Legends of Belariath


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Valencian citizens will be allowed to purchase up to THREE plots of land. These citizens are then limited to the purchase of ONE plot of Nanthalion land and the citizen has to purchase all of the Valencian land before buying in Nan, to qualify for residents discount. Once they buy in Nan, any future Valencian puchases are at the full price. If you are, originally, a Nanthalion citizen but choose to relocate to Valencia (and you do NOT own any Nanthalion property) then you will qualify for the THREE plot purchase at the resident discounted price (see Discounts) . In the event that a re-locating Nanthalion citizen does own property they have a couple of options to choose from: 1) They can keep their Nanthalion property which restricts them to the ONE Valencian plot limit. -OR- 2) They can sell ALL of their Nanthalion property in order to qualify for the THREE plot allowance in Valencia.


Valencian residents are entitled to a 30% discount on land purchases -in- Valencian. Should they choose to also purchase land in Nanthalion (see Limit above) then they will be charged a 30% tax on the value of the land. Should they decided to re-locate to Nanthalion, and wish to purchase more than ONE plot of land there, then they can sell ALL of their Valencian land in order to do so.

**NOTE** Nanthalion property has neither a TAX nor a DISCOUNT on its land prices.



Nanthalion citizens who already own a piece, or two, or three, of the Empire are limited to ONE plot of Valencian land. In the event that a Nanthalion citizen does NOT own Nanthalion property, they may purchase up to THREE plots of Valencian land.. however, they are then limited to ONE plot of land in Nanthalion and the citizen has to purchase all of the Valencian land before buying in Nan, to qualify for residents discount. Once they buy in Nan, any future Valencian puchases are at the full price.


Non-residents will be charged a 30% tax on the value of the land. Even if the non-resident qualifies for a THREE plot purchase, as long as they consider themselves a resident of Nanthalion and not a resident of Valencia, then they are subject to the tax.


TEN Valencian properties have been set aside as "Homesteads." These are plots of land that have been randomly chosen and their locations will NOT be revealed until the a citizen of the Empire attempts to purchase it. In other words, until the coins are being handed over for land purchase, the qualifying homsteader will not know that the land they have chosen is a homestead (this prevents people asking about a piece of land and discovering that it's "free" before any sincere attempt is made to purchase it).

Homesteads left: 10


Players can choose to live in one of the many villages in Valencia. However, they will be limited to an Adobe Hut (no basement) and NO LAND PRIVILEDGES. That means no Land Multipliers, Improvements, or Shrines, can be purchased.


Same as Nanthalion


Same as Nanthalion


Same as Nanthalion

Additions to land value:

  • Seaside (off map, plot on the coast, sheer drop to ocean) 400 mhl
  • Sea View (off map, plot within a mile or two of the sea) 350 mhl
  • Beach (off map, requires Seaside improvment, plot on the coast with private beach) 350 mhl
  • Waterfall 350 mhl
  • Hot Spring 300 mhl
  • Lake 250 mhl
  • River Frontage 250 mhl
  • Cavern 200 mhl
  • Pond 200 mhl
  • Stream 200 mhl
  • Cave 150 mhl
  • Creek 150 mhl
  • Irrigation canal 150 mhl (Irrigation canal requires a Creek, Stream, or River. If an adjacent property has the water sources, the canal can be added to your property IF the adjacent property owner gives posted permission. If the adjacent property is unowned, then it is recommended that you purchase it instead.)

Feature Requirements:

  • Waterfall: Hill/Mountain Terrain plus Stream/Creek
  • Cave: Hill/Mountain Terrain
  • Cavern: Mountain terrain
  • Lake/Pond: Creek, Stream, River Frontage
  • Moats: Creek, Stream, River Frontage combo

Housing Improvements:

  • Adobe Hut (mud): 200 mhl; Full Basement +100 mhl (1 bedroom)
  • Tree House (flet): 300 mhl (2-3 bedrooms). Basements are -not- allowed
  • Log/Wood Cabin: 350 mhl; Full Basement +200 mhl; (2-3 bedrooms)
  • Multi-tree House: 400 mhl (3-4 bedrooms)
  • Stone Cottage: 500 mhl; Full Basement +250 mhl; (3-4 bedrooms)
  • 2 Story Stone Cottage: 1250 mhl; Full Basement +250 mhl (4-6 Bedrooms)
  • Brick House: 650 mhl; Full Basement +350 mhl; (4-5 bedrooms)
  • 2 Story Brick House: 1625 mhl; Full Basement +350 mhl (5-7 Bedrooms)
  • Stone Tower: Towers are by Approval only
    50 mhl per 5' diameter for each floor, including basement levels (i.e. 30' diameter=300 mhl per floor. Maximum Diameter 50'


