ice shards at the critter, itís dead and gone but please use your heads no "I willed it to death" or "killed a cow by tipping it")

To use as ones eyes and ears would work as follows: * K2 Tells her cat to go see what Zan is doing across the room... * the cat pads through the room, jumps on a beam and walks to wear it can see and listen to Zan within sight of K2`. * The cat listens and sees then returns to K2` whispering in her ear what it saw and heard. (NPC animal may not defend so if Zan or anyone sees it and attacks it before it returns then it is dead and the info may not be delivered)

The fear of losing them so easily may deter those with a brain from risking them for foolish ventures. Their only defense is the fear by the other players the owner may retaliate.

If an NPC Animal is found to be used for sexual purposes, the owner will be destroyed/put to sleep/banned.

NPC animals are not to be used for combat at this time. If they are they will be deemed dead, dead, dead.