General Store


We will loan you 1/4 the value of an item. It will also buy items at 1/3 their price and sell them at 1/2 their price.

i.e. a +1 int potion costs 1000mhl in the magic shop. The pawn shop would pay 333mhl for your potion or loan you up to 250mhl if you used your potion as collateral. The pawn shop would then sell the potion for 500mhl if you sold it to us or defaulted on your loan.

Loans are for 3 months and at 10% interest.

Individuals may offer themselves as collateral for a loan of up to 50mhl. In this case, if they default, they are made slaves of the pawn shop, and all income they earn is used to pay off their debts.

Individuals are oocly responsible for keeping track of their loan status.

You should list (pawned) after items which are currently in hock. For example: Dagger, great helm, chain mail (pawned), light healing potion.

For an few examples:

Drex walks into the pawn shop. He needs 50 mhl to pay his gambling debts. Drex owns an expensive sword which he pawns for 200mhl. Drex walks out 1 magic sword lighter, and 200mhl heavier. He adjusts his inventory so that his sword is listed as pawned (so he can't use it in fights), and he acquires a 220mhl debt (200mhl that he was paid and 20 mhl for the interest)

At the end of the month Drex pays his 220 mhl and gets his sword back.

Keelee the cat girl wants to buy a bag of catnip for 30mhl. She owns nothing and uses her own body as collateral. At the end of three months Keelee does not have the 33 mhl she owes, so she is a pawnshop slave until she has worked off her debts. All in all, this is probably just as well, since Keelee, clearly needs some one to take care of her...

Moose is drunk and pawns his battleaxe for 33mhl so he can hire the services of a prostitute. Moose doesn't pay his debt, so the pawnshop keeps the axe, forgives moose's debt, and sells the axe to the first person willing to pay 50mhl for it.

Elowyn decided she wants to buy the golden apples from the magic shop and that she doesn’t need such a large harem any more. Elowyn sells Pink to the shop for 75mhl. The shop then either keeps Pink or sells her for 100mhl