Legends of Belariath


Air Mage

Motion. This is what defines the Air Mage more than anything else; an insatiable appetite for movement and progress, a constant urge to drift away on the winds of change, or even dare to try and bend their course. As set in their ways as an Aeromancer may come to seem, never let yourself be fooled... for they’ll cast aside the most comfortable and content of lives for the smell of something new on the breeze.

They are a breed unto their own; not so virulent as their cousins in flame nor as cold as those who bend the waters to their will, almost repulsed by the stoic nature of the Geomancers. They are often flighty, enigmatic characters, as hard to place as a breeze is hard to see. Often lofty in conversation and rarely able to settle on one topic long, the more down to earth can find them at times a little difficult to bear, but they needn’t worry.. An Air mage is never in one place too long.

It would be a mistake to think their breezy attitudes imply a complete lack of temper, for just as swift as the skies can darken and begin an ominous rumble can an Aeromancers mood grow stormy. Challenging one is a dangerous game, for through their bodies they can channel natures most potent and deadly energies, crackling arcs of white-hot lightning that can strike harder than any hammer and hotter than any flame.

Character Creation

Allowable Races: Cat Person, Chirot, Dark Elf, Drak Sen (bejeweled), Drak Sen (metallic), Duessa, Fae (Flinae), High Human, High Elf, Nymph, Pixie, Swan Maiden, Sylvan Elf, The Tribe, Torian, Vulpine, Wolven

Qualifying Classes: Mage, Druid, Cleric, Shaman, Bard

Type of Class: Advanced Magical

Spell Spheres Allowed: Air, Racial, Common

Armor: A B

Weapons: A B

Class Bonus Stats:

Bonus Stats 0 12 0 3 0 0 3


"My god is stronger. He is the Everlasting Sky! Your god lives beneath him."
Subotai, thief and archer.

Leaving the still, the solid and the earth-bound behind for the pursuit of the ever-moving and intangible is a leap many mages simply cannot make, following rage instead like moths to flame, setting their feet to the long march down the stone path of stoicism, or simply going with the flow of the currents of life. The path of the Air Mage is different in that it is not a path at all. It is the dismissal of the very notion of paths, the abandonment of the preconceptions of start to finish, young to old, weak to strong.

The Air Mage only acknowledges the ever changing moment; that the future is chaos and the past only whispers on the wind, Fate a fool's game that only binds those who'd take the time to play. Over time an Air Mage will naturally learn to make a conduit of themselves for the energy the ever-stirring air around them generates, able to launch fearsome bolts of lightning over vast distances in an instant.

Their more diverse abilities are harder earned, and require a choice between the two towers of Magic, or to cast aside each for the life of a rogue mage, a frequent occurrence with those centered on the element of Air. Those stormy souls who gravitate toward their spheres more destructive tendencies often seek knowledge from the tower of Umbara, whereas those who seek training from Unigo lean toward more clever, less violent applications of their craft. In Umbara, an Air Mage is taught to not just channel lightning, but to twist and pervert its power into varied and increasingly violent forms. Unigo is quite different, teaching the Air Mage subtler and more cunning control of their element, mastering it until they can almost become one with it.


Air mages would be difficult to place were it not for the constant breeze that seems to gently blow at their backs wherever they go, urging them forward and into motion, often even as they stood still. Graceful and light of step, it's not uncommon that their feet hardly seem to touch the ground as they walk, giving many of them an almost ghostly appearance.

One cannot define or take hold of the wind, can't catch it in a bottle to release on a still and muggy day. The air always changes in the end, is always in motion... the only way to keep it still a while being to hold your breath. This is what it is to be an Air Mage.


Air's Favor
Elementalists gain protection from their element of choice, reducing the damage taken by an attack of that element against them. For each time they take their class, they get a increase in how much of a reduction in damage spells of their accessible sphere and element do to them.
Air Mage x1 - 5% damage reduction versus air spells
Air Mage x2 - 10% damage reduction verses air spells
Air Mage x3 - 15% damage reduction verses air spells
Air Mage x4 - 20% damage reduction verses air spells
Air Mage x5 - 25% damage reduction verses air spells

Masters of the Skies
Air Mages are absolute masters of flight, outclassing even the winged races in some cases. Whereas most figures in flight would be forced to land in the face of rain, sleet or snow, an Air Mage can brave such conditions with ease, even able to fly in and out of dark and dangerous thunderstorms while coming out unscathed. Still, even they have limitations, more than a few having perished hot-shotting around Tornadoes or seeing if they could reach the eye of an approaching hurricane. If the air mage is not of a naturally flying race, the Fly spell is still required.


Sky's Falling
Because of their dedication to their chosen element, an elemental mage will be more susceptible to spells from opposing elements. They will take and additional 25% damage from spells of the opposite element and sphere of magic. Earth spells will deal 25% more damage to the air mage.


Having grown so in-tune with the wide open skies can leave an Air Mage rather more than uncomfortable when spending time in enclosed spaces, even a private booth in the Inn seeming cramped enough to inspire misgivings. If there is one thing every Air Mage hates, its being stuck underground, caves or dungeons atmospheres where they are prone to panic.