Other Improvements:

  • Bathhouse: Stone: 3 rooms 200 mhl
    Bathhouse w/porch: Stone: 3 rooms plus big front porch with stone columns 250 mhl
  • Barns:
    Wooden: 50 mhl per 2 horses; includes room for feed and tack
    Stone: 100 mhl per 2 horses; includes room for feed and tack.
  • Sheds: Above ground with a door to the cellar below. Cellar is same size as the shed.
    Small = 10X10 feet; 100 mhl
    Medium = 14X14 feet; 150 mhl
    Large = 20X20 feet; 200 mhl
  • Smokehouse: Smoke houses are log houses that have a stove and chimney in reverse of the norm. The stove is on the outside of the house, with the chimney going into the house to smoke the meat to preserve it. Different types of wood are available to give the meat different flavors. The prices are:
    10X10 100 mhl
    15X15 150 mhl
    20X20 200 mhl
    Out of town properties only
  • Greenhouse: A green house has thin, translucent oiled cloth on the entire top, and 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down on all four sides. There can either be a heater put into the house, or let it simply be heated by the sun naturally. a small door is on one end of the greenhouse,and either tables or the ground would be available to plant the plants one desires to grow inside. The cost would be:
    10X10: 150 mhl
    15X15: 250 mhl
    20X20: 350 mhl
  • Out of Town gardens are with hedges -not- fences/walls:
    Short hedge (3ft tall); Garden: small = 50 mhl, medium = 100 mhl, large = 150 mhl
    Tall hedge (5ft tall); Garden: small = 100 mhl, medium = 200 mhl, large = 300 mhl
  • Corrals - out of town. Normal corrals are three feet high, Tall Corrals are 5 feet high.
    Corrals are NOT solid walls, but simple split rail fencing that has draw bars.
    1 acre of property or less = small corral, able to hold three animals. Normal 50 mhl, tall 75 mhl
    2-5 acres = medium corral, able to hold 5 animals. Normal 100 mhl, tall 125 mhl
    5-10 acres = Large corral, able to hold 9 animals. Normal 50 mhl, tall 175 mhl
    More than 10 acres = property is off map.

Caves and Caverns

  • For cost etc see Additional Costs above
  • Cave: single room connected to the surface by a tunnel
  • Cavern: multiple rooms (3-4 maximum) in series, connected by tunnels
  • Finished rooms: costs 150 mhl per, usually only bedrooms are finished, other rooms are generally left in natural state
  • Construction: by anyone other than a highly skilled professional can be dangerous and could lead to a complete collapse. The more extensive the changes wrought in a cavern, the greater the likelihood of collapse.
  • Geomancers: Earth Mages understand the magic used to shape rock, but seldom have construction expertise. They may create cavern rooms that look pretty, but they are still inherently unstable and subject to possible collapse. The more extensive the changes wrought in a cavern, the greater the likelihood of collapse.
  • Cave dwelling: with the exception of dark elves, dwarves, and gnomes, caves are NOT recommended for permanent habitation. Caves in Belariath tend to be very damp. Extended exposure to a cave/cavern interior can cause hypothermia in most surface dwelling creatures unless precautions are taken. The lack of sunlight and green plants can also cause psychological problems for forest loving beings (such as nymphs and sylvan elves).
  • Light: It's always dark in a cave unless artificial light is provided (via a light spell, which must be frequently renewed, using stamina), oil burning lanterns, torches, or candles, all of which become expensive over time.
  • Food storage: creates problems as well due to the dampness. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses and even dry goods (flour, sugar,etc) tend to mold and mildew quickly. Not only becoming inedible, but posing significant health risks if ingested in moldy or mildewed condition.
  • Familiars/Pets: Those not specifically accustomed to underground life will be extremely uneasy in a cave and are not likely to choose such a location willingly. Horses and other stock animals are not "cave friendly" and many will refuse to enter.
  • Cave/cavern floors: are rocky and uneven, making it difficult to walk and almost impossible to build on.
  • In other words it's always dark, it's always wet, it's always cold

Marine Improvements

  • Ship Dock - ocean: 300 mhl per ocean-going ship capacity. Requires off-map plot with seaside and beach mod.
  • Hidden Cove or Cavern - ocean: For pirates and smugglers, replaces ship dock, same price
  • Wooden Dock - Pond, Lake, Stream or River Frontage: 50 mhl
  • Stone Dock - Lake, Stream or River Frontage: 150 mhl
  • Boathouse - Pond, Lake, Stream or River Frontage: 150 mhl
  • Houseboat: 150 mhl +50 mhl/bedroom (up to 4 max). Pond, Lake, Stream, or River Frontage required as well as a dock. Houseboats are permanent fixtures and may not leave your own property


Same as Nanthalion