Legends of Belariath

Adding To The Site

The Belariath site is very much a joint effort by members of our community. Much of what is written here has been sent to us by those who play within the game itself - adding to the Legends, adding their own Tribes to races, donating art and expanding on other aspects of the roleplaying background. As the site grows, so too do the opportunities for all players to experience a more compelling fantasy world.

If you would like to do your bit in adding to the web site, please read the following notes:


Art galleries enable direct upload by the artist so you don't need to send us the pictures. Just mail Stormbringer and request a gallery.

  • Artwork must be your own creation. We like Vallejo too but we don't want the gallery full of art which we don't have permission to use.
  • Topics not allowed in roleplay are not allowed in the gallery
  • Artwork retains your copyright. We make no claims on it. You can remove it at any time from the gallery.
  • If your gallery art is available to be used to illustrate the site, please let us know. Art used in this way carries your agreement that you will not demand it's removal from site pages.
  • Artwork in the gallery and on the site pages gains exp for your character

Character Backgrounds

Please see details of how to submit these under the Characters section.


Legends (fictional stories) do not have to be set in Belariath or have any sexual content but they should be broadly within the fantasy genre.

Please follow these instructions because we don't have a lot of free time to act as editor:

  • Stories should be sent to Stormbringer by e-mail as an attachment, not in the body of the e-mail
  • Let me know the character name, character race, and story title in the e-mail
  • The attachment should be a plain text file not doc, rtf, wps or any other word processor format. It's very easy to 'save as text'.
  • Absolutely no HTML formatting tags within the text file except the following:
    • Each paragraph should start with <p>
    • Each paragraph should end with </p>
    • Chapter headings should start with <h4> and end with </h4>
    • Italic text within a paragraph should start with <em> and end with </em>. If the entire paragraph is italic it still needs the paragraph tags at start and finish *outside* the em tags.
  • We don't edit, spell or grammar check. That's your job.
  • Stories used on the site gain your character exp or mhl. Let me know in the e-mail which you prefer.

Tribes and Clans

We welcome players to create their own tribes or clans based on the playable races present in Belariath. Do remember though that a one-paragraph description doesn't make it. We need a good amount on the society, lifestyle and beliefs of your tribe. Also while the tribe is expected to have variations in such beliefs and way of life so as to set it apart from the race in general and any other tribes which exist, those differences cannot fall outside the basic themes of the game. Your tribe still lives within this world, it doesn't have genetic differences from the race as a whole, it doesn't have a completely different sociological background and it certainly does not possess technology or magic unknown to anyone else. Tribes must be available for any player to use in their background and your character does not gain special status within the empire, or authority over other characters, based on your tribe write-up.

Send the write-up to Stormbringer as e-mail attachments in plain text format with all the details necessary for it to be added. Tribes added to the site gain exp points for the creator's character.

Other Submissions

Pieces which add to the gameplay or alter existing aspects of the gameplay will normally need to be sent to the message board first for discussion by the community and possibly for consideration by the admin too. On approval the item(s) should be sent to Stormbringer as e-mail attachments in plain text format.