Legends of Belariath


The Portal


A portal or gateway has been established between the realms of Belariath and Valencia. This portal can be used by characters within both realms to facilitate travel between them in a relatively short time. It has some limitations and some safeguards that serve to protect each realm from invasion. The portal was summoned into being by a convocation of mages and magic users operating out of the Tower of Unigo. It was activated by a small party of adventurers and several experiments have led us to the following conclusions.

Portal Description:

Two obelisks have appeared, one near Nanthalion, the other near the village (Midvale) in the Valencian lands. The obelisks stand about twenty feet in height, and appear to be black, but on closer inspection are flecked with dark crystals of red, blue, green, and amber. At the Nanthalion end, some small standing stones have been erected, marking the perimeter of the portalís area of effect. At the Valencia end, some small piled stones mark the perimeter. Both indicate an area of effect of some 36 yards from the base of the central obelisk. Both sites are in meadows among the hilly lands outside both towns. Both obelisks are set on stony ground and seem rooted to the spot, and canít be moved. (Our thought is that future travelers will erect more standing stones and markers around the perimeter of both sites.)

Portal Locations:

Each portal is located approximately an hourís walk from the town and village, about four miles by foot from each town. The Nanthalion portal is located just off the map to the northwest; the Valencia portal equally distant to the southeast from the population center. Flying, traveling by horse, or using magic to travel to the locations, obviously shortens the time it takes to get there. They are a distance from the towns, we deduce, to prevent them from interfering with normal spell casting and to provide a buffer in case any are foolish enough to try to use them for military purposes.

Portal Activation-Deactivation:

The portal has been activated and there is a crystal at the Nanthalion end that is buried slightly (a few inches) in the ground. The area around the crystal has been cleared to reveal the crystal to any travelers visiting the site. It lies just outside the 36 yard perimeter. The keyword is inscribed upon the crystal and the keyword appears to be ďdemigoddessĒ in the common tongue. However, the crystal seems to power the portal, and may make the portal active at any time. Experiments have revealed that after four normal sized persons, two persons and a horse, or two very large creatures, such as an ogre and a troll, have traversed the portal, that it deactivates for a period of about fifteen minutes. It then reactivates and any who step within the perimeter might be transported to the other end of the portal. This works in both directions. It is rumored that the portal can be deactivated, but the counter keyword is a closely guarded secret.

Portal Resistance:

The portal appears to be extremely resilient and spells cast upon it generally fail (a 1 % chance of success). Since a convocation of magic users brought it into being, it would take a more potent convocation to remove it or attempt to destroy it. Essentially, it appears impervious to attack, destruction or removal without a very powerful group working together and likely only with the Emperorís approval.


The portal can transport four average sized persons per activation, from either end. Larger creatures and even horses can be transported, but large creatures such as ogre, troll, wolven and centaur count as 1.5 creatures and horses count as 2 creatures. Once a party of four or less normal sized creatures, or their equivalent are transported, the portal snaps such and a period of fifteen minutes or less seems to be required before the portal opens again. The portal transports individuals or small groups within the limitation. No half creatures are transported; in other words, itís not going to transport your torso and leave your legs behind. Once a group is transported the crystal has to recharge, and the time that takes will be fifteen minutes or less, depending on the size of the last group transported. If it is just an individual, normal sized creature or a party of two such, then the portal will reactivate in only five or ten minutes. Small natural creatures such as bugs, birds, squirrels and rabbits seem to be unaffected by the field, but larger creatures, such as a deer or a wolf might inadvertently be transported. Familiars, regardless of size, may be transported along with their bonded magic user. Large familiars like wolves count, but small familiars like spiders and birds have little impact on the portalís limitations. One may assume that the portal is active unless it has been recently used to transport a party large enough to cause it to deactivate for some fifteen minutes. One may assume that it will reactivate after that time and be capable of transporting the four average sized creatures or their equivalent. If it is deactivated, for some purpose, to prevent an invasion or even stop one particular being from using it, then one may assume a guard will be posted to prevent anyone from reactivating it against the Emperorís wishes.


The portal is located in #tli-forest at the Nanthalion end, and in #tli-borderlands at the Valencia end. Plan to travel the four miles from Nanthalion to the obelisk and the four miles from the matching obelisk to the village in Valencia. Make arrangements to travel by foot for an hour, or by horse, or by flight or magic to shorten the time at both ends. It is intended to facilitate trade and commerce and cultural exchanges of all kinds between the two areas, separated by about a hundred miles over land. Those of Belariath may travel to the new lands and explore and adventure there. Those of Valencia may travel to the more developed lands of Belariath to sample the town, the Inn, and even travel to Unigo to purchase spells and enchantments. Use it within the limitations defined here and enjoy your roleplay. Use it to thwart the Emperorís just reign, and you will be stopped cold in your tracks.


Research into the portal effects continues at Unigo, but you donít need a mage to activate the portal for you, it activates itself under normal circumstances. The mysterious Ryorisha has vanished and has not been seen since the portal was established.

**NOTE** The Portal is located on the Eastern side of Valencia nestled in the dense forested foothills between the mountains and plot D9.