Legends of Belariath

In the space of two days, we learned of the deaths of two of our central players, first Vasava and then Naiya. Some knew them only by reputation. Many knew them as creative and entertaining roleplayers. Others knew them beyond the confines of roleplay as real human beings with a lot to live for and a lot to offer. Those who did have never really recovered from the loss and never really will.

This is our poor attempt to preserve their memory. An attempt made that much better with the addition of the graphics created by L`aquera.


Player of Seretta and Soolana but best remembered for her portrayal of the Belariath unicorn. A kind-hearted woman behind a sharp wit and a passionate protector of the roleplay and it's community. Many who needed help or needed a shoulder to cry upon will know she never stinted her time or her emotions in trying to help them.


How few remember her now, yet no one can play in this game without being affected by her touch. Creator of the character database; creator and operator of Desdaemona; webslave, site slave, Stormbringer's slave. A wonderfully warm, caring, unassuming and funny girl. No one who knew her could find a bad word to say about naiya.