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For those who would like to worship at home when unable to visit the temple, or perhaps they worship a deity that is not well known, the REB now offers several options for the homeowner. Please note that in order to purchase a Shrine, you must either be purchasing it -with- a home, or as an improvement on an existing home. Also, keep in mind that the God/desses are jealous beings, so only ONE pantheon can be the focus of a single shrine, though lesser deities to the main God/dess may be placed within the shrine if need be (the number of deities in a single place of worship is dependent on the size of the shrine, as well).

**NOTE** You cannot go to any other shops for work/items regarding shrines, you must purchase them from the REB. However, you can request that a certain shop/worker is commissioned, but it is subject to the REB's approval and RP -must- be logged to show proof that IC work was done. Payment is dependent on the "quality" of work (i.e. If you do not put "reasonable" effort into your RP of making the item, then you will be paid accordingly). And if your commissions are consistantly "poor" then the RE has the right to refuse your work.


Structures are buildings that house the shrines themselves and provide a sheltered place for worship. Included will be either benches, or kneeling bars.

Grottos are unsheltered places of worship and are, more or less, an outdoor housing for the shrine. Built in the shape of an open egg shell that is set upon the ground, it is hollowed out for the placement of a statue within. These are made of stone only.

Shrine Housings:

Housings are floor units that are to be placed against a wall and have a base to set the statue upon, a back for drapery, and an overhang to set/hang a lamp/lantern on (an optional indentation in the base to hold a bowl for blessed water can be added at no extra cost).

Shrine Pedestals/Altars/Half-circles:
(half-circles are inset into the floor)

A simpler alternative to shrine housings (an optional indentation to hold a bowl for blessed water can be added at no extra cost).

Shrine Statues/Tablets:

A statue, or any appropriate symbol intended to represent the deity, will be carved expertly with attention to detail

Tablets are smoothly polished slabs of stone that can have, not only an image of well known deities carved into its surface, but also any type of symbol for an obscure deity that has no "natural" form to represent it (i.e. some water God/Goddess that is represented by wavy lines to depict flowing water).

Note that, though the tablets are square in size, they can be carved into circles, ovals, or rectangles as the original measurements allow.

Shrine Drapes/Wall Hangings:

Made to order, these splashes of color will decorate the shrine housing/pedestal/altar/half-circle, or hang upon the walls of a structure, to further depict the joy in worship. A single image can be added to a wall hanging at no extra cost.


If you wish, you can special order your housings, pedestals/alters/half-circles, and statues/tablets, with these extras:

Plated- Add the following to the WOOD prices. Solid- Add the following to the STONE prices